Outlander Eps : “To Ransom A Mans Soul”

Book Chaps 36 pg 545 - end of book

“Something heavier, perhaps a cane, had been used with less restraint across his shoulders, cutting so deeply in spots that a gleam of bone showed over one shoulderblade. I pressed a thick pad of lint gently over the worst of the mess and went on with the examination

The spot on his left side where the mallet had struck was an ugly contused swelling, a black and purple patch bigger than Sir Marcus’s hand. Broken ribs there for sure, but those too could wait. My attention was caught by the livid patched on neck and breast, where the skin was puckered, reddened and blistered. The edges of one such patch where charred, rimmed with white ash”

Learn more about the shoulder joint in Anatomy Lesson #2: “When Claire Meets Jamie” or “How to Fall in Love While Reducing a Dislocated Shoulder Joint!” (link in profile). #outlander #humananatomy #anatomy, #grossanatomy #starz #sonypictures #jamiefraser #clairefraser, #dianagabaldon #samheughan #caitrionabalfe #shoulder


Claire, heals one of Jamie’s “scratches” and meets the amazing highlander for the first time! - a clip from Season 1 Episode 1