~Eight Years Later

It was a dilemma…

Jamie was in college, on one of those abroad programs, finding himself and all that. Jack couldn’t keep tagging along, like some kid who didn’t have anything better to do. Not that there really was anything better than chilling with the best kid on the planet, but still…

Jack didn’t want to embarrass his best friend. Jamie had been bullied all his life, and he wasn’t about to start on something new to make him feel uncomfortable. Hugging a friend was one thing, hugging nothing at all was quite another. And not everyone believed in Jack Frost over where Jamie was having his schooling. And Jack wasn’t about to throw Jamie into any more dilemmas that might end up with the kid going friendless in the prime of his life.

Not that Jack spilled any of that to Jamie.

The excuse he used to him was that he wanted to stay in Burgess more often, that he wanted to still fly free around the world, that he wanted Jamie to discover himself more. Which was all true.

Not that it felt very good.

So here he was in Burgess, walking by Jamie’s house, the couple new boarders sitting outside on rockers. Things had changed a lot since that magical day eight years ago, when Jamie first believed. The kids all got older, moved, changed. Monty was a wannabee software engineer, ran away to San Fransisco. Cupcake was a model, believe it or not. Kick-ass plus size model. And Sarah… she was still here.

He hadn’t checked up on her in a while.

jamie-bennetts-tall-friend-blog  asked:

"Ooh, I know! I'll name you Jinx!" Sarah gives him a nuzzle and then sets Jinx-Pitch-Kitty down. "How about some kitty milk for my Jinxie, hm?" She grabs a carton of kitty milk and pours it in a little dish with fishies on it, and sets it in front of Jinx/Pitch. "There's a good boy," she coos, petting him.

Pitch was about to set out a huge angry speech about how great and mighty he is, how he could easily give the young girl nightmares with one single sweep of his shadowy dust but he was placed onto the ground and given milk. Pitch’s tiny kitten stomach growled due to hungry and he sighed softly. I guess this isn’t all bad…. Pitch slowly drank the milk then waited till the girl was distracted then dashed off to find a place to be cozy and not be disturbed. Pitch ended up in the living room where there was a large coach  he flopped down on the arm rest and sighed. Peace and quiet.

jamie-bennetts-tall-friend-blog  asked:

"Oh, aren't you just the SWEETEST little thing? That's it, you're coming home with Mommy." Sarah starts to take Kitty-Pitch home, still scratching under his chin and then behind is wittle kitten ears. "What am I going to call you, kitty cat?"

Pitch felt very unprofessionally. Look kid, please don’t take me home I don’t want to bother with your stupid human way- Mmh~ Scratch behind the ear more…. Yes…. Pitch mewed softly in happiness his loud purrs vibrated through his small little cat body. My name is Pitch, You should fear me!