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Best Memes of 2015

You asked for it!!!

(In random order)

“Sure Jan”

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The Rihanna Wink

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John Cena

Hotline Bling

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Netflix and Chill

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Why You Always Lyin’

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“Miley, what’s good?”

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And my favorite of the year….

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Left Shark

They’re quoting The Room, for those who aren’t familiar with the film. It’s TERRIBLE, btw. Pretty sure it was voted like the worst movie ever made, but it gained some sort of cult following because of how shit it was, and somehow made it into mainstream media.

In other news, these two are idiots. (adorable idiots)

LEA & ADELE at NBR on Jan 7. Adele as Winner Breakthrough of the Year. 
The Hollywood reporter: “Two other close friends followed: Lea Seydoux presented the female breakthrough actor award to "the greatest actress I’ve ever met and worked with,” her 19-year-old costar in Blue Is the Warmest Color, Adele Exarchopoulos. Exarchopoulos, apologizing for her “shitty English,” returned the compliment: “Without you I would never be here,” she told Seydoux, “even if you left me for that other bitch” (referring to their characters in the film).“