jamz day

Melange Mining Co.
Darwin Deez
Melange Mining Co.

Hearts don’t break up here, they just get weaker
Cause muscle atrophy in fractional gravity
And oh does it have to be four more weekends
Till we can hold each other close
That’s one small step for a ghost
Adjust my helmet flashlight and keep on digging
Till I have the weight of your arms around me

to all my strong independent women, happy valentine’s day  // listen

01. run the world - beyonce / 02. oops… - britney spears / 03. bang bang - jessie j, ariana grande, nicki minaj  / 04. no scrubs - tlc / 05. move - little mix / 06. hard out here - lily allen / 07. all about that bass - meghan trainor / 08. survivor - destiny’s child / 09. hold on - wilson phillips / 10. we can’t stop - miley cyrus 


Propaghandi- Anchorless

I love Propaghandi and The Weakerthans. In the larger scheme of Less Talk, More Rock, this song makes almost no sense. But it takes the cake of the Weakerthans version any day in my book. 

A boat abandoned in some backyard…


Andrew Jackson Jihad- Self-Esteem

“I smoke more than a motherfucking chimney

I declare war on my body”

A personal anthem, especially for the summer. 

Sow into You
Róisín Murphy

Roisin Murphy- Sow Into You

Yes, I’m posting a fucking pop song. From 2005. By an Irish woman who basically never showed up on the charts in the US. And yes, the Wiki page for the record this is from (‘Ruby Blue’) describes it with such nauseating genres as 'nu jazz’ and 'alternative dance’. 

My modus operandi of not giving a fuck extends to this; in no way am I ashamed to say that this song is pretty cool. To borrow a page from A Tribe Called Quest, the lyrics to this are “butt”, but listen to that fucking counterpoint! And the horns! There’s found sounds stashing through the whole thing too. 

This might be some saccharine-sweet nonsense, but it’s saccharine-sweet nonsense that knows music theory and takes risks. 



Unwound- Message Recieved

As much as I love Leaves Turn Inside You and can never get sick of it, Repetition absolutely rips. This song will turn your asshole inside out. 


The Dopamines- You’d Make a Good Horsecop

A song whose title I first heard aloud and assumed was some sort of address: “You’d make a good horse, cop”. Anyway, I wanted to post ‘Fun Tags’ but this is good too. 


Foo Fighters- Wind Up

This is a good song and you know it.