I quickly painted our apocalypse warrior princess :3 I really wanted to draw emily Kinney 

I know its really sloppy looking but oh well lol

also, this is the art account of @jamster-twd I will not be uploading anymore art on that account, message me if you really want to know lol some people might find it a stupid reason but it’s how i feel so…. 

“Zootopia just made me interested with bunnies again. Ever since I learned that Judy (A female rabbit) is the main protagonist of the film. I ended up doing alot of research on bunnies along with other bunny characters from other countries. Mainly the German characters Schnuffel (Snuggle Bunny) and Schnuffelienchen (Snuggelina) by music and cell-phone company Jamster/JAMBA. I haven’t loved a bunny character this much since Lola Bunny but not in a sexual way.”