I dare you to say he’s not attractive
like he has better cheekbones than me, his jawline could cut wire and his accent 😍 and he’s just so good at singing and acting AND would you LOOK at that hair
like JAMIE cAn YOU NoT

My body is broken
The Devils arms around me
‘Cause these angels they don’t love me
They want their pound of flesh
Once needed, now rejected
You’ve heard the same old story
You can’t rely on someone else

why is the tv show cast getting more attention than the movie cast??? are we forgetting that the movies cast was on fucking point??? JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER AND LILY COLLINS AS JACE AND CLARY WAS MY IMAGINATION BECOMING REALITY!! 

NOT FORGETTING MAGNUS FUCKING BANE?? even tho Malec didn’t have a big part on the movie they are the ones I imagine when I read the books..

guys pls y’all can’t be real when you say the movie cast was “awful” I mean have you read the books??? have you really imagined the tv show cast as the ones described on the books?? because I seriously haven’t and I don’t even think I can