jammy jam jam

❄️️ snowy modern AU kylux! ❄️️ (-^   v ^-) a commission for the, very lovely, @jesuisbetejesuispatissiere who has had it made for their friend @coffee-without-a-pause to accompany the latest chapter of their fic A Cracked Gift, which you can read >here< ! it was a pleasure to work on this, and a pleasure to work with you jesuisbetejesuispatissiere! <3 (^ ___^) drawing these two is still delightfully comfortable and i look forward to finishing up more past projects of them! <3

Welp… A very quick sketch of Little Jammy Hood before I head off to bed! (original idea of this PJ is from @blogthegreatrouge!)

Still trying to get used to Drawpile… =_=

omega-dean-is-my-jammy-jam replied to your postany idea why so many people are sending misha “get…

Word around the con was Vicki’s dad is in the hospital

you know that post about spn fans being “better than the fbi” is really cringey but MAN does information circulate quickly here

holding vicki and her family in my heart in this difficult time, if that does turn out to be the case <3