Callout post

This is a callout post for @grubaeur because you may think she’s pretty cool but let me tell you

She’s actually a huge stinking pile of perfection and she’s literally the best friend ever. She lets me call her lame nicknames (looking at you Jamiecakes) and watches the Cheetah Girls and Camp Rock with me on Netflix, and she makes my life 100000% better. So if you think she’s just only pretty cool then you’re dead wrong

Anyway she’s the best thing ever ✌🏼️


kinkystiles tagged my in an aesthetic thing. Thank you! :D

For those curious, this features a poster, my girlfriend, Marie Antoinette’s hamlet in Versailles, me and my horse Lily, me, hogwarts map, quote on a telephone pole, me and pony Cinnamon, my bookshelf, and me (again). I guess sometimes I AM my aesthetic and I’ve decided that’s a good thing.

The rules are to make an aesthetic post to describe you with only pictures already in your photos, no saving new ones until you’ve done it! I tag kinkystiles, marius-swagmercy, pocketmoony, and anyone else who would like to do this (of course only if you want to)! And y'all should tag me in yours because I love these :)