jammy jam jam

❄️️ snowy modern AU kylux! ❄️️ (-^   v ^-) a commission for the, very lovely, @jesuisbetejesuispatissiere who has had it made for their friend @coffee-without-a-pause to accompany the latest chapter of their fic A Cracked Gift, which you can read >here< ! it was a pleasure to work on this, and a pleasure to work with you jesuisbetejesuispatissiere! <3 (^ ___^) drawing these two is still delightfully comfortable and i look forward to finishing up more past projects of them! <3

Welp… A very quick sketch of Little Jammy Hood before I head off to bed! (original idea of this PJ is from @blogthegreatrouge!)

Still trying to get used to Drawpile… =_=


@the-jammy-jams yes, his green slippers are pretty awesome, aren’t they? seriously though, thank you, i wouldn’t have thought that my sans (or his slippers) would be recognisable lmao.

I appreciate the follow and the kind words, friend, i hope you enjoy my blog! =)


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