jamming on a keyboard


On this day in music history: March 22, 1986 - “What Have You Done For Me Lately” by Janet Jackson hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, also peaking at #4 on the Hot 100 on May 17, 1986. Written by James Harris III, Terry Lewis and Janet Jackson, it is the first R&B chart topper for the youngest member of the musical Jackson family. “Lately” is the last song recorded for the album, and is written after A&M A&R exec John McClain requests “another funky, uptempo track” from the production duo. The idea for what becomes “What Have Done For Me Lately” comes out of a conversation that producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have with Janet, during the recording sessions for the album “Control”. Jam & Lewis come up with the keyboard and bass line parts, while Jackson writes the lyrics. Released as the single from Jackson’s breakthrough album “Control” in late January of 1986, it immediately takes off on the R&B charts and quickly crossover to pop radio. “Lately” is the first of five number one R&B singles that are spun off of “Control”. “What Have You Done For Me Lately” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


Did you approach your writing differently this time around?

“I guess what we really wanted to do differently on this recording was we really wanted to create an organic experience … there’s no overdubs, no manipulation, no anything. For example, if I was going to sing a song one day and I sang it once and it wasn’t working and it wasn’t clicking, there was no, “Try it again! Try it again!” It was immediately done. Move on and come back to it later, because we really wanted to capture the magic of the performer. And for the first time, we brought in outside musicians … three background singers, a keyboard player. So we were jamming. We really wanted to make a classic rock record. The whole point of rock-and-roll is it’s freedom. It’s freedom to be expressive, it’s the freedom to say, “Fuck it!”

Cool Shades and An Instrument.

A/N: Sorry for it being really….uhh… not well lol. Just some drabble before bed! Haha.

          She followed the beat of the music, looking over to see Donnie jamming out on his keyboard, having his glasses and a tie on, having a big grin on his face. As he usually did when he was around her. She’s always noticed his antics, hard efforts in trying to get with her without being creepy about it. Well in the beginning it felt weird. But over time, it felt safe around her. A smile formed on her face as she thought about the first time they met till now. Her eyes glanced over at him before looking away. They have been through so much together. And she always thought he was cute. Adorable when just being himself. She felt herself turning to the mutant when he was shifting himself away from her. Before he could get far she grabbed his tie and pulled him to her. Their faces inches apart.    

He always wanted an answer. Maybe this was wrong, but she’ll deal with that later. Right now, she felt something right about this moment. She wanted to explore them, him, and everything that has to do with him. Screw normalcy. That ship has sailed. Literally when it left with her father. She bounced her eyebrows, trying to immitate those girls who she idolized on TV when she was younger. Heck even at sixteen. The green mutants face kept his gaze for a moment, really puzzled at the sudden actions of his red haired beauty, though he couldnt resist her. And if he was reading her signals right, she wanted something from him that only happened in his dreams. He stashed his instrument behind him letting it hang there, he whipped open his big arms and caught her as she leaped in them, holding her close his dream was finally happening. Meeting her soft human lips. They were warm, and her scent was intoxicating. He felt himself spinning around before finally ending up on the ground of the stage. 

He’d figure the kiss would break then, but it didnt, he didnt want it to. It was all he could of imagined. April lifted up his sunglasses, roaming his face, still feeling heated. She couldnt help herself. So much inside for so long. She never realized him right before her till now. The normalcy she was urning for overtook her and with that, she was blinded. Her heart was going a mile a minute. Her hand skimmed his plastron, feeling the texture, trying to keep it in her mind, even though she’s touched it so many times prior. Though never like this. She never experienced this, well she did experienced his lips before but not like this. Not with this much feelings like she is now. This time, she didnt wanna stop herself like she did their last kiss they shared. This time he didnt need reassurance. This time, she just wanted him, just like he has been wanting her. He wasnt normal. But someone told her, that somethings were just beyond ones control. The red haired broke the kiss, pulling away a little. Her face feeling hot and flushed. She gazed at the mutant turtle as he slowly sat up, looking very pleased with how this turned out. His eyes were in a daze as they were on her. With that olive green skin of his, she noticed a little hint of pink blended on his cheeks. She chuckled a little amused by his reaction. She scooted over to him closer. Sitting next to his side, leaning against his side. She laid her head on his shoulder. Taking everything in. 

It took a moment for the purple masked turtle to realize what was going on in his surroundings. He came back from his daze when he felt the beauty against him. He kept himself propped up with one hand behind him as he put his hand on the small of her back, letting her fall against him, like a perfect fit. He laid his cheek on the top of her head. The two both sat in silence, words didnt need to be exchanged from either of them. Both knowing how one felt about the other. The two just enjoyed the motions, the songs, and the time they were spending. Finally together.

Who knew all was needed was cool shades and a instrument.

                                        The End

I used to jam with Prince’s cousin, Charles. He told me to listen to For You. I was alone at home with it cranked up too loud and I heard a voice in my head say, ‘He’ll need a touring band.’ I asked around and it turned out Prince was looking.
My audition was in the basement at Prince’s house. I walked in wearing a blue jean tent dress, I was a granola queen. Bobby was on drums. Andre was on bass. Prince had an afro that made him just a little shorter than me. There was a Fender Rhodes keyboard down there and Prince asked me to jam in.
Three months later I’m taking a nap and my phone rings. A monotone voice says, ‘Hello Gayle, this is Prince. Can you make it to practise in an hour?’ I said, ’Sure.’ I must have driven at 100 miles an hour. I turned up with my amp in my arms and karate-kicked the door open. Prince looked at me as if to say ‘I hired this nut?’ He sat me up in front of an Oberheim and said ‘I’ve set it the way I want it. Just play.’ I was very willing to learn.
There was a lot of experimentation. Above the basement there was an empty living room with just a couch and two chairs. I remember him videoing a woman modelling in a leather jacket with her breasts hanging out. He was working out how things came across on screen and starting to blur the line between his reality and his fantasy. Sex was a side project for him. A prevailing theme.
—  Gayle Chapman (keyboards)

Faust - Why Don’t You Eat Carrots?

while american and british rock n roll bands were becoming cultural phenomena, germany was busy doing its own fucking thing. borrowing from the standard rock n roll tropes and mixing it with sonic experimentation, krautrock became a musical door to an entirely different world. there wasn’t really a community, and there was no “scene”, yet krautrock became so undeniably influential with it’s signature 4/4 beat, droning keyboards and free-form jams that it impressed upon many future genres of music. at times it was hardly even “rock”, as many bands practiced extended ambient pieces and avant-garde electronics. among the more out-there bands, faust reigns supreme. their self-titled debut is still unlike anything else. as soon as you get a couple minutes in this first track, you know it’s gotta be from someplace else. 

“I love you, Grammy.”
“I love you, too.”
I was the last person she spoke to. She was in the hospital after being overdosed by a few nurses at the last nursing home she had been in and was in and out of comas. I went to see her a few weeks before I finished fifth grade with my mom, she had a cpap machine helping her breathe. About a week later, my mom picked me up from school so we could say goodbye. I watched her die in the hospital, after they took her off of life support. She struggled to breathe and open her eyes and she was trying to move. I remember it all, I can see it all. I was only eleven, and it will be five years this May. I miss her laugh. I miss hearing her jam her fingers at her keyboard. I miss her.

Ok so what if when Taylor is just about to perform Love Story (so she has the keyboard out), she then says “I have a very special guest. He’s only performed in his sound-proof basement, so please make him feel welcome. Introducing, Ross Geller, The keyboard wizard!” And Ross (David) comes out and starts jamming on the keyboard with all his sound effects. 


untuk dirimu… seorang gadis yang menjadi alasan jariku bergerak diatas keyboard jam 2 malam

sayangku… kamu begitu cantik.
aku yakin banyak laki-laki diluar sana yang telah mengutarakan cinta padamu
aku mungkin adalah pria ke sejuta sekian yang juga melakukannya
sejak awal aku sadar persaingan untuk mendapatkanmu itu ibarat celana hotpants para ABG yang lagi mejeng di mall … ketat

sayangku… kamu gak punya kerjaan banget
tiap saat mondar-mandir di pikiranku.
Tapi ndak papa, silahkan mondar-mandir
klo udah capek mondar-mandir kamu bisa istirahat sejenak di hatiku

sayangku… terimakasih
diantara banyak mas-mas yang pengen kamu semangati
kamu memilih mengirim sebuah pesan “semangat bekerja” kepadaku
kamu tau rasanya gimana menjadi mas-mas yang kamu semangati ??
rasanya seperti salah satu merek mie instan favouritku …. sedaap

sayangku … mboh ah
Rasanya gengsiku udah kalah jauh oleh cintaku
untukmu aku melakukan banyak hal yang tidak terbayangkan akan aku lakukan untuk seorang gadis
ibaratnya akhir-akhir ini aku seperti bencong-bencong yang mangkal di daerah stasiun gubeng … binal 

sayangku … you rock my girl !!
you rock disini tolong diterjemahkan sebagai “kamu keren”
jangan diterjemahkan sebagai “sampeyan watu”
kamu keren, terutama dalam hal menyusun kata
dari kata-kata itulah yang akhirnya menuntunku untuk jatuh cinta padamu

sayangku … kamu terlalu cantik
jadinya banyak mas-mas yang ingin berinteraksi denganmu
menggombali dirimu, menyanjungmu, dan sebagainya
kamu tau apa yang aku rasakan tau ada mas-mas lain yang menggodamu
rasanya seperti cowok lari-lari gak pake celana dalam … risih

sayangku … kamu tau perbedaan antara dirimu dengan langit ??
saat melihat langit aku melihat gambaran wajahmu disana
tapi saat melihat wajahmu, aku melupakan langit