jamy preciado

Halsey was at the panic concert last night, spencer was at the panic concert last night, josh was at the one a couple weeks ago, josh was at their jimmy Fallon performance, the singer from pierce the veil was at their concert two nights ago, dallon and his family go to tøp concerts, halsey goes to tøp concerts

The alternative music industry is just one big happy family and it’s so pure

ptv album aesthetics
  • Misadventures: stars at night. sitting on the ground and staring at the sky. running through rain. numbness. smudged mascara. bruised knuckles and bloody hands. fistfights. drops of blood on guitars. VHS tapes. running away from home. old letters. sadness.
  • Collide With the Sky: broken glass. the sea at dawn. snow. the sound of rain hitting a window. picking fights. black sweatshirts. school wall grafitti. sitting on the bed in the middle of the night. insomnia. the forest. dying flowers. cemeteries.
  • Selfish Machines: lying. running showers. breakups. candles. drinking too much. possesive behaviour. fear of being left behind. angst. blood in water. an empty house. watering eyes. screaming ot of frustration. helplessness.
  • A Flair for the Dramatic: romeo and juliet. a crying bride. dried flowers. crying children. speechlessness. self-depreciating humor. frustration. broken porcelain. losing control over your anger. pocket knives.

Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed by Pierce The Veil

Vic looks like the younger friend while Zack is like that’s right bike me around


when I look at this I feel a mix of emotions. disappointment, happiness terrified, and questioning my choices in life and the people I look up to.