jan 28 2014

Louis, Harry, & Google Searches

Under the cut is an analysis of google search relative volume for Louis and Harry over the past year. It’s broken down into search volume for the year, for the past 90 days, and the past month for Louis, Harry, and then Louis and Harry comparatively. It’s got dates/events to accompany the analysis to quantify the impact events had on people looking them up on Google.

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Earl Grey--Villain!Tom One-Shot NSFW

(originally published Jan 28, 2014)

In response to this motherfucking abomination.

Warnings: implied/false non-con, VERY rough. Dom!Tom NSFW.  A bit of a companion to notsomolly’s Working Late (would link but motherfucking Tumblr won’t let me—read it if you haven’t—http://notsomolly.tumblr.com/post/73650258236/working-late-a-n-youve-all-seen-the-ad-by-now).

Fuck you, Thomas Fuckface Hiddleston, and the helicopter you rode in on.

*Drops mic*

The sun is setting over London, and as its dying light washes over your face, you are annoyed.  Annoyed with him, annoyed that you were rerouted from what was supposed to be a weekend in Paris with him because he got a call.  For work.

Damn him.

So here you sit, frustrated and angry and wishing for the Champs-Elysees, despite the switch he flipped when the call came.  That…power? that he takes on when he’s working—that makes your insides curl with desire.  The danger he exudes, the threat, the…darkness.   A curt, sharp word, barked into a phone, and he is someone else.

It’s intoxicating. 

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Oh happy day!

Christian residents jubilate as Seleka Muslim militias evacuate the Kasai camp in Bangui,  Central African Republic’s capital on Jan. 28, 2014. The departure of the fighters was greeted with screams of joy from the crowd of hundreds that gathered to watch them leave for another camp in northern Bangui.

“We are free! This is our new year!”

Seleka became deeply unpopular after they killed and tortured civilians after seizing power in March 2013. Their leader Michel Djotodia stepped down as president earlier this month and went into exile in Benin.

Photos: Jerome Delay, AP

Compilation of all of SCANDAL’s “SCANOMICS” radio broadcasts so far. The band have started as regulars on TOKYO FM since 2nd Apr 2013 and the radio programme is still ongoing.

I have provided most of the overall translations with the exception of the earlier broadcasts. List is as follows below:

I only started taking the translations more seriously (?) from the June 2013 broadcasts onwards and nowadays, I try to translate as much of the programme as I can. Do enjoy them!

This post will be updated whenever I finish the latest SCANOMICS broadcast and its link will be available at the top of fyscandalband’s page.

Health workers in full protective gear waited to cross a street near a wholesale poultry market in Hong Kong Tuesday jan. 28, 2014. Officials started a cull of 20,000 chickens after the deadly H7N9 bird flu virus was found in poultry imported from mainland China.

Tyrone Siu/Reuters

U.S. South gridlocked after rare winter storm hits region

NBC News: A winter storm wreaked havoc on transportation in the U.S. South on Tuesday, canceling more than 3,000 flights and creating 8-hour gridlocks on highways.

Georgia was among the states hit worst by the storm, with state patrol reporting 940 traffic accidents and 104 injuries due to snow and ice. In Atlanta, traffic officers helped deliver a baby inside a car on Interstate-285.

With commuters being encouraged to remain off the roads, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced troopers were being sent to schools Tuesday night where students have remained stranded.

Follow updates about the storm at Breaking News: http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/winter-storm-to-hit-us-south-jan-28-29-2014/

Photo: A truck goes off the road into the median while trying to avoid another wrecked truck as snow begins to accumulate on I-65 on Tuesday, Jan. 28. in Clanton, Ala. (Butch Dill / AP)