jan's not a cat

i blame this one on @hellogarbagetime bc it’s a fill for “animal” at my bingo card, and then i thought of this thing she did

The cat, or rather a kitty, was tiny, black, and extremely fluffy. It set its big, blue eyes on Tony, and Tony felt himself melting.

“We’re keeping him,” Steve announced, and it said something about the kitten’s cuteness that Tony only then raised his eyes to Steve.

“Okay,” Tony agreed, because he could never say no to Steve, and the kitten, for how cute it was, did seem a bit too thin; Tony wasn’t good with animals, but if Steve brought one home like that, he must’ve rescued it from the street. He was still cradling it protectively against his chest.

Tony extended his hand towards the kitten slowly, and it smelt him and let him pet it gently.

Tony barely stopped himself from squeeing aloud. He was a successful businessman, for god’s sake; he was clearly spending too much time with Kamala. Tony hoped none of his Avenger kids were allergic, they obviously had to come and meet their new kitty as soon as possible.

“I found him,” Steve confirmed Tony’s earlier suspicions. “It was raining, and the poor creature was alone, and I couldn’t—”

“It’s okay,” Tony said. “We’re definitely keeping him.”

Steve’s smile almost made Tony melt, too.


Two weeks later, when Kitten was safely wrapped in Tony’s arms—Steve vetoed all of Tony’s name suggestions, and vice versa, so they agreed the kitten would just stay Kitten—Jan walked into the living room, took one long look at them, and started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Steve asked. Tony couldn’t quite get annoyed with a happy ball of fur that was Kitten in his arms.

“Of course that’s what a cat you suddenly rescue from a street looks like.”

Kitten looked up at Tony with his blue eyes, as if sensing they’re talking about him, and Tony scratched him behind his black ear gently to soothe him.

“I’ve no idea what you mean,” Steve said.

“I don’t mind,” Tony told Jan. “He’s cute.”

“Never said he wasn’t,” Jan noted, and then cooed over the cat too.

All was well, except Steve was still spluttering something about meaningless accusations.

Tony loved him anyway.

angryhalfling  asked:

Does Oreo let you hold him? Such a sweetheart 💕

Yes, Oreo let’s me hold him! He likes to be held either cradled like a baby or held upright so he can rest his head on my shoulder. He’s not the type of cat that will stay in your arms for a long time, but every night when I go to bed and every morning when I wake up I always pick him up for a hug and kiss. Oreo also likes to stand on my husband’s shoulders.

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