the signs and their jams
  • Aries:eastenders theme
  • Taurus:any mainstream pop song played on take me out
  • Gemini:national anthem
  • Cancer:this morning theme
  • Leo:every song on a ministry of sound album
  • Virgo:coronation street theme
  • Libra:where me keys, where me phone
  • Scorpio:ukip calypso
  • Sagittarius:lorraine bowen's crumble song
  • Capricorn:wagner singing livin la vida loca on x factor
  • Aquarius:land of hope and glory
  • Pisces:bohemian rhapsody aka original british anthem
Video: Logic Speaks on Huge Collab Track at Soundset

After his Soundset performance this past Sunday (May 24), Logic sat down with Nicky G for Sway’s Universe. 

The pair chopped it up about Soundset being Logic’s first festival performance of many and the rapper mentions a big collaborative record. If you’ve kept up with Logic’s interviews over the last year, you may have heard quick mentions of it here and there.

Watch below. Shout out to Sway!


Post-SDC playlist from Jotaro’s POV. Takes place betweenn the 10 year gap of SDC and DIU. Jotakak mix~
[- Cover art by dapbuns -]

 // Your Graduation - Modern Baseball // Dead Hearts - Stars // Lithium  - Nirvana // One Year, Six Months - Yellowcard  // Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division // Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hello’s // Dear Fellow Traveler - Sea Wolf // Always Gold - Radical Face // Walking Far From Home - Iron & Wine // Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins // Such Great Heights - The Postal Service //


Cameron Crowe talks 'Singles' soundtrack with Vanity Fair
  • Vanity Fair:Paul Westerberg’s “Dyslexic Heart” became an anthem of this movie, and the soundtrack, required listening for fans of Seattle grunge. But is that the song you identify most with Singles?
  • Cameron Crowe:I love “Dyslexic Heart,” particularly Westerberg’s acoustic demo that we just put on the expanded version of the soundtrack . . . for me, though, the song that best captures the movie is Pearl Jam’s “State of Love and Trust.” Eddie Vedder wrote the song after he’d read the script, and I always thought that song dug down deep and caught the romantic upheaval and fuck-the-world passion of a young relationship. The band still plays it live, and it always takes me back to the original feeling of the movie.
  • Vanity Fair:You’ve said before that you didn’t mean to make a film about Seattle grunge, but about relationships and your time in the city. Would you change the soundtrack in retrospect to get away from that, or is the music essential to understanding the relationships of the film?
  • Crowe:Wouldn’t change a thing. The movie and the soundtrack are like snapshots of the city and the time and the feeling of promise in the air. I would put a few more songs on, and we finally did recently. Truly’s “Heart and Lungs” is one of the songs that belonged. That song should have made the starting team. Also, I would add more Alice in Chains. Hugely influential band, then and now.
  • Vanity Fair:The story goes that Nirvana was too expensive for the soundtrack by the time the studio finally got around to releasing Singles. Are there any other quintessentially grunge songs that got away here?
  • Crowe:I don’t think it was a matter of expense. I think Nirvana didn’t want to be a part of it. They did originally. The band had blessed us using stuff from Bleach and they even sent us early mixes of Nevermind. But as the whole grunge thing exploded, and Pearl Jam and Nirvana famously slipped into opposing camps, it became less attractive to Nirvana. (Pearl Jam also appeared in the movie as actors.) Using Nirvana would have been overkill as well. Much more apropos was the inclusion of Mudhoney, and their take on the whole explosion [with] “Overblown.”