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16/??? Musical Theatre DivasJAN MAXWELL

Five times Tony Award nominated and two times Drama Desk Award winner, Jan Maxwell is very well known for her works in musicals and plays on Broadway.

Her theatrical credits include: Follies, Wings, Lend Me A Tenor, The Royal Family, To Be or Not To Be, Substitution, Coram Boy, Cry-Baby, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Entertaining Mr. Sloane, The Bald Soprano, The Lesson, Sixteen Wounded, A Bad Friend, My Old Lady, Garden, House, The Dinner Party, The Sound of Music, A Doll’s House, Inside Out, Here’s Love, City of Angels and more.


For anyone who maybe has not seen this clip of Jan Maxwell in Lend Me a Tenor.

[I more or less just watched this about 5x in a row and cracked up EVERY time.]

Waiting for the Girls Upstairs
Waiting for the Girls Upstairs

“Waiting For the Girls Upstairs” Follies Danny Burstein, Ron Raines, Jan Maxwell, Bernadette Peters, Christian Delcroix, Nick Verina, Kirsten Scott, and Lora Lee Gayer


Finally, FINALLY, we have a video of this!!!! The camera zooms in at the end for Jan’s “Hope doesn’t grow on trees…” line. And it is perfect. So perfect.

The first time I saw the show, the image I couldn’t get out of my head was Ron during this last scene. His “I’ve lost my jacket” still makes me full out UGLY CRY. You don’t have to tell me twice that there are people who completely disagree with me…but I absolutely loved his performance in Follies.

I adore this woman.
  • Jan Maxwell: This is a true story: I got a fortune cookie and it said, “When winter arrives – good fortune will rain upon you.” And on December 21st – Winter Solstice – I got the call that I was going to be an understudy on Broadway. I remember going out and buying a dress.
  • Interviewer: You deserved it.
  • Jan Maxwell: No, literally I had no clothes. I needed it.

TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 2011, The Kennedy Center’s critically acclaimed production of James Goldman and Stephen Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning musical Follies, opens at Broadway’s Marquis Theatre. The cast is headed by Bernadette Peters as Sally Durant Plummer, Jan Maxwell as Phyllis Rogers Stone, Danny Burstein as Buddy Plummer, Ron Raines as Benjamin Stone and Elaine Paige as Carlotta Campion.

For more on the 2011 Broadway revival of Follies, including photos, videos, and a look inside the show’s opening night Playbill, visit PlaybillVault.com.