jan itor

I was tagged by @tobinsrghayef which I’m sure is who I think it is! Thanks for the tag :)

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Relationship Status: Single

Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither

Last Song I Listened to: Step into the realm- The Roots 

Last Movie I Watched: Rogue One!

Top Three Characters: Jyn Erso, Dr Jan Itor, Elliot Alderson

Top Three Ships: THE NAUTILUS! I know it was a submarine but i just wanted to say that :/ And i know what a ship is I just…. don’t really have a ship? Wait . Literally 5 minutes have passed. I give up. I ship harley quinn and poison ivy. THERE!

I tag : @thickthighslikefries@mareyana, @iadu07, @desimehatin, @perfectlyimperfectwarda, @th3random-geek, @livingforthatxo, @rishtaywaliaunty, @psychoticpinkllamas ! Literally anyone who wants to do this. Have a nice day ^.^


one of my most favorite moments of Scrubs !