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Star Wars Ep IX Predictions

I’ve decided to start a master predictions post mostly to benefit me so I can organize my chaotic and sporadic thoughts and also share my ideas with everyone else and welcome other thoughts as well. I’ll be listing my predictions in categories and update this list as the ideas come until episode IX arrives in 2019 *clutches heart*. I’ll also be making separate posts after this one of each prediction and tag this master list with the prediction added. All in all, enjoy!

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

  • If the main goal for IX is for the galaxy to finally have balance, then Ben will live (and so will Rey). 
  • Ben will be redeemed.
  • Ben will finally pilot the Falcon at some point (bonus - with Chewie)
  • Will make or attempt to make a sacrifice at some point (but won’t die) that will earn him his redemption. *See clarification under Reylo(1)*
  • Will fulfill Rey’s words to Luke “Then he truly is our only hope” as Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi was called the same by Leia.

Captain Phasma

  • 75% 90% 60% sure she’s dead, BUT will not make an appearance in IX, but rather in novels and comics.


  • May die (Hope not!!!)

Force Bond

General Hux

  • Will discover Kylo Ren’s lie about Snoke and become the ‘Big Bad’, turning the First Order against him.
  • May use Rey as bait.
  • He will be extremely cunning and deceptive, knowing that he could never best Kylo Ren in battle.
  • Will crown himself Supreme Leader.

Knights of Ren

  • May have an appearance either standing with Kylo Ren or against him (both seem possible).
  • Could be the new “ Praetorian Guard” for Kylo Ren.
  • Involvement in a lightsaber duel *see extended post Lightsaber Duels/Knights of Ren under Miscellaneous* (2)*

Legacy Lightsaber

Theory one - 

  • Rey and Ben will repair the lightsaber together.
  • The saber may turn out to be a different color once repaired. A possible neutral color representing them both.
    • If this is the case, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber may cease to exist, either by being destroyed or lost in some way, because the new legacy saber will be representing them both.
  • If the legacy saber stays blue, then Kylo’s will remain red and still be in his possession, representing his side of the ‘ying and yang’.
  • After the saber is repaired, Rey may give it to him to keep (this won’t happen unless Ben is redeemed). Ben will refuse and instead tell Rey to keep it for herself (maybe not before igniting it and showing us what it would look like for him to hold it on screen). By Ben giving Rey his grandfather’s lightsaber, it would be symbolic on multiple levels. Ben would be “letting go” of the past and what he’s wanted for the longest time. Also, this would be symbolic as Rey is a “nobody.” The end message may indicate that the force is not exclusive to just Skywalkers anymore. Nobodies could be sombodies, which may be important for the next trilogy

Theory two -

  • The legacy saber stays broken and the crystal is split between Rey and Ben. This is assuming the crystal was split along with the hilt as well.
  • Rey will build a double-bladed saber with her piece and Ben will restore his cracked saber somehow with his or build a new one.

Theory three - 

  • Rey and Ben both get entirely new crystals.
  • Rey builds a double-bladed saber with hers and Ben continues to wield a cross-guard styled one.  

Leia Organa

  • Her death will be very impactful and will help sway Ben to redemption.

Luke Skywalker

  • Will come back as a force ghost or an audible voice.
    • If so, Luke may appear to Ben and finally talk about that fateful night that he came into his tent. This would also be an important step for Ben towards redemption.


  • Porgs.


  • The Resistance may ostracize Rey, possibly because of the force bond.
    • Flip side, the First Order will turn on Kylo, forcing them two to be “together against the world.”
  • Goes back to Jakku or wherever she can find out more info about her parents, with Ben possibly accompanying her (cue Anidala parallel when Padme went back to Tatooine with Anakin to find his mother).


  • Endgame, obviously (In what capacity, I’m still not sure).
  • Will kiss. 
  • Hug most likely.
  • Ben and Rey will create a new order that is not SIth or Jedi. 
  • Both statements made by Maz “Whomever you are waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back. But, there’s someone who still could” and the voice Rey heard say “I’ll come back for you sweetheart, I promise” could be intertwined. (1)*
    • If it is Ben who says  “I’ll come back for you sweetheart, I promise” (or a version of that), there is no reason for him to say this unless he was going to do something dangerous that results in Rey doubting his ability to return to her. 
    • When Ben does return from accomplishing this heroic deed or act and essentially earning his redemption, I can envision Rey saying “You came back”, revealing the answer to Maz’s statement as Ben would be physically returning to her and metaphorically returning as his true self.
  • Will parallel Revan and Bastila from the EU.
  • If Reylo babies come true, they will have twins.



  • Another cameo from a popular character may appear as a force ghost (ex. Anakin and/or Obi-Wan).
  • As A New Hope ended with a victory in destroying the Death Star and –> Starkiller Base was destroyed in The Force Awakens, as well as The Empire Strikes Back ends with new revelations and conflictions –> and The Last Jedi also ending on a conflicting note, Episode IX will end on a more positive note as Return of the Jedi did.
  • Lightsaber Duels/Knights of Ren extended post. (2)*
  • Episode IX will have a timeskip of about six months.

Wishlist (things that I wish will happen but probably won’t)

  • Chewie giving Ben a bear hug.
  • ALL of the force ghosts appearing at once.
  • Ben with porgs.
  • Reylo babies.

Jeune fille à la fleur, Washington, 1967 - Marc Riboud

(…) C’était le 21 octobre 1967, à Washington.
Un soleil indien illuminait une marche immense et joyeuse pour protester contre la guerre au Vietnam.
Il y avait des étudiants radicaux, des militants des droits civiques, des partisans du Black Power, des libéraux issus des classes moyennes, des hippies et des employés fédéraux. 
Il y avait du théâtre, des concerts, des séances de méditation bouddhiste, et puis des chants, des rires, des embrassades ;
des brassées de fleurs à remettre aux soldats ; et des effluves de marijuana.
Et il y avait Jan Rose, rebelle, idéaliste, ardente.
Persuadée, à seize ans, de pouvoir changer l’ordre du monde. Et faire la différence.
Alors que la foule se rapproche dangereusement des bâtiments du Pentagone, fief et symbole de l’armée la plus puissante du monde, défendu par des centaines de soldats casqués, baïonnettes au poing, Jan Rose s’est avancée jusqu’à toucher les sabres. Elle souhaite parler aux jeunes militaires, les raisonner, les ébranler peut-être, croiser au moins leurs regards.
« Vous réalisez ce que vous faites ? Vous acceptez ce job ignoble ?
Vous trouvez bien de répandre le sang ? » Ils évitent son regard, elle est scandalisée.
Alors elle les provoque, se rapproche encore, écarte les bras et leur offre sa poitrine, l’air de dire :
allez-y, embrochez moi !
Elle devient théâtrale ;
oui, elle a le sens du spectacle.
Et puis soudain, elle brandit une fleur, la porte à son visage comme un objet vulnérable et sacré.
Marc Riboud saisit fiévreusement la scène.
Mais il n’a plus de pellicule.
Jan Rose avec son chrysanthème est sa dernière photo.

Elle fera le tour du monde.
Elle incarnera la non-violence et le visage très doux de la jeunesse d’Amérique.
Elle inspirera les pacifistes du monde entier.
Elle n’aura plus de date, son héroïne, ni âge ni nom.
Jusqu’à ce qu’ils se retrouvent, trente ans plus tard, lui, le photographe humaniste dont les cheveux ont blanchi ;
elle, l’ex-hippy un peu douloureuse, un peu cabossée, et devenue maman. Elle lui tombe dans les bras.
Elle est si fière d’avoir mené un jour un tel combat.
Alors quand elle se mobilise à nouveau, en février 2003, pour manifester à Londres contre la guerre en Irak, elle l’appelle du Danemark où la vie l’a posée.
Et ils se retrouvent près de Trafalgar Square.
Elle défile sous l’immense poster de la jeune fille de 1967. La rime est décidément parfaite. (…)

Annick Cojean

Extrait de sa préface au livre Marc Riboud, 50 ans de photographie, éd. Flammarion, 2004