Let Me Follow (Isak/Even) by Briony / red-jamie

You can break throw yourself away

Leave it behind

We come undone

And if you need to, you can break me too 

You can disappear

Please just take me with you.

I Can’t Do This

Jamie Benn x Reader

Team: Dallas Stars

Warnings: NOTE: I know many different people have different things they fear and different types of anxiety, so I didn’t know how to write this in a way that would compensate for everyone, therefore, I used personal experiences and things I worry about during a normal day. I hope it works.

POV: Second Person

Summary: Reader stresses out and misses a date which she later makes up for with Jamie

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You sat in the car, hand still gripping the steering wheel, eyes darting everywhere but seeming glued to one particular spot. 

The doors. 

The restaurant was busy, people constantly flew in and out of the door and you could tell it was crowded. 

I can’t do this.

You knew people would be watching you when you stepped in, maybe even judging you. You didn’t want that. How would you talk to the waitress? The host? What if you mess up on your words and they laugh at you for it?

What if I trip on my shoes? What if I drop my purse? What if I-

Stop. You can do this.

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On the first day of Christmas Outlander Gave to Me.....

….An adorable Fergus on a Donkey!

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I love Fergus in all his adorable glory! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Fox’s Lair, however this one scene tore at my heart and has earned a place as one of my all time favorites.

“I belong with you.” -Fergus to Claire & Jamie

Yes you do Fergus, yes you do! This moment showed just how much of a family they are. Fergus loves them so much he doesn’t want to be parted from them even for a few days. I’m all for happy Fraser family moments especially with their lovable son.