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Kuopio 23.02.2016 Random highlights
Tried to not double already shared gifs/moments.

Gotta tell you Jan Matura is my fav Czech, so I had to gif his happiness after his first round jump! :-)
Then, Tande/Kraft respect moment (love these ones!)
Then of course Tande’s victorious move :D
Then Noriaki’s enthusiasm
And finally, a moment of respect towards Michi. The thumb up made me smile :)

Skoczkowie składają życzenia noworoczne
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OMG, those cutie-patooties say so many sweet stuff! Gregor thanks for the support he gets from his fans all over the world and asks for keeping fingers crossed for him and Kamil ‘cause he knows it’s a hard time for both of them and he promises to stay strong - in the sake of both of them. :) YAY! 

the video also includes Vincent Descombes Sevoie, Anders Fannemel (!!!!), Jurij Tepes, Andreas Stjernen, Ville Larinto and Jan Matura that actually speaks Polish!

here you are, for a better start to the new year :)


Polish duels for the tomorrow’s KO

Stefan Hula vs Karl Geiger
Kamil Stoch vs Jan Matura
Dawid Kubacki vs Manuel Poppinger
Maciej Kot vs Richard Freitag (poor, poor Kitten, but it will be a fight of two cuties!), they fought once in KO in Bischofshofen in 2013 and Maciek won ^__^
Andrzej Stękała vs Stephan Leyhe

looks like the forever battle between Poland and Germany goes on

unfortunately, no new video of Kamil, wtf are you going to kill me, Skijumping.pl? so I’m posting my fav gif of him (one of zilion of course). he says (in the written interview), that “the point is to never give up”. I wish I was this whole Tadeusz Mieczyński guy, like, really

what’s your bets? who wins with who? :)


Ski flying - Harrachov 2014