jan's creations

In case you missed it: At NolaCon this weekend, a heller had this signed during autos: 

Not only did the Creation volunteer who is supposed to be screening this stuff let it through to Jensen, she actively encouraged the fan to shove destiel porn into his face: 

Trying not to laugh? Sure, Jan. You and the Creation volunteer just sexually harassed him by shoving porn of him and his coworker in his face. And guess what? If he refused to sign it, you can bet your ass that we’d have a whole new batch of “Jensen Ackles is a homophobe” bullshit to deal with. It’s disgusting and it’s wrong. I already emailed Creation to make sure they know what their volunteers are doing. If you want to do the same, here are their emails: 




Stephanie is the person who is in charge of the volunteers so make sure you include her. 

Here’s the original post for anyone who wants to see it: X