“We The People of the Diaspora-Black Culture Exploration” Fashion Illustration Series by Jamilla Okubo (me)




Jamilla Okubo just sent me the illustration she created for my next mixtape release. I’m currently working on how to best turn it into a cover but first I just want to share all this beauty she created. Look at those beautiful warm colors and the movement of the dancers in the painting!

If you’re not already aware of Jamilla’s work I suggest starting to pay attention to her evolution. 🎨 @vivaillajams


SUMMON THE STORM - my very first short film. enjoy
- sir dex


Exciting News!

I recently teamed up with aadatart to bring prints of my artwork to their ‘A! Marketplace’ Online shop.

Shop prints of my illustrations from my recent series, “We The People of the Diaspora” and “Love You”, Here: http://aadatart.com/product-category/art-prints/jamilla-okubo/


Join myself and aadatart This Saturday (August 16th) for a twitter chat about cultural backgrounds and creative inspirations!

There will a 10% discount code (AADATCHAT) valid only for the day of the twitter. RSVP here and join us! 

Follow me on twitter at @Vivaillajams

#tbt me arranging my “We The People of The Diaspora - Black Culture Exploration” series for the Sisters Art Salon Showcase at the New School social justice hub

Which they are now available for sale as prints on @aadatart A! Marketplace. Check out their awesome website! ❤️

Also spread the word and feel free to donate to helping me pay the rest of my tuition for my last year here at Parsons. (Link in bio)

So far I’ve raised $1019 thanks to my amazing and generous 26 donors!!! ❤️❤️❤️