The “One Love”
Vintage American Tourister hard case turned into a colorful summertime Jamaican Soundsystem! Two 8" full range Fender speakers, paired with two long throw piezo tweeters give a full robust sound.
90 watt Tripath amp powered by a 9ah 12v battery. 
external RCA inputs and external wall power jack. Comes standard with a 3-stage top of the line battery charger. 
Additional options include a USB device charger, “o” rings to attach shoulder strap, more custom paint or stenciling…
This box is ready to bring the roots riddims everywhere you go this summer.



“The Goldensnake“

Wow. this case is a looker. Ultra-unique gold faux-snakeskin vintage Samsonite Silhouette suitcase that is still compact enough as a carry-on. 

This case includes four 5″ full-range Sony speakers, two Trace Elliott crossed over mids, and two Rockford Fosgate mylar dome tweeters, all powered by a 60-watt Tripath amp. 10+ hours of play time on a 9ah rechargeable battery.
trimmed out with custom aluminum knobs.
Non-ported case for a remarkable punchy and full sound.
Standard additions for a high quality 3-stage Battery Tender charger, wall power jack and plug for non-battery functions, gold RCA audio inputs.
Possible upgrades could include USB device charger, WiFi connectivity, detachable shoulder strap, voltage display.
Beautiful case for home display, and equally mobile (with care for unprotected speakers)
This case is sssssssssssserioulsy sssssssssssssexy.



“The Great White”
This custom Samsonite build for a Portland-bassed musician has a 3-way dual crossover system with two 10" poly woofers with butyl rubber surrounds, Celestion mids,  a pair of piezo long throw tweeters and a pair of mylar dome tweeters. Heavy duty grills protect the speakers.
90-watt Tripath amp with RCA stereo and ¼" mono inputs
Additionally to power devices such as a keyboard, laptop or mixer is a custom power box built into a matching vintage train case. 18ah of battery power is inside along with a USB device charger and 150w inverter.
A mobile soundsystem and party rocker. Built tough and with style.