Y: i’m going (to sleep) ! I’m going ! I just need some books from the library…
J: (Jamon held Ykhar to put her on his shoulder despite her protests. When he saw me, he stood still (?). )
J: You too.
G: ( Like Ykhar, he put me on his shoulder and took me to my room while forbidding me to get out. )
J: You get out when me call you.
G: O-okay


A creature that has the upper body of a human with the lower body of a panther. Intelligent, silent and fast.They are part of the free tribe in Eel but It’s very rare to see them together with their own kind; born together, live alone. Specialist for twin swords, daggers and spears. 

She’s a member of a new race of Eel, long time ago I was named her as “Yhaefa” but now we need a new name for her new design and I need your help for naming her! 

Тут оказывается было День рождение моего любимого персонажа Хамона! Поздравляю тебя, великан! 

Here the day the birth of my favorite character was Hamon. I congratulate you, Giant! 

In the Russian version of the game, the name of the ogre Hamon.

p.s. Sorry, I take google english.