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Kay, "fight me, you attractive stranger"

For the past month, it seemed that all Kay could talk about was her Princess Misola cosplay. The hairsticks alone had taken a week to perfect (she had to make them herself, she said; something about not trusting commercial ones anymore; it was apparently a long story) and she’d had to source and hand-paint the material to give the right effect.

It had all come together, though, and it takes Sebastian a moment to recognize her as she approaches. (It’s the grin that gives it away, when she drops the regal look for a moment.) She is beautiful. She is amazing. And he is in awe.

And then, Klavier appears.

Not that he’d know, unless there hadn’t been pictures ahead of time. He’s in a full mascot costume after all, The Evil Magistrate in all his glory. Better to get around the fans, he’d explained. Tomorrow he’d be wearing something more himself, more revealing, but a day of just them at the con, where the attention was on their work and not on the people inside sounded amazing, and Klavier had jumped at the chance to do something of a different sort of ambitious.

Of course, it was perfect. It was Klavier, after all. Sebastian still wasn’t quite sure how it had come together; parts had been commissioned, and other pieces Klavier had handled himself, but together it looked ridiculously, jaw-droppingly screen-accurate. If Mr. Edgeworth was the type of person to attend such events, he would have had a field day.

Kay grinned as he approached, and took up the Princess’ battle stance.

“Fight me, you attractive stranger!” she shouted, and the Magistrate responded with sword drawn and pointed.

Already, there were cameras flashing, and the two held their pose as Sebastian collected their belongings and waited against a nearby wall.

This wasn’t what he expected the convention experience to be like, but it would be interesting to be sure.