jan berenstein

  • me: Berenstein or Berenstain?
  • mom: Berenstein.
  • me: NO!
  • mom: No, I remember, because the authors were Berenstein, so the bears where Berenstain.
  • me: No, the authors were Stan and Jan Berenstain.
  • mom: Nawww.
  • me: (explains the whole Berenstein/Berenstain collective remembering/misremembering parallel universes idea)
  • mom: people have too much time on their hands, I think.
  • me: I can't believe you remember this differently, as I so clearly remember reading these with you and learning to read from them and that you corrected my reading of Berenstein to 'stain because of phonics.
  • mom: I don't remember that at all. Anyway, I gotta go, love--
  • me: This is very upsetting, mom, this means we're from different universes!
  • mom: Probably, you're right. Okay, I gotta go--
  • me: Me, too. TO FIND MY REAL MOM.
  • mom: Good, you do that, bun.

If there are two parallel universes where Berenstain and Berenstein exist does that mean there are also 3 other universes where its spelled with I O and U, respectively? Like, is there a universe where they’re called the Berenstiin Bears? What if a similar situation happened where everyone in one universe remembered them as Berenstuin Bears and one day they notice it was actually spelled Berenstoin?

What about Y? Is there a universe where they’re called the Berenstyin Bears?