jamison king


What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the Hula?

PS. I found this in YouTube. All credit goes to the owner.


Okay, so what I was trying to do was ‘Thank’ the Mercy that was healing me (because it’s just common courtesy to thank your healers) and instead I accidentally hit the 'Emote’ icon and ended up taunting Torbjorn and his turret.

……..I have never laughed so hard before in my entire life.

I was playing as Junkrat on Kings Row and there was a Roadhog on our team and I was setting up my traps like always and then I heard the Roadhog behind me start saying the voice line of “I think they’re still angry about those jewels we stole… I miss that crown.” And I turned and he was staring at me and without missing a beat, Junkrat said “Ahh. Remember that time we stole the crown jewels? All hail King Jamison Fawkes the First! And, ehm, Duke Roadhog? What is your name anyways?”
And the Roadhog responded with “Mako.”
And we just stared at each other until it clicked in our minds and we started jumping and spraying our tags next to each other and emoting and voicelines.
And right before the enemies started attacking Roadhog said “Try and stay out of trouble for once.”
And my Junkrat responded with “I’ll be on me best behavior.”
That was the most interaction between Roadhog and Junkrat I’ve ever had.
Kings Row is a very good map for Roadrat.

MAKO + JAMISON R GAY HIGHELF KINGS.. all dressed up in white + gold w sterile white marbles throne room it all sets up a v intimidating regal atmosphere so it suprises th shit out of outsiders tht the kings r such rowdy silly boys like some human comes along like “aah..sirs……we bring yu ths offering frm our best farms + most bountiful harvests…….pls be our ally in th upcoming war we r but dirt beneath yr feet bt we need yr assistance…..yr highnesses……” nd jamies like “lol fuck dude sure” nd eats 1 of th onions like an apple nd the human tht expected 2 b smited on th spot by these guys made out 2 b terrifying godlike beings nearly pisses himself

Junkrat has some interesting voice lines.

On King’s Row, he says to roadhog “Remember that time when we stole the crown jewels? All hail King Jamison Fawkes the First! And, uhm, Duke Roadhog? What is your name anyways?”

Apparently he doesn’t know Roadhog’s real name.

Also, on Nepal, he says “Now this place? Makes me wanna be an atheist.” which means he’s not currently an atheist. No idea what religion he does follow though.

So I watched Catfish for the first time today

The girl pretending to be RJ King trolled so hard 

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Nope I have no sympathy for Sunny you don’t fall in love with a person over the internets no matter what they tell you she could have at least tried to Skype her XDD. I like Chelsea though. She had the balls to face up to her wrongdoing when given the chance.