jan durrsema


The conclusion has finally been released (on trade paperback) for Star Wars: Legacy by John Ostrander & Jan Durrsema*. I’ve been reading this series since I discovered it some three years ago, so I’m going to be starting again from the beginning before I read the last volume. It should be a fun week of using the force.

* Star Wars: Legacy is set over 125 years after the film Return of the Jedi. The comics feature Cade Skywalker, a descendant of Luke Skywalker, who was trained as a Jedi but has abandoned the order. He apprenticed himself to the pirate Rav and lives among bounty hunters, smugglers and pirates. Cade has also dropped his last name. The series begins with an attack on the Jedi Temple and the overthrow of the Galactic Alliance by the One Sith order. [from Wikipedia]