I love the idea where Kylo looks at Rey like she’s the sun and she always has a smile on her face and musical laughter. And Kylo doesn’t know how to react to that so he stays quiet and awkward, maybe a small hidden smile and and blushing cheeks. Or when Rey isn’t feeling okay still dealing with her time on Jakku where she only had to rely on herself and her hunger and she has to remind herself she doesn’t have to do that anymore. Kylo understands this more than anything and doesn’t push it but supports her just like she’s there for him on nights where he wakes up from nightmares of his dead father. They have to fight their own demons and they’re equals who can balance each other.

With all that time on Jakku, Rey has probably dreamed up fantasy after fantasy about her parents returning and what her mother and father were like. She’s probably rehearsed speeches on what she would say to them when or if they ever came back to get her. Talked to imaginary versions of her mother on what it’s like when she’s out scavenging and how she never gave up hope. Told her dreamed up father the hunger and loneliness was worth the wait if they would just hurry up and pick her up in a ship and take her away with them before she wastes away and loses herself.