This was for an Art Jam I conducted in a Facebook group called Jamsters, wherein we pick a theme or topic and contribute a piece to compile into a massive group shot or something. In this case, we all decided to do an “Avengers Invitational Jam,” probably because we were still high off the movie. I personally blame Joss Whedon.

The funny part was that most of the group decided to do lessor known characters like Vision and Beast. I went with Moondragon because, well, she’s been a favorite of mine since Warlock and the Infinity Watch back in the early 90’s. Let’s face it, Tom Raney made her the hottest bald woman ever. Period. She makes it work up to the point where hair would actually look weird on her. 



Tag 20 Users You Want To Get To Know

I was tagged by the wonderful @acciopevensie, @throughthewardrobetohogwarts, and @for-narnia-and-for-4slan. Thank you so much! It took me a while to get around to this, but yay! Here it is!!

Nicknames: Jam, Jamster, Jamalamadingdong, James, Jell-O

Gender: Female

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5'2"

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite colors: Orange and aqua/mint/pastel shades of green

Time right now: 10:53 AM

Average hours of sleep: Approximately 8 hours

Lucky number: 7

Last thing I Googled: Mia Talerico (I was trying to figure out what the little girl on Good Luck Charlie actress’ name was…)

Favorite fictional character: No competition… EDMUND PEVENSIE!!!!!!!!!

Blankets you sleep with: A blue one with Olaf in the corner, with many others.

Favorite bands/artists: I like Taylor Swift’s music.

Dream trip: London. A lifelong dream.

What I’m wearing right now: A light pink tank top and a pair of aqua shorts.

When I made this blog: July 2014, I believe?…

How many blogs I follow: 329

Do you get asks on a daily basis?: Nope.

Why did you choose your url?: When I made this blog, I was a bit obsessed with Bridge to Terabithea and I mixed that with my life-long obsession with Narnia, but then as time went on, I just liked the idea of some sort of pathway to get to Narnia, especially considering all the different ways the children get there.

I tag: @glancetothesea, @ganyymedee, @temptation-narnia-chronicles, @ilivelikeanarnian, @iliveinnarniaandstudyathogwarts, @knightofnarnia, @queeensusan, @queen-lucy-of-narina, @ofedmundandlucy, @hopecomesbacktolife.

I’m wouldn’t be surprised if many of the people I tagged have already done it, but if not, here you go! :) If you don’t want to do it, of course you don’t have to! Anyone else who wants to do it, feel free to!