Neimi appreciation Day

Neimi is definitely a quite complex and interesting character, a life full of both loss and joy has turned her into what she is, a gentle but fragile archer of incredible marksmanship and tactical value. Although some people decide to bench her early on the ones who take their time to improve her will surely have a great time with her. 

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I worked really hard to recruit this guy, and then I had to go and make a stupid-ass mistake like putting him in the range of Sanfuckdima… He actually survived that with 4 hp, but then an archer came and hit him WITH 14 ACCURACY. I’m sorry Jamka, but even with some killer skills, you’re just not worth replaying two hours of stressful battling. I saved into a new slot just in case, but I don’t plan on going back now that I’m almost finished with chapter 2…