The Halloween Party

( Junkrat has a new vampire costume this holiday season, and has an eye out for Mei’s new pumpkin outfit. Both of them end up having a little too much to drink, and start arguing as they usually do. But this year, it won’t end as it usually does…)


“Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!” Junkrat nearly spilled his beer as he rattled back and forth on his stool. “Happy Halloween!”

“Stop spamming!” Hana yelled back, laughing raucously above the booming music.

“Oi, shouldn’t you be up on that platform there since you’re the Lucio tonight?”

Hana had dolled herself up with all the Lucio fan gear she had, wearing his neon-green frog shirt, blue ‘armor-emblazoned’ leggings, and shoes that lit up on the bottoms and changed colors as his own skates did. She grinned as she turned to the much taller Australian, head jingling with frog pins and charms as she lifted her own beer up towards the platform with the DJ’s turntables.

Lucio, dressed in a familiar pink and blue suit complete with bunny ears, waved back and gave her the finger guns right back before spinning his nimble digits atop the holodisk and pressing a button. A sound clip from one of her old press conferences played, snipping aloud a smug-sounding “Lova, D.Va!” before transitioning smoothly back into the music.

“I think D.Va is doing a much better job than I could,” Hana replied smugly, tilting back her drink.

“Can’t believe you two went as each other. Ya absolute nuts. Sickenin’, that’s what it is.” He took another long guzzle from his beer before rocking back and forth again on the barstool, already half drunk but still alive with nervous energy as always.

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Ask and you shall receive

I also wanted to draw Vampire Lucio giving him a good scratch behind the ear

Also yes I check the tags and they make me so happy and I love getting ideas from you guys even though this has most likely been made before

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things to take away from the new interactions

- nobody likes junkrat

- nobody likes moira

- nobody likes symmetra, but it’s okay because she doesn’t like anyone either

- doomfist keeps trying to get people to join talon. nobody wants to join talon. he’s so desperate at this point that his pitch to mccree was “join us and we’ll buy you clothes.” somebody help this man

- lucio has/had a dad that worked for vishkar and apparently everyone knows about this man who we didn’t even know existed until like 2 days ago

- orisa wants efi to go to college and is willing to murder mccree to get the money for it

- roadhog said one thing and it was to junkrat. someday they’ll give this man other interactions with other people. today is not that day.

- pharah knows that jack is soldier 76. new headcanon that his identity is the worst kept secret in the world but people are just pretending not to know to be nice whos with me on this

- speaking of pharah she flirted with at least 75% of the girls she’s so powerful

- torbjorn doesn’t know what happened to mccree’s arm, which means that he lost it after overwatch disbanded

- dva and zenyatta still have no lore