I was chillin' with Naysia, Lauren, Jamiya, and Sarah L.

during 5th period dance class. I was actually TALKING TO THEM and UNDERSTOOD what they were saying LOL. They asked about “MAH BOO” ROFL. They’re so nosy xD

They called me hip too when the topic of Jamiya being nice to a creepy guy came up. o_o) That’s like WOAH IT CAME FROM THEM. I’M HIP? SINCE WHEN!? LOL.

lulz. Lauren checked out a bunch of guys in Mr. Ahearn’s basketball class. “FUCKIN’ SEXY” “SO HOT” “SO SEXY” “I FEEL LIKE A FUCKIN’ PEDO WHEN I THINK OF GOING OUT WITH SHYAN” came out of her mouth AT LEAST 5 TIMES EACH XD She’s just to o funny for me sometimes xD