jan heine


(via Daniel Rebour illustration of a Singer Galibier from circa… | Flickr)

Daniel Rebour illustration of a Singer Galibier from circa 1946 Singer Catalogue

Admittedly, a few details of appointment differ– for instance, the fd, and Ideale 47 Saddle– but the family resemblance is fairly striking. According to Ernest Csuka (speaking to Jan Heine in a 2001 interview), fillet-brazed frames were a short-lived fashion– which had ended by 1950-1. After this, Singer’s “customers preferred lugs, and fillet-brazing vanished.”


Toshi’s Custom

I don’t care who you are or what kind of food you like or what kind of bike you ride or what century you’re living in – you can’t dislike this look.

What I especially liked about Toshi’s pick of parts is the coolness of it, and how he ddn’t go full-Jan Heine, full-Rivendell or Grant Petersen, or full-anything. The Compass brakes are really nice. The crank is delightful. The Deore XT rear, the SKS fenders were unpredictable but super practical and good-looking. The Paul skewers are neat, and that pump…hard to love the look of that, but the mounting is nifty and it’s not too mini to be useful,


Toshi picked the green our of a PMS book (that’s Pantone Matching System!) and Joe Bell hit the shade exactly and made it look even better with a tiny pearl in it. We’ve told Toshi that we won’t duplicate this color, but as long as you don’t live on the west coast, he’ll never know.


There were lots of parts new-to-us-and-unfamiliar-to-Mark, and this is the only bike we’ve ever done with internal wiring. I honestly believe that Mark is the best mechanic in the world–at least the best and most creative and meticulous and perfect I’ve known — and this was a 23-hour build. Don’t try to make sense of that or add up the parts and time for each part. Two hours was re-fishing the cables from inside the downtube when they got stuck there. But we’re still talking about 21-hours. Maybe the next one (there won’t be…) would take Mark half that time. Anyway, it’s done, Toshi’s got it, and he likes it, and so it’s all good all around.


NOTE: Custom Rivendells take a long time. Designed here at Rivendell, utilizing our distinct lugs and tubing, brazed by Mark Nobilette and painted by Joe bell; there are many steps that make lead times 6 months to 1 year. If you see a custom Rivendell in your future, give us a call and we can give a better estimate. 800 234 3918