jan berenstein

Okay I’ve been so obsessed over the Mandela Effect and parallel universes. There is this theory I read that all those who has had a near death experience or what could possibly an ego death (induced my anything included drugs such as psychedelics) at a time could transferred into a parallel universe. Before the experience we were in the BerenstEin universe (referring to the Berenstein or Berenstain memory) universe and after the experience we are now jumped into a berenstAin universe. But all those who remember it as stAin have remained in this universe and eventually if they experience a near death experience they could potentially jump back into the stEin universe in which others have already been.

If anyone has read up on this please give me your thoughts and opinions.

I was introduced to this by sixpenceee

  • me: Berenstein or Berenstain?
  • mom: Berenstein.
  • me: NO!
  • mom: No, I remember, because the authors were Berenstein, so the bears where Berenstain.
  • me: No, the authors were Stan and Jan Berenstain.
  • mom: Nawww.
  • me: (explains the whole Berenstein/Berenstain collective remembering/misremembering parallel universes idea)
  • mom: people have too much time on their hands, I think.
  • me: I can't believe you remember this differently, as I so clearly remember reading these with you and learning to read from them and that you corrected my reading of Berenstein to 'stain because of phonics.
  • mom: I don't remember that at all. Anyway, I gotta go, love--
  • me: This is very upsetting, mom, this means we're from different universes!
  • mom: Probably, you're right. Okay, I gotta go--
  • me: Me, too. TO FIND MY REAL MOM.
  • mom: Good, you do that, bun.
This Is Really Important

I was actually pretty bummed to learn that Berenstein Bears co-creator Jan Berenstein passed away today. When I was very young I was hospitalized for a severe sinus condition and remember getting through each day by reading Peanuts children’s books and watching Berenstein Bears cartoons on VHS. Childhood.

If there are two parallel universes where Berenstain and Berenstein exist does that mean there are also 3 other universes where its spelled with I O and U, respectively? Like, is there a universe where they’re called the Berenstiin Bears? What if a similar situation happened where everyone in one universe remembered them as Berenstuin Bears and one day they notice it was actually spelled Berenstoin?

What about Y? Is there a universe where they’re called the Berenstyin Bears?