BenneFrost week day#6 “If things had been different…”

Jack would still be alive. Jamie would be in his time (i reckon Jamie’s the one saving jack from drowning after saving his sis). their sisters are good friends. Jack and Jamie would start off as friends…and into something much more. Jack would make Jamie laugh a lot, and Jamie would make Jack drown in feels.

*fangirl screams* if jamie saves jack, there’ be…frigging respiration restoring! Jack would go “it was dark, it was cold, and i was scared. but the warmth on my lips…made me open my eyes again…when i saw him…and i wasn’t scared anymore. oh gee, i could still go on about this. i’d even love to make a doujin of this…but goodness, i already have a lot at hands XP

Louder Than Thunder
  • Louder Than Thunder
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • With Roots Above And Branches Below

((Here, let me give you all feelings. I imagine this song fitting Jamie and Jack.

When I hear this song, I imagine Jamie begging the moon to die and be with Jack, to have a chance to be better, even if it’s after death.

“I don’t think I deserve it…” But he still wants to be with Jack, instead of being alone and hated for years and years.

You now may melt into a pile of sad feels.))


1. Screamed

2. Laughed

3. Cried


So like the song that DEFINES the adorable nature of older!JamieXJack