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Week's Posts

Of course this is such a late weeks posts. But I hope you enjoy catching up on these imagines.

Wedding Day  - Cristiano Ronaldo

No Need - Cristiano Ronaldo

Baby Shower  - Jan Vertonghen

Deep Conversations - Erik Durm

Double Trouble - Marco Reus

Lucky Girl - Karim Benzema

Carnival Time - Jonathan Dos Santos

Parents Hate Him - Memphis Depay

Injury Troubles - Marco Reus

Father & Player - Thiago Alcantara

His Sister’s Love - Neymar

Missing Him - Andreas Samaris

Swimming Together - Karim Benzema



Painting: Jan de Vliegher San Marco Terrace (2010)

Photograph: Dimitrios Harissiadis Syntagma Square (1956)

There is this sort of questionnaire thing: What do you prefer? Tea or coffee, dogs or cats, Pasternak or Mandelstam? Introverts supposedly say: cats, coffee, Mandelstam.

Y. E. Lesin quoting A. A. Akhmatova in his article “Cats, coffee, Mandelstam” (translated by Colouringreflections)

Music: Guillaume Lekeu Sonata for Cello and Piano in F major – completed by Vincent d’Indy (Suggested interpretation: Cello: Alain Meunier and Jean-Paul Dessy; Piano: Phillipe Guilon-Herbert and Boyan Vodenitcharov)

Jeb Bush pins hopes on 'someone in a garage' to tackle climate change
As rising sea levels threaten their state of Florida, fellow Republican candidate Marco Rubio also warns that action on climate would ‘destroy’ the economy
By Oliver Milman

Florida’s leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, have both criticized federal action to combat climate change, with Rubio warning it would “destroy” the US economy and Bush predicting “someone in a garage somewhere” will solve the problem instead.

Responding to a rare question about climate change in Thursday’s Republican debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Rubio denied that he ever supported a “cap and trade” system to lower emissions, despite his having called it “inevitable” in 2008.

“I have never supported cap-and-trade and I never thought it was a good idea,” the Florida senator said. “And I do not believe it’s a good idea now. I do not believe that we have to destroy our economy in order to protect our environment.

“And especially what these programs are asking us to pass … will do nothing to help the environment, but will be devastating for our economy. When I am president of the United States of America, there will never be any ‘cap and trade’ in the United States.”