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Does Oreo let you hold him? Such a sweetheart 💕

Yes, Oreo let’s me hold him! He likes to be held either cradled like a baby or held upright so he can rest his head on my shoulder. He’s not the type of cat that will stay in your arms for a long time, but every night when I go to bed and every morning when I wake up I always pick him up for a hug and kiss. Oreo also likes to stand on my husband’s shoulders.

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theemmaslater It’s always so bitter sweet the day after a tour because although I’m loving some time off, I will miss ‘bunking’ with my best friends and lounging on the bus after our shows just chatting, watching Harry Potter and playing the utter nonsense game. We know each other so well! Thank you Keo for that one accent that no one can recognize but covers your idea of all accents. Thank you Gleb for your heavenly rendition of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and for teaching me Russian, Spaseba. Thank you Linds for your epic Worm Move, introducing me to ‘Unreal’ and for that unforgettable time when you freaked cause you saw that ghost behind me!! Still crying over that! Thank you Jenna for playing Rihanna, letting me read your book and being my soul sister on Jan 1st & 2nd. Thank you Hayley for sharing your cat videos with me in quick change, getting me onto Lancer and almost giving me frost bite in Niagara Falls. Thank you Artem for generally being the happiest I’ve ever seen you and watching the bachelor every Monday with the girls (I love that you think Corrine is brilliant). Thank you Val for our politics at catering and for the songwriting in Canada. Oh and for arranging New Years 💪🏻Thank you Sharna for great conversations about love, trulia.com, Sunday Riley and for the shower cap. Thank you Laurie for stealing my phone during the show for random emoji selfies, inviting me to watch Law and Order on your bus and for letting me squeeze you every day. Thank you Alan for all the coffee/exploring adventures we went on, being an accomplice to my accidental market crime and your Donald Trump impression. Oh and for playing foosball salt bae style, something I still laugh about.
Finally to all of the crew, production team and everyone at Faculty. Thank you. I’m so grateful to you. This tour was brilliant and it couldn’t of happened without you. #dwtslivetour


Eight times Jan Vertonghen and Mousa Dembélé messed with each other on ‘Iedereen Duivel’, and one time they were just plain adorable