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gorillaz: weird experimental music
demon days: the emo album
plastic beach: sad love songs and marine fastfood
the fall: the sound of yodeling played over digital keyboard noises
humanz: sex jams and social commentary

My girlfriend and I spent the day with Aivi & Surasshu last Friday. The three of them jammed away on their keyboards making amazing improv music while I free-painted and just… kinda went wherever their music would take me. It was the most creatively inspiring moment I’ve had in a very, very long time.

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Honestly 2D and Noodle having that tight brother sister relationship is what fuels me.

-When Noodle was only a tiny kidling, 2D’s cockney accent confused the hell out of her. This was prior to re-learning English, so Noodle knew everything there was a need to know… Just not how Stuart talked. This kind of broke his heart… He didn’t take it personally, because what is he supposed to do? Get offended over a kid? He was just kind of sad- Russel could be understood, Murdoc could be understood, the cashier at the market could be understood- but not him. This whole controversy probably caused a bit of a rift in the relationship, because Noodle didn’t know what 2D was saying half of the time. After a while of living with him though, she started to understand him fully to the point where they could have a full-blown conversation with only a handful of misconceptions. And after a month or two, there wasn’t anything else to learn. 

-When Russel was busy attempting to clean or making food, he would ask 2D to bathe Noodle. See, most 10-year-olds know how to bathe themselves, and Noodle did, but she would just run the water while she red a magazine or sketched in a journal to seem like she took a bath- so she needed to be surveyed and had to be supervised to make sure we was clean. So, as you can assume, fun in the bath + bubble blowout.

-On a different note, they would probably have guitar/keyboard/singing jams, possibly practicing the vocals of 19-2000. 

-There would be probably many rainy day board game sessions playing D+D or Monopoly with the rest of the gang, but they would probably always tell each other jokes in between.

-Whenever there was a question that Noodle asked that wasn’t really her business just yet, (”how are babies made?” “what’s that thing hanging from your mouth? why is it smoking?” “why does murdoc have bruises on his neck?”) 2D would dodge the question with a “I don’t think you’re old enough to know that just yet,” or an “I think if you really want to know, ask Russel.”

-Russel and 2D were trying really hard to shelter Noodle for as long as possible- Murdoc kind of tainted the water, which is why she smokes and things like that today, but the other two boys tried so hard.

-When Russel wasn’t home, 2D would attempt to put Noodle to sleep. She was  a bit of a rowdy bugger, but he tried, nonetheless.

-Cute morning conversations most likely.

-Headcanon in which they created a whole entire album together, but it just hasn’t been released; it’s more for them if anything. It reminds the two of the fun times they’ve had.

-They probably have their own personal singing/playing warm-ups, as well.

-They love watching zombie movies together.

[Rebirth Superfam Meta or Superman is dead and was replaced by a lookalike - a conspiracy theory by me]

Hello guys! I’m back with another dose of BITTERNESS towards Rebirth.

By this point I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t bad writing, it is actually how DC wants Rebirth Superman to be like: a lesser version of all of his former self. I’m so pissed I can’t even organise a proper post so please just bear with me this is more of a venting post don’t like don’t read. 

For the love of Rao just save Jon from all this, bring back N52 Superman, let this Clark have a chance to be a proper dad to him because he obviously doesn’t remember how to be Superman and a dad at the same time.

This is how preN52 Clark handled Chris wanting to fight alongside with him:

This is how Rebirth Clark handles Jon:

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Did you approach your writing differently this time around?

“I guess what we really wanted to do differently on this recording was we really wanted to create an organic experience … there’s no overdubs, no manipulation, no anything. For example, if I was going to sing a song one day and I sang it once and it wasn’t working and it wasn’t clicking, there was no, “Try it again! Try it again!” It was immediately done. Move on and come back to it later, because we really wanted to capture the magic of the performer. And for the first time, we brought in outside musicians … three background singers, a keyboard player. So we were jamming. We really wanted to make a classic rock record. The whole point of rock-and-roll is it’s freedom. It’s freedom to be expressive, it’s the freedom to say, “Fuck it!”

believeinthemewhobelievesinyou  asked:

romanced and non-romanced companions react to SS finding a working piano then proceeding to play moonlight sonata, please.

Sure thing!


Piper (romanced): Piper listens intently with a smile on her face, leaning down on the piano. She waits until Sole is finished with the piece to ask where they  learned to play and comments on just how spectacular that was. Sole ends up teaching her how to play. 

Piper (platonic): Smiles all the same and enjoys the song, mid-way she questions how and where Sole learned to play. Comments on just how amazing it sounded. Also includes if she could add this to her paper for Diamond City.

Preston (romanced): Watches with fascination and awe, when they come to a stop he asks if they can teach him, they proceed to do so and it ends with a sweet kiss. 

Preston (platonic): Comments on how nice it was to hear. It’d been a long time since he’d heard the sound of a piano, then suggests they get a move on. 

Cait (romanced): Smiles, sitting down next to them and leaning her head on Soles shoulder. When they finish she hums “Play more of that love.” Sole obliges for it seemingly calms her down. 

Cait (platonic): Laughs a little at Sole’s surprise talent. Cait asks what it is and after Sole it done explaining Cait nods and leaves without another word. From time to time Cait will ask if they can find another piano for Sole to play. 

Curie (romanced): Giggles, sitting down next to Sole with a large smile. She remembers the sound as if it were yesterday, only now the sound filled her with meaning. She treads her fingers over Sole’s and gives them a loving kiss. 

Curie (platonic): Listens to the piece with a soft smile. Dances about a bit, then asks Sole if she can take a tape recording of it with their pip-boy. They bring it back to Sanctuary for everyone to hear. 

Codsworth (romanced): Hums at the sound with a gleeful smirk, coming over to Sole and tapping a kiss on their forehead and cheek. When they smile at him his heart sheds into a melody and before he know’s it he’s playing with them. 

Codsworth (platonic): Listens intently, closing his eyes with a soft sigh. He misses the old days and finds this offers some needed comfort and he’s sure it does for Sole. When the piece ends they leave in comfortable silence.

Danse (romanced): Is surprised they can play. He’s heard of the piano before, back when he was young and hearing it again bring a large smile to his face. He asks if they could try to record it so they can dance to it later. Sole smiles and kiss him on the cheek. 

Danse (platonic): Watches with stern approval, a small smirk on his face. When they leave after Sole is done he asks where’d they learned. When they tell him he frowns a bit, knowing that might be one of the only things left from their past. 

Deacon (romantic): Honest to God feels as if he might have fallen deeper into that ‘in love’ thing. The song is beautiful, unlike anything he’s ever heard and all he can do is listen. After a moment of recollection he gives Sole a soft kiss on the nose, which in return has them smiling. 

Deacon (platonic): Jokes about it of all things, claiming he can play just as well. When Sole offers they take their place he glady sits down and jams his fingers all over the keyboard. Sole is laughing until their face is red.  

Hancock (romanced): Hums with the song, he used to play as well and surprises Sole with his own little piece. When he’s done he finds them smiling, wide and generous and within the blink of an eye they’re kissing him. 

Hancock (platonic): Laughs at the song, claiming he hadn’t heard that in a really long time and compliments them. They leave soon after. 

MacCready (romanced): Sits down next to Sole listening intently to the melody. After a moment of silence, when Sole is finished, he mutters something a long the lines of “Beautiful” before kissing them silly. 

MacCready (platonic): Talks throughout the piece with questions, where the piano came from, why people played it, how hard it was to learn and so much more. Sole answers them all with a smile on their face. He wants to learn so he can play for Duncan.

Nick Valentine (romanced): Is absolutely quiet. A part of him clicks with the song, like he’d heard it before. When he realizes it was something Jenny used to play for old Nick he has to hold back a sob, the emotion strong. Sole immediately stops and holds him, comforting him and giving him soft kisses. They stay like that for some time. 

Nick Valentine (platonic): Whistles along to it, holding back the memory of Jenny with a suppressed smile. He’d rather listen to the song than dwell on something that wasn’t his to begin with. 

X6-88 (romanced): He lets the smallest smile slip in front of Sole, sitting down next to them with a hum. He respects that they can play such an instrument and explains to them that there are more in the Institute. Sole smiles back, giving him a short lived kiss on the cheek, in which has him taking them by the back of the neck and kissing them until they can’t breathe. 

X6-88 (platonic): Watches for a moment, before commenting that this was useless and that they should continue on before some Raiders or something worse hears them. Sole roles their eyes and leaves with him. 

Strong: Surprisingly he doesn’t say anything, just listens for a time. Sole finds out later its like a switch for the giant and plays the piano whenever they want him to calm down. Both Sole and Curie find this interesting and see if it works on other Mutants. Some discovery!

Dogmeat: Howls along with the song, sitting down next to Sole with a wagging tail. 

It's Like Seeing The World for The First Time

This has sat in my drafts for the longest time and talking to @keenveins (+ reading her stuff) has kicked my butt enough that I’m posting it.

 Egobang AU where you can’t see colour until you meet your soulmate. Arin’s soulmate has such a ridiculous name that he’s never let anyone hear it. That’s literally the premise. 1178 words of pure fluff lads. 

Warnings: uuh swearing i think? fluff and like 10% angst, mostly happy stuff tho. ross is in it tho so #rosswarning

If he had had a dollar for every time he had heard the term: “you’ll find them”, Arin would be a rich man. A freakin millionaire if he still lived with his parents. People couldn’t resist telling him they knew more about his destiny than he did. It’s not that he wasn’t happy being single, because he was, it just got irritating when it seemed like everyone else in the world had found their soulmate. Even his best friends had all found their soul mates and moved out their shared apartment months ago. It’s not that Arin didn’t like being single, he just didn’t like being alone. 

 For the hundredth time that week Suzy had come to the apartment with a bottle of wine, a notepad and her laptop. She was determined to find Arin’s soulmate, even if he wouldn’t tell her the name of them. It wasn’t him being difficult exactly, but the name was so ridiculous that it seemed like a joke. Like whatever higher power gave out the names had decided to play a cruel joke on him. 

 "Is it a masculine name, a feminine name or a neutral one?“ Suzy hovered her pencil over the notepad. Arin shrugged. Suzy rolled her eyes at his usual reluctance and sipped from her glass of cheap wine. It was all they could afford at that time. 

 "I’m gonna put unknown.” She scribbled the word and moved on to the next one. “Is it in a foreign language? If so, do you recognize it?” She looked at him expectantly. 

 "Suzy I’ve never given you any hints for 23 years and you think I’m gonna start now?“ Arin wasn’t a pessimist but his tone must’ve suggested he was because Suzy closed the notepad and rubbed her temples. 

 "Aren’t you worried?” She asked sincerely. “Do you even have a name? Is that what this is about? Are you and Barry both unnamed? Because if it is that’s cool but I’ve spent 23 years trying to help you and I swear if that’s what th-" 

"Suzy please!” Arin snapped. Her recoil made his cheeks flush with guilt. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound that mean.” She snaked an arm under his and linked their arms in a silent comforting gesture. He inhaled and leaned into her soft warm cardigan; it smelt of rose hip and musk, which is exactly what he needed. It smelt of Suzy. She pressed her lips to the top of his head and he felt his heart ache. 

 Why couldn’t it have been her? Why can’t I have been her soulmate? This would all be so much easier. 

Arin buried his head childishly into Suzy’s collar and stayed there for a minute. Suzy wrapped him in her cardigan and they sat curled on his dingy couch, in his dingy apartment, in a dingy part of town. Just two partner-less barely adults, using a Target cardigan to block out their responsibilities and the inevitable. 

 "It’s a stupid name. No one would believe me.“ Arin finally mumbled.

 "I promise I will.” Suzy assured him with a soft back rub. 

 Keeping the name inside him for 23 years had taken its toll and when he finally did, he felt a wash of relief in his mouth…

“Sexbang. That’s all I’ve been given." 

 Suzy smiled at the name but pressed her lips to his forehead and pulled him tighter. Maybe it was hearing his soul mates name for the first time, or the wine, but Arin felt hot tears roll down both his cheeks. 

 "Arin you have to hear these guys!” Ross tugged Arin’s arm and shoved a flyer violently in his face. “They’re really good and they’re doing a gig tonight!" 

 Arin swatted Ross away and swiped the flyer from his annoying grabby hands. It was ridiculously flashy and attention seeking, the words "NINJA SEX PARTY” splashed across the top in bright letters. Underneath was a picture of two people: one dressed head to toe in a black ninja outfit and the other- 

 Arin stopped. 

 So did the world. 

 Colour seeped into his vision and he could see all of the warmth in the other guys eyes. The colour of his nail polish was bright and pink and the park around him was a luscious green. The letters were now bright neon and rainbow, the ninja had startling blue eyes, the man was covered in tight blue spandex. 

 "You wanna go?“ Ross asked excitedly. Not wanting Ross to know that he had found his soulmate, Arin shoved the flyer back at him an shrugged a casual: "Whatever. If you want.”

 He tried to ignore the brilliant ocean colours that swirled in Ross’ eyes. 

“Fuck it’s busy.” Arin huffed as another group of drunk girls pushed past the two of them. “Didn’t realise they were so big." 

 Ross was practically bouncing off the walls beside him, the energy was palpable. Usually he was annoying but now that they were in the middle of the crowd about to see his favourite band, he was almost impossible to cope with. 

"D'you think they’ll play The Decision?” Ross shouted giddily, a big ol’ grin on his stupid face. “Or The Hit?" 

 Before Arin could make a sarcastic comment along the lines of: "Why don’t you play The Silence?” a supersonic low hum washed over the crowd and a voice crooned over the speakers: “Are you ready to fuckin’ rock?" 

 Cue a thousand girls screaming in what was either ecstasy or pain. 

Arin blocked one of his ears and watched in amusement as Ross screamed with them. Suddenly the lights kicked in, speakers switched on and a flash of blue smashed through the back of the stage and landed centre stage. The mess of curly hair and blue spandex brushed himself off instantly and lept up to pick up the mic. He grabbed it and sent the bedroom eyes over the whole crowd. "I said are you ready to fucking rock?” He winked into a random space amongst the fan girls and screams rocked the building. “I’ll take that as a yes, NINJA BRIAN HIT IT!" 

 At first, the bass of the song made it impossible for Arin to hear anything but his own heartbeat; The vibrations shook his whole body and battered his brain in his skull. But as the intro ended and the guy began singing Arin’s mind cleared and honed in on his smooth voice. 

 "Runnin’ really fast, jumping super high,” The singer grinned confidently at the ocean of women in the crowd as he sang, “Flippin’ over shit, makin stuff explode, flippin’ over more shit." 

 In the time it took for Arin to tear his eyes from the stage Ross had clambered to the front to get closer to the action. This left a very out-of-place Arin standing by himself in the middle of a sea of women. None of them even acknowledged his existence as they shoved past him to get the chance to grab the front-mans cape. This was fine though. Being surrounded by good music and having a cute guy sing it was good enough for Arin to have fun. 

 "Ross!” Arin yelled and waved his arm in frustration, desperately trying to get the small Aussies attention. Between the food they’d eaten before coming and the shoving of everyone, his stomach contents had began to make its way back up. 

 After a whole songs worth of trying to tell Ross he was leaving Arin gave up and began to push his way to the closest exit. 

“And dicked your floor for certain!” Danny sang out as loudly as his lungs could handle. The adrenaline coursing through him was pushing his voice to heights it’d never reached before and it excited him. The adoring fans helped as well, obviously. 

 As Danny’s eyes surveyed the thousands of gorgeous girls dancing and screaming his name he felt a surge of happiness at where his life was at now. Sure he didn’t have any serious partner, or someone to sleep with and do everything else with, but at least he had girls literally falling at his feet. 

 "I’m glad I got this…off my chest,“ Danny belted. His head momentarily tipped back and squeezed his eyes shut as he forced his voice to hit every note. He supposed that if he really thought about it, the sound of a long-term thing, someone to come home to that he didn’t have to pay, sounded pretty good.

 "My souls had taken flight-” As he opened his eyes again, he spotted something out of place. It was a shape in the crowd, making its way to the exit by politely tapping on people’s shoulders to get past. But it wasn’t just that, Danny had seen people leave hundreds of times. 

Something was different. 

 "Hey pretty lady where you goin’?“ Danny interrupted his own song to get her attention, he heard Brian slam the keyboard key in annoyance. "Rock jams too tasty? Too much hot bod goin’ on up here?" 

 An eerie hush fell upon the hall as everyone turned to look at the girl who had managed to get Danny Sexbang’s attention. Arin’s heart was jack hammering so loudly in his chest that he could see his own pulse in the corners of his vision. Everyone was staring at him now, there was no way out of this. 

 "Can I at least see your gorgeous face?” Danny smirked into the mic. Arin’s knees were buckling beneath him as anxiety swallowed him whole, but somehow he managed to turn and face the lead singer. 

“Oh.” Danny blinked as he realised that the pretty lady wasn’t actually a lady at all. 

But he was stuck in place, his mind was too overwhelmed to even comprehend moving. Colour had overcome every inch of the space around him; he could see every shade on the oak beneath him, every hue of blue on his own suit. These had been here before but so muted that they were almost non existence. 

Every atom in his body was buzzing, trembling, pulling him towards this guy, whoever he was. Before he could stop himself, Danny launched himself off the stage and ran towards this guy. Girls threw themselves at him but he dodged every grasp until he reached the mystery man. 

 "Can you see it?“ Danny grabbed the guys face excitedly. He nodded. "What is it?!" 

 "Colour.” The guy whispered. “True love." 

Danny was always a touchy friend but now more than ever, he took the guy in his arms and felt him begin to cry. At the sound of his soulmate, Danny let his whole persona slip away and he began to cry as well. 

"I don’t even know your name.” Danny laughed through his tears. 


"Arin.” Danny repeated. The name felt so right on his tongue, like it was meant to be there. 

Well, he supposed, it was.

Destructive Lies - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: I completely threw off my sleeping schedule to get this out for you guys. It’s 12:17 AM where I am. You’re welcome. a/n: part 2 - it is currently 12:36 and i want to cry. good night.

Prompts (1 , 2 pls specify which list): “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” and “There was never a choice.”

Warnings: Angst, takeout Chinese food, Christmas, Poptarts, and words, a lot of words (not any language tho)

Words: 2365

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