A few snapshots from our group photo shoot which we carried out today as part of the Fashion Communication module of our university course. I was so pleased with how everything came together today. Our group had been on tenterhooks last week as the model we originally planned on using became unavailable and we hadn’t heard from our photographer in a while. But over the last few days everything fell into place and we could not have been luckier.  Our new model not only had a great look but was greatly suited to the sort of shoot we were carrying out and the hiccough in communication with the photographer turned out to be solely down to me texting the wrong Rachael on my phone! Being in Scotland, the weather is always unpredictable so Morven, Jenny, Regan and I had been praying that we would have a bit of sunshine and the rain would cease for the shoot. We had been lucky most of the morning; shooting mainly indoors at the ‘Humbug’ sweet shop in Rosemount however when we arrived at our second location lo and behold we were welcomed with rain. Thankfully both our beautiful model Jan and talented photographer Rachael were utter troopers and worked with us through the rain to deliver what I hope will turn out to be some beautiful images. Our theme for the shoot was 'tartan, checks and plaids’ and we were aiming for a very country aesthetic throughout. Initially we were concerned that using all the tartan may come across as being terribly Braveheart-esque, so whilst styling the looks we tried to tone this down with muted garments to accompany the tartan features. Our group really got on so well and I am so proud of our collaborative effort today - staying calm and collected in the freezing wind was honestly not the easiest of tasks, our poor model had to get changed in the back of a car for most of the looks! Keep your eyes-peeled for some of the final images which I will be posting on here [hopefully at some point next week]. I’m so sad that this part of the module is almost over, but am glad that it’s given me a greater insight into how much work goes into conceptualising photo shoots behind the scenes.