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So last night. I was booting up my laptop, ready to answer asks, work on sims, all that good stuff when…oh boy. I (stupidly) accidentally knocked over my full, open can of diet coke onto my keyboard. My laptop my a variety of…interesting noises before blacking out. It’s gone kids. Rip Jan’s laptop. Looks like I won’t be posting until I can afford to get it fixed. Hopefully I won’t have to get a new one because it could be a month before I could afford something like that. It really sucks because I had so many exciting things coming up this week. I’ll try to answer as many asks as I can from this position, so keep them coming :^) . I won’t let this blog die, I’ll figure something out, I always do. Love you guys, hopefully we’ll be back in business soon 💖

seriously tho..what is diego costa gonna do..his relationship with conte is beyond repair..he hasn’t trained or played since the season ended and even if he was called up, I really doubt he’ll show up lmao

what are we supposed to 


Chile is facing the worst forest fires it has ever seen, with more than 600 sq miles of land destroyed and thousands of people evacuated from their homes. The Chilean government has declared a state of emergency in several areas, as people try to save their homes, livestock and land.


Half of my country is burning up and nothing and no one is able to stop it.

I can see the smoke from my window and everyone it’s fearing that it keeps expanding.

My heart aches for this.

Master and Mistress - Part One

Author’s Note: Sorry about this. Had a dream about Jan and suddenly, bam. (This seems to be a regular thing lol)

“Get out.”

The tone was final, no room for arguments. But she tried anyway.

“Joshua, I…”

He couldn’t even look at her, simply raised a hand to interrupt, his back turned toward her.

“I said. Get. OUT!” it was more like a snarl than a demand, and she flinched. She had heard Joshua angry many times…but this was on an entirely different level. Tears prickled in the corner of her eyes, quickly filling and spilling down her cheeks in watery black trails. She gathered the skirts of her gown and turned, rushing out the door and away from her prince, her heels the only sound on the floors as she choked back sobs. Her chest felt tight with anxiety as she sought the sanctuary of her old room, too upset to even go to their shared bedroom.

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“average person thinks Jan is super cool” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person just thinks “Sure, Jan”. Glass Georg, who is a transfer student and came in the last week of sküle, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

The worst forest fire in Chile's history – in pictures
Chile is facing the worst forest fires it has ever seen, with more than 600 sq miles of land destroyed and thousands of people evacuated from their homes

Any type of help is more than welcome 

Chile is burning. The wildfires are relentless. There are 64 active fires in different regions of the center-south of the country. 240 ha (something like 950 square miles) are either burning right now or have burned down in the last 10 days

50% of the forests of native trees (protected/endangered wood) have disappeared.

Santa Olga is a whole town that burned down. People are losing their homes and their jobs, most of them work in de agronomy and animal husbandry. They are losing everything.

6 people have died fighting the fires. Firefighters are a volunteer institution in Chile, they work through donations since they are not a state company. They really need monetary help right now.

It’s been going for two weeks, and everyday is worse. I’ve been trying to look for ways to get international donations, if you want to/can help please consider making a donation.

Desafio Levantemos Chile is a Chilean ONG founded on 2010 to help reconstruct the country after the 27-f earthquake. Now they are receiving donations to help those affected by the wildfires.

How to make a donation via Swift
Financial Institution: Banco de Chile
Branch: Central
Address: Ahumada No. 251, Santiago, Chile
Beneficiary account (USD): 05-000-98027-01
Please send an email with your info and details of the money transfer for the ONG registry.

some steve pining for tony

a fill for one of the image prompts on my bingo card (the madripoor cover).

Fighting next to Tony has always been fun. No matter how long it’s been, if they were on one team or not; even just after the superhero war it didn’t matter that they weren’t on talking terms—fighting next to Tony was good all the same. It always is.

They know each other’s moves, their ideas, strategies, they know how to act around each other at the battlefield.

They know each other.

Steve’s still unsure about Tony’s new armour—but Tony has explained it to him in detail, and Steve realises it’s not Extremis. He still doesn’t like it when Tony merges his body with his tech quite so completely.

The armour is beautiful, though, and a great help in a fight.

Steve realises he’s staring at Tony instead of paying attention to his surroundings a moment too late; he barely deflects the next blow, jumps a few metres back to catch his breath.

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new years challenge
  • hey losers 2016 is almost upon us and all of us are still on here (kidding youre not losers), so that means a language new year challenge! feel free to follow it but if you do please tag it as #afny please thanks. this will be tagged as #AFNYORIGINAL for reference. if youre not advanced enough to do something, try to do as simple of a form as possible. if you cant think of a simple form, send me an ask. also, if you feel like it, include an english translation. i wanna read what youre saying (otherwise ill google translate it). and yes i kNOW this is like speutchlish's but they havent been very active lately but if theres a problem w me doing this what u do each day is following:
  • jan 1: what are your goals for 2016? answer in full sentences if you can
  • jan 2: what's your favorite holiday song? why? the more you can answer here, the better.
  • jan 3: translate said song into target language/native language if its in the target one/english if u can. otherwise just try and talk abt what it means, or how much u understand
  • jan 4: tell us abt your day
  • jan 5: do a random search on wikipedia (search special:random) and write about it.
  • jan 6: find one musical artist in a country of your target language and write 6 facts about them
  • jan 7: congrats! one week. talk about something youre really glad is over
  • jan 8: tell us abt ur day
  • jan 9: whats ur fave thing to do in winter?
  • jan 10: translate a song into target language/native language if its in the target one/english if u can. otherwise just try and talk abt what it means, or how much u understand
  • jan 11: What was the best thing that happened to you this weekend?
  • jan 12: what do you like to do?
  • jan 13: what music do you listen to?
  • jan 14: what are you looking forward to this weekend?
  • jan 15: write a poem
  • jan 16: talk abt ur day
  • jan 17: whats your happiest memory?
  • jan 18: (last one) translate a song
  • jan 19: whats your favorite poem?
  • jan 20: what is something youre dreading to do
  • jan 21: whats your favorite and least favorite part of your language?
  • jan 22: if you could go to one place, where?
  • jan 23: whats your biggest regret?
  • jan 24: make a list of vocab of the first ten things you see around you outside. be as specific as possible!
  • jan 25: write abt a hero
  • jan 26: write abt your day
  • jan 27: do a random search on wikipedia (search special:random) and write about it.
  • jan 28: whats the worst thing youve ever eaten? why? and what was the best?
  • jan 29: whats the weirdest dream youve ever had?
  • jan 30: free day! write about whatever you want, whether that be on this list that youve already done or something else. use your imagination! :)
  • jan 31: do you think youve improved? why or why not?