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Ugh, just when I dedicated time to fanart, a webcomic’s comments section has to be shut down. No fair. *flops dramatically*

This is fanart for the webcomic “Never Satisfied”. I’d put a link here, but we all know how tumblr likes links recently. It’s about teenagers being dicks to each other during a magic contest. Seiji here demonstrates how not to deal with bullies (and feelings). He died for our benefit and entertainment.

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Also, pretty sure the pillows they gave Louise were the ones off Dan's bed and Dan only usually has two so...just sayin

when louise was like what would people say and seemed to be implying people would think dan and phil were sleeping in the same bed but they still messed up and dan had to sleep with phil or without pillows for the night 😩👌🏼👀📝


favorite michael & holly moments > ‘too good to be true’ > (5x04) crime aid

Listen, about the tickets. It’s sort of a gray-kind of a gray area in terms of…whether or not I had them–

Fanart for Tinsel Kisses by @thejourneymaninn.

Anders comes home early and surprises Fenris in the act of decorating the entire house to suit Anders’ gaudy Christmas tastes.

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I love it when antis have those, "I asked my mama about your pedo ships and she said its BAD" posts, because like. Well yeah JAN, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree your mama's probably crazy too tbh?! And like, I asked MY mama, and she thinks your all nuts. And my mama, knows everything so. (For real though...what shit show)

Any adult you ask who legit thinks suicide bating people over fictional ships is justifiable then they need some serious help and probably aren’t the sort of adult you should be taking advice from

Jan 24th, 2016

He had made sure to only jostle Dean from his sleep to tell him happy birthday with a chaste kiss to his brother’s dry, confused lips. All he got was a grumbling sound and more snoring. Sam got dressed and tip-toed out of the dark room to escape fiery wrath if Dean woke up to see him leaving.

There was a freshly baked apple pie waiting for him at a bakery in town and steaks marinating in the fridge, along with a placebo pie in the oven. If he was taught anything about food, it was about how to cook a good steak. If he happened to lie to Dean about baking the pie himself with a dollop of flour purposefully plopped on his nose and a sheepish smile, then he wasn’t hurting anyone.

He jogs out the bunker door, Dean’s keys in hand, and feels like a teenage girl on her first joyride in daddy’s car.

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So I'm 17 but I don't turn 18 till Jan. My dad doesn't like Bernie, nor others in my family, so because of my set back of my age.. Will I still be able to vote for him before he goes into the primaries? I can't ask anyone else and I need help! Thanks

You should be able to! Primaries don’t really start till February but please look at this post of mine for your state and then look at this post about how primaries work for your state.