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When life takes its own course, sometimes we just don’t get to choose. I’d rather be there next to you. Promise you’ll wait for me, wait ‘til I’m home.

If only New York wasn’t so far away, I promise the city won’t get in our way. When you’re scared and alone, just know that I’m already home.

Sherlock and Watson are fictional characters that are living in this realistic New York world.  I want to give them that realistic feel but also have an ode to the original storyline of Sherlock and Watson, have a little fanciful ode to the fact that it’s a crime show.

For Sherlock I have incorporated British designers that also exist in New York City.  I think that an ode to his past coming from London is a great way to differentiate him from a typical American New Yorker, and also an ode to the character and the books.

Watson from season one to season two switched careers, so I think her style definitely evolved a bit from that move in her life.  I generally try just for continuity purposes to not do any major style changes unless the story denotes it, or I would save them from season to season.

Kitty, she was a great person and we had lots of fun dressing her because she was a bit more alternative, especially for a female character on television.  She wore a lot of leather jackets, she was tough, she had boots and she was a very attractive girl but not your typical heroine on network television.

When I first found out that Moriarty was going to be a woman, the most important thing that I wanted her to portray was that she was strong and powerful.  She has a very, very commanding look to her.

Whereas Watson’s character I want every woman to be able to relate to — I want every woman to see something that she wears that they would also wear — Moriarty, I did not have that same thought.  I wanted women to sort of envy her, and want to wear the things that she wore, but maybe not be able to.

—  Costume designer Rebecca Hofherr shares her wardrobe secrets.