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Reverberation #30
Reverberation #30

Reverberation #30
1. Ronny & The Daytonas - Sandy
2. The New Dawn - Last Morning
3. Trap Door II - £™
4. The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do
5. The Range Of Light Wilderness - Under Your Spell
6. Euphoria - Through A Window
7. Mark Eric - Where Do The Girls OF The Summer Go?
8. Fred Neil - December’s Dream
9. John’s Children - Love I Thought I’d Found
10. Jan & Dean - Like A Summer Rain
11. Gabor Szabo - Three King Fishers
12. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Whatever Hippie Bitch

I sawr Jan & Dean at Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania in August of 1993, so I was 11. It was kinda depressing but kinda awesome. I’d always loved Jan & Dean and since I was a pathetically dorky kid, I’d sit around reading books about the history of Rock N Roll that my dad had procured and yeah… I was sort of obsessed with Jan Berry, since he and his story are fascinating… so to see him half gone, as it were, from the massive brain damage he received in 1966 was a bummer. On the flip side, the amount of recovery/functionality he had was kind of amazing, but when yer 11 you aren’t thinking from a neurological stanpoint. He shoulda been a vegetable or something. But yeah.

I’m glad I got to see it, but it was also a bit of a bummer and kinda sad in a way that I’ve sort of blocked the memory out for the most part and only remember little shards of the concert. I remember getting the autograph and being kinda freaked out and sad. Not cos he was handicapped, but even as a kid his story bummed me the fuck out.


Linda - Jan & Dean

Typically, I hate “Top 10” lists and the people who make them, but, since I am incredibly bored, I am going to make one consisting of my favorite songs of 2012. Most of the tunes aren’t actually from 2012… they are just the songs I’ve enjoyed and probably listened to the most. I don’t think these are in any real order.

1. Alice Donut - “Don’t I Know” - 2009

2. Audacity - “Punk Confusion” - 2012

3. Creedence Clearwater Revival - “Ramble Tamble” - 1970

4. Tera Melos - “Trident Tail” - 2010

5. Jan & Dean - “Girl, You’re Blowin’ My Mind” - 1966

6. Jaill - “There’s No Sky (Oh My My)” - 2009

7. Weezer - “Holiday” - 1994

8. The Beach Boys - “Wendy” - 1964

9. FIDLAR - “No Waves” - 2012

10. Daniel Johnston - “Mind Movies” - 2009

Honorable Mention goes to: The Dead Milkmen - “Solvents (For Home & Industry)” - 2011

All of these songs can be found between Spotify & YouTube, should anybody be interested in hearing them. 

Watch on behindthegrooves.tumblr.com

On this day in music history: April 12, 1966 - Musician Jan Berry will be involved in a near fatal car crash on Whittier Drive near Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Berry one half of the duo Jan & Dean is on the way to a business meeting in his Corvette Stingray when he becomes temporarily distracted and crashes into the back of a parked truck. He will suffer brain damage and partial paralysis as a result, taking years to recover from his injuries. Ironically, the accident takes place very close to the real Dead Man’s Curve on Sunset, which was the title of a Jan & Dean hit from two years earlier.

I was just commenting on my stupid friend’s status and saw where someone named Jan had commented. Jessie’s last name is Dean. Apparently, Jan is her mom. Her middle name is “Nicole”.

Her name was fucking Jan N. Dean.


I just realized I’m probably the only person who will ever be stoked about this and who knows who Jan & Dean are.