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Be My Princess Difficulty Levels

Zain is boss because he is both a prince AND a butler. Just saying.

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darrencriss: … No, thank YOU, Mr. President.
This photo was taken four years ago tomorrow, and marks one of the greatest honors of my life. Thank you, Obamas, for your leadership, your grace, your strength, your compassion, your humor- the list goes on and on. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to us all, for generations to come. Also let’s be real, hot damn what a great lookin’ couple. Can’t wait to see what you do next. #tbt

The princes as Nightmare before Christmas songs

Wilfred- Jack’s Lament
Roberto- What’s This?
Joshua- Jack’s Obsession
Edward- Reprise
Keith- Poor Jack
Glenn (ft. Alan)- Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Zain/Butlers - Sally’s Song

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WISH GRANTED TAYLOR DEAR. In fact, I was getting curious myself about this matter aha XD (PSST EVERY BUTLER GETS A DIFFERENT COSTUME PFFT) thatawkwardotomefan

BMP Butlers reacting to MC in a sexy Halloween costume:

Claude: Claude was in Wilfred’s office, currently pouring a cup of Ceylon Tea for his master who was currently looking over some official documents. “Claude, could you go over to MC’s room and bring her here?” Wilfred asked his butler. “As you wish” Claude bowed and left the room. When he reached MC’s room, he knocked and opened the door saying, “Excuse me.” A blush then crept its way to his face when he saw what MC was doing. MC was trying on her succubus outfit for Halloween and it was only up halfway until her chest. He could see her silky white complexion and Claude blushed a thousand shades of red. Feeling embarrassed, he apologised, “I-I-I’m so sorry MC! I-I’ll take my leave now.” He quickly closed the door, more to the point of slamming it and ran down the hallway covering his red face from everyone.

Luke: Keith was inside the office reading a book to wind down and relax for a while. “Prince Keith, I’ve brought you the finger sandwiches and tea that you requested.” Keith looked up and told him to leave it on the table. Before Luke left, Keith asked Luke to check on MC and see if she was hungry. When Luke was near MC’s room, he heard some rustling inside but decided to ignore it. Knocking on the door, he then opened it and his eyes became the size of saucers. MC was wearing a sexy lion tamer costume which he assumed was for Halloween and he could see her curves, chest… Luke blushed crimson red and apologised to her quickly before slamming the door and running back to Keith’s office at maximum speed. When Keith asked how you were, poor Luke could only nod. (Got this idea from Kay’s fab drawing! :D otomesass)

Louis: Edward and Louis were at the rose garden, enjoying the scenery and the peace in the garden. They would be there every day to take a break from palace life, with Edward looking at the rose and enjoying a cup of rose tea and chatting with Louis. “Louis, could you bring MC here? I would like to have a chat with her here.” Edward asked, and Louis acceeded to his master’s request with a bow. Heading up to your room, Louis knocked and opened the door fully and was shocked at the sight before his eyes. He saw you wearing a sexy pirate costume that was matching Edward’s Halloween costume, and could not force any words out of his mouth. You looked so sexy and appealing with that costume on and Louis could only stare. “MC…err…Prince Edward asked me to bring you to the rose garden.” He paused in his speaking, clearly still shocked. “I’ll go once I get out of this costume!” You replied. Louis quickly closed the door and dashed to the garden, trying to think of an excuse for his crimson red face.

Yu: Glenn and Yu were in the office of the Manse, with Glenn contemplating on some gifts he would like to give his guests at the next party he would be organising soon. Yu was in the middle of preparing tea when Glenn asked, “Louis, could you bring MC here? I would like her opinion on some of the ideas for gifts.” “As you wish, Prince Glenn.” Louis set down the tea and bowed to him before leaving. While walking to your room, he kept smiling to himself. He always liked coming to you, you gave him such fun that he always yearned for more. “MC-san, I’ve come to br-” Yu opened the door and spoke halfway before he became silent with shock. You were in a sexy police officer outfit for Halloween, and Yu just stood there at your doorway in shock. “Yu…? Are you fine?” You asked the frozen Yu at your doorway. Snapping to his senses, Yu nodded and stuttered, “U-u-u-u-um, Prince Glenn a-asked me to bring you to his office.” “Hmm, tell him that I’ll be there in a jiffy.” You replied. He nodded and quickly closed your door, dashing back to the office.

Alberto: Roberto was in his office looking at some documents that Alberto forced onto him after catching him goofing off in his room. “Al, I’m bored! Can’t you let me off this once?” Roberto whined. “No my prince, you’ve been slacking off recently.” Alberto replied sternly. Roberto sighed, and suddenly glowed at an idea. “Alberto, bring MC-chan here! I wanna look through these with her. It won’t be so boring.” Roberto told Alberto cheerfully. Sighing, Alberto went to your room. “Miss MC, Prince Roberto told me to- OH MY GOD!” Alberto was saying when he suddenly exclaimed in shock. In front of him was you in a sexy witch uniform, with your breasts wrapped tightly together and your milky thighs showing. “What is it, Alberto?” You asked. “U-u-u-um, Prince Roberto wants me to bring you to his office.” Alberto stuttered slightly, trying his best to compose himself. “Okay, I’ll go there in a few minutes’ time.” You replied. Alberto quickly bowed and brisk walked back to the office, trying to clear his crimson red face and calm his thumping heart.

Jan: Joshua and Jan were at the office late in the night. Being the workaholic he is, Joshua decided to pull an all-nighter to finish all the documents he had on hand so that he could relax tomorrow. Jan was at his side preparing some finger food when Joshua asked, “Jan, could you go to MC’s room? I need her to look over this and give me her thoughts about this matter.” Agreeing, Jan left and promptly reached your room. “Miss MC, could you please-” Jan said and halted mid-sentence. There you were in front of him, in a school girl uniform that was hardly covering your butt! Jan was stuttering and could hardly mutter any proper word. “MissMC, PrinceJoshuaaskedmetobringyoutohisoffice!” Jan said quickly without breaks. “Oh, okay, tell him that I’ll be right there!” You told Jan. Jan just nodded, closing the door and leaning against it to calm his heart down.

Zain: You and the princes were staying over at Nobel Michel for the weekend as Mike invited them there. Zain was currently at the kitchen getting some cupcakes that MC requested since she was hungry. Zain sighed, work here was always so hard with his master and guests requesting so many things. Knocking on MC’s door, he said, “Miss MC, here are your cupcakes.” What he saw inside was definitely NOT EXPECTED. Zain saw you in a really exposing she-wolf costume, and he could see all her perfect curves, thighs, etc. No matter how serious he was about his work, he was still a man! He was blushing badly with his heart thumping wildly at this point, he almost dropped the cupcake. He quickly left the cupcake at the table, turning to run out, almost tripping on his heel on the way.


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All Dutch medal winners in one photo. The Dutch won a grand total of 24 medals. This making it the most successful Winter Olympics in Dutch history with 8 golden, 7 silver and 9 bronze medals.


Speed Skating

  • Ireen Wüst: 3000 meters (f)

  • Jorien ter Mors: 1500 meters (f)

  • Jorrit Bergsma: 10000 meters (m)
  • Sven Kramer: 5000 meters (m)
  • Michel Mulder: 500 meters (m)
  • Stefan Groothuis: 1000 meters (m)
  • Marrit Leenstra, Lotte van Beek, Jorien ter Mors, Ireen Wüst: Team Pursuit (f)
  • Sven Kramer, Koen Verweij, Jan Blokhuijsen: Team Pursuit (m)


Speed Skating

  • Ireen Wüst: 1000 meters (f), 1500 meters (f), 5000 meters (f)

  • Jan Smeekens: 500 meters (m)

  • Koen Verweij: 1500 meters (m)

  • Jan Blokhuijsen: 5000 meters (m)

  • Sven Kramer: 10000 meters (m)


Speed Skating

  • Ronald Mulder: 500 meters (m)

  • Michel Mulder: 1000 meters (m)

  • Jorrit Bergsma: 5000 meters (m)

  • Bob de Jong: 10000 meters (m)

  • Margot Boer: 500 meters (f), 1000 meters (f)

  • Lotte van Beek: 1500 meters (f)

  • Carien Kleibeuker: 5000 meters (f)


  • Sjinkie Knegt: 1000 meters (m)

Requested by @realmaradyer: Character Aesthetic  ↣ Jamie Roth // Jamal Feldstein-Roth // mara dyer trilogy

“Words have power. And I may be privileged and have a higher IQ than any of our former teachers, but when people look at me? They see a black, male teenager. And there is nothing quite as frightening to some folks as an angry young black man.”