So I got a new art program and decided to do a thing:

Everyone who reblogs this post this week will get a unique background based off your blog and (if you have a character) your rp character!
That means starting now and up till Saturday, ill be making backgrounds like the one above based on your blog and character!

Here’s why everyone hates the Fine Brothers right now:

Benny and Rafi Fine — better known as the Fine Brothers — rose to YouTube fame with “react” videos like “Kids React to Gay Marriage” and “Elders React to Dubstep.”

Their biggest video of all time has nearly 44 million views. 

Like most successful creators, they sought to protect what they saw as their “intellectual property.” Last week they announced they’d applied to trademark the word “react.”

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This was their big mistake. YouTube subscribers and creators were pissed, with many YouTubers alleging on  that their videos had been removed by the Fine Brothers. 

Between Jan. 30 and Feb. 3, roughly 340,000 people unsubscribed from the Fines’ YouTube channel. You can even watch their subscriber count fall in real time:

All this backlash has led them to rescind their application and apologize. But it’s pretty clear that their explanation is bullshit.