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SLEEPING BEAUTY: photography: Brian W. Ferry - text: Hanya Yanagihara - CNTraveler March 2015

  • “A master embroiderer at Beigh, in Srinagar. He’ll work on this one shawl for at least two years.”
  • “Shah Hamdan Mosque in Srinagar: the aesthetics influence of both Nepal and India is evident in Kashmir’s architecture and design.”
  • “One of Kashmir’s most famous artistic traditions is its painstakingly detailed papier-mâché work.”
  • “Srinagar’s beautiful Shalimar Bagh, a garden built by the Mogul emperor Jahangir for his wife in 1619.”
  • “A typical Kashmir welcome - cookies and saffron tea with crushed almonds.”
  • “Protected forestland of Overa-Aru National Park.”

anonymous asked:

you once said that "Same-sex male Orsi couples often buy waist-slings to simulate the same thing!" does that mean homosexuality is widely accepted by the orsi?

I’d say probably so?

Now of course, it’s not 100% percent accepted no. Unfortunately, like most societies there’s always an existing contingent who do not approve of this for varied reasons, and Orsi are no different in that trend.

If I had to lay down some numbers here I’d say if you ran a poll: 70% of Orsi society fully approves of it, and 20% does not approve of it. The remaining 10% would register somewhere in the “Ehhh…” or “I don’t know” camp. That being said, the groups that don’t approve of it don’t attempt to manipulate legislation or pass laws to deny gay couples rights like they do in our world. Their resistance manifests more so in individual family conflicts, or among private social clubs/societies who’s leadership take a stance against the practice. 

Most other Orsi however see these groups as backwards and petty.