A few weeks ago I was given the amazing experience of going to Summer Arts with a group of fantastic individuals. During this two week boot camp course, our class was divided into small groups where we had to take simple names, places, and ideas and create a story around it. Being in such a fantastic group of girls, wetants (Kelly), Cynthia, Katherine and I were able to make a stellar story with fun and quirky characters that not only we as adults can relate to but children as well. Collaboratively, we put together “Negative Space,” an action-adventure comedy and pitch the idea to not only several guest artists from Nickelodeon but to the VP of Animation Development. I am so grateful that we were given such an opportunity to be exposed to so many great and inspiring artists from Nickelodeon but that Nick itself blessed us with having the experience of pitching to such a reputable individual as Audrey Diehl. I look so forward to creating more stories and exploring more characters in the future. Thank you for this experience.

This is for Teddy aka Finn-theheroguy’s VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I’m so sorry it was so late!! I really love his Babysitting Au with Marceline and Bubblegum so I decided to redraw a scene from one of his comics! OMG check out his work because it’s fabulous too!! And I know I totally owe you a better scan but I wanted you to have it in a better photo shot.