Jamie Benn - Substitute Teacher (Requested)

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Warnings: None 

Word Count: 804

Request: Can you do an imagine where you’re a kindergarten teacher and Jamie Benn is your bf and he ends up surprising you while you’re teaching and then he ends up teaching your class about hockey and you’re in awee

“Okay class I need everyone to put their crayons away because it’s story time,” you said to your kindergarten class. You watched as the kids started to put their crayon away and move to the corner in your classroom you have set up with pillows and blankets so the kids can get comfortable for story time. Tommy, one of your students, was still coloring at his desk by the time the other kids moved to the story time area. He was a good kid but faced some issues at home and had some attention problems as well. You went up to his desk and crouched down to get to his level.

“Hey Tommy it’s time to put the crayons away because its story time” you said as you looked over and saw that he was drawing the Stars logo. Tommy was a huge Dallas Stars fan and an even bigger Jamie Benn fan. 

“Can I just finish drawing this please Ms. Y/N” Tommy said and looked up at you with a sweet smile. You were just about to answer him when there was a knock at the door. 

“Five more minutes okay Tommy,” you said with a smile before heading to see who was at the door. You thought maybe it would be the teacher in the classroom next door asking you for chalk or maybe to watch her class for a minute but when you answered the door you saw your large hockey boyfriend taking up most of the doorframe. 

“Hey baby,” Jamie said with a goofy grin. 

“What are you doing here?” you said and you came out of the classroom, pulling the door to be semi-closed behind you. 

“I told you we were doing school tours for charity stuff, I just forgot to mention I was assigned your school. I just finished up with the group of kids I was assigned so I thought I would pass by and see what you were doing.” He said after giving you a small peck on the cheek.

“I was just about to have story time do you want to come in and tell them a story?” you asked. 

“Sure why not,” Jamie said with a smile. 

Jamie walked in and most of the class got excited, the one who was the most excited was probably Tommy. His eyes lit up light you had never seen before, he was in total disbelief.  

“Jamie this is my student Tommy, he’s one of your biggest fans,” you said introducing Tommy to Jamie.  Jamie knelt down to get to Tommy’s height and took a look at the Stars logo drawing “This is pretty cool” Jamie said with a smile.

“You can have it” Tommy said as he handed the picture over to Jamie.

“You have to sign it first,” Jamie said as he handed the picture back to Tommy “that way I can tell the rest of the guys who drew it” Tommy looked so excited as he signed his name and added his number 14 underneath. Jamie spent the rest of the class talking to the kids about hockey, answering all their questions patiently. You watched from the back corner of your class admiring how well Jamie was doing with the kids. He ended up sticking around the rest of the day and even helped you get the kids ready to go home, helping those who needed into their jackets. 

“Hey Mr. Benn do you think I could play hockey one day?” you overheard Tommy ask Jamie after most of the kids had gone home for the day. It wasn’t unusual for Tommy’s mom to be late to pick him up so you just let him sit in your class and play games until she showed up. 

“If you practice a lot and work very hard at school I’m sure you can play one day,” Jamie said. He was sitting next to Tommy, coloring together, as you got some work done at your desk. Tommy just nodded his head and went back to coloring. Tommy’s mom showed up shortly after and after forcing Jamie to promise to visit again they left with a smile plastered on Tommy’s face. Jamie helped you get your stuff ready and started walking you to your car. 

“You were really good today, thanks for being such a great help,” you said as you grabbed his hand. 

“The kids were awesome; it shows they have a really good teacher,” he said with a wink.  

“Thanks:” you laughed. You guys walked in comforting silence until Jamie broke it.

“Let’s have one”

“One what?” you asked genuinely surprised. 

“A kid?” He said and you stopped dead in your tracks.  He just looked at you like it was so simple, he was so calm when he said it and confident that you couldn’t do anything but agree. 

“Okay,” you answered and continued walking with Jamie hand in hand.

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It’s Saturday! Good day peeps! Hope your teams are doing well and not trying to kill you! (I’m guessing the response is a firm no for everyone!) Here is the updated queue guys! I’m trying to get them cranked out faster to keep doing 4 a day, but finals are coming up so I’ve got to work studying in somehow! So forgive me!

Today- Mitch Marner- Catches you rapping

              Andre Burakovsky- hit him in the balls

             Sebastian Aho- argues in Finnish

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“Would you stay back? I’d like to go over your exam,” he says, enticing, blue eyes searing into yours. The other students rush out of the room, eager to get home for the holidays. You have nowhere to go so you follow him into his office.

“I thought I aced it,” you say, taking a seat across from him. He rolls up the sleeves of his sweater, taking a sip of his coffee, his eyes always watching yours. You shift, letting your backpack hit the ground with a soft thud.

“I just thought you might want to hear about the extra credit assignment, seems right up your alley,” he suggests, setting down his coffee. A smirk overtakes his face. “Of course, it’ll require a lot of work outside of class.”

You blush. You don’t mind, always the overachiever. “I’m up for it.”

He laces his hands together over his knee, nodding. “And by outside of class, I mean… At my apartment.”

Suddenly he is front of you, leaning back against the front of his desk with his ankle brushing your leg. “Do you think you could come by today?”

You run your fingers up his thigh, letting your eyes flutter closed. “Why not here? I’ve um… Got my notes.”

He grins, catching your hand in his. “Just don’t call me Professor Dornan. After hours it’s Jamie.”

You lick your lips, leaning forward to whisper in his ear. “Okay… James.”

He likes this, pulling your chin against his jaw. “You are one naughty student.”

“Then teach me how to be good.”

He laughs, lips on your earlobe. “Oh, you’ll be the very best when I’m done with you.”

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So I was thinking about Bee's mob au stuff and I was curious what the Dallas boys would be. Who would be in the mob? Would there be the vegas bunnies, or just innocent bystanders who fall in love with mob bosses, or both? Because I can see Jamie as a mob boss and Tyler as a vegas bunny but I can also see Jamie as a teacher or hockey coach and Tyler be a part of a mob and falling in love with Jamie.


so. i like the mob story idea that came up at some point in @nomorelonelydays’s au that Sid comes from a line of the Canadian mob who’s sent to destroy all the other mobs for a Canadian takeover of the states. (there were so many different backstory suggestions for mob au. so many. but i liked this one best i think.)

so basically, the Crosbys take Dallas and decide to send the Benn brothers down to take charge, because they’ve been hearing good things from Victoria about them. 

except the Benn brothers reputation is over exaggerated, and half of the incidents involving them were accidents or happened waaaaay differently- but people thought the stories were too boring to tell their bar friends so they embellished.

and what actually happens is that awkward well meaning soft boy Jamie and his equally soft boy bodyguard brother Jordie get sent to Texas to lead a group of misfits and weirdos who have more interest in doing legitimate business than mob business? (but also own a shit ton of guns and knives and- “explosives. jesus fuck Daddy why do you have so many explosives??”)

and they’re successful.

like, their business ventures all make money and become great money laundering sites for the south west, along with creating great, decent paying, employment opportunities for the local Dallas population. 

the guys who were supposed to be the muscle spend most of their time doing odd-jobs for retirees and single moms, and whenever a local gang tries to start shit, they try and talk them down rather than getting into fights and shit.

they’re just really loved by the locals (and the cops, who are under payroll so that they let the money laundering go, but otherwise don’t have reason to arrest any of them because they’re good guys. Jamie puts all the cops under payroll though, just to make sure their families have enough money and so they can avoid other mobs trying to elbow in on their turf.) and people respect them because they like them, rather than are afraid of them.

whenever other mobs come to visit, they just assume that the Benns are so good at their job because they’re terrifying. which is understandable if you don’t know them well. Jamie’s awkward vagueness can come off as ‘thinking of ways to kill you’ and Jordie looks like he’s angry all the time because he suffers resting bitch face with his beard. also they’re just both so big and bulky and show affection through violence because they’re brothers who grew up playing competitive sports.

so they get a reputation that is actually the opposite to the truth.

a n y w h o, Tyler comes in to it when the Boston mob (irish mainly, even though most of their members aren’t even the slightest bit irish) decides it’s in their best interests to make friends with the Benns, because the brothers are making waves in the “business”. so they offer twinky Tyler, who is good at his job but causing problems with his personal life choices, as a mob wife to ‘join the families’. Jamie and Jordie don’t know how to turn them down without hurting their own business interests (also, the Boston mob are dicks, but they have a longer history than Dallas and even Canadians know they need to at least show a little respect) so they agree to the offer.

from reports they’ve been sent about his antics, they aren’t expecting the quiet, hunched shouldered kid who meets them at the airport. he looks like he hasn’t slept in a few days and flinches every time either of them makes a sudden movement. Jamie and Jordie share a look over his head.

Tyler kisses Jamie on the cheek and slips his hand around Jamie’s elbow, though, as Jordie grabs his bags. and basically Jamie is completely smitten with him from first sight. it takes Tyler a couple of days to realise that these guys are just massive dorks and really lovely and not going to ‘teach him a lesson’ if he fucks up accidentally.

also, the first night is super fucking awkward, because Tyler assumes he’s going to have to perform ‘wifely duties’ for Jamie, and crawls under the sheets with him completely nude, and Jamie starts blushing furiously and leaps from the bed to go sleep on the couch in his locked study.

tl,dr; the Dallas mob are a bunch of dweebs with a greatly exaggerated reputation and Tyler Seguin is Jamie’s ‘arranged marriage’ mob wife.

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Once again it’s Wednesday and y’all are the greatest for sticking around with me!! I’m trying to get these knocked out as quick as I can but can you believe it ladies and gents? I HAVE OVER 200 REQUESTS!!! Y’all are amazing and I love you and even when it takes me a month to get to yours, you guys still tell me I’m amazing! Love y’all!

Today- William Nylander- jealous of accident

             Mikko Rantanen- comforting after stress

           Jimmy Vesey- Hank’s sister/pro snowboarder

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mchanzo musical au

watching bobs burgers inspires me constantly and here is the result of one of those times:

  • 2 competing highschools, one public and one private
  • two musicals happening at the same time at the same night
  • hanzo stars in the private school musical accidentally after being forced to try out by genji after he gets sick and cant try out
  • jesse stars in the public school musical because his father, principal reyes, cast him in an effort to up stage his super fucking hot enemy principal of the private school, mr. morrison
  • hanzo and jesse try and out preform one another, and run into each other at jesses football game where they find out that a. theyre really fucking gay for one another and b. they hate each others guts
  • public school students: jesse, lucio, lena, mako
  • public school teachers: gabriel, mercy, zenyatta
  • private school students: hanzo, genji, hana, jamie, amelia
  • private school teachers: winston, jack, fareeha
  • subships: pharmercy, roadrat, widowtracer, reaper76

Ok I am making a cartoon in flash about Rise Of The Guardians. The name of it is Back In Black. Its not quite a continuation but if this project goes well I will try to continue rotg with a fan movie. I’m being assisted by the wonderful ionahi. Who has been cast as Tooth. This is a volunteer only project so I will not be paying anyone unless I get a donate button on my blog. Well ill tell you what its about.


Ok Back In Black is mainly about Pitch. Though the guardians are a frequent presense. A girl named Creepella Gethen whom is a distant cousin of Jamie Bennett moves to town. (Voiced by me) Jamie tells her of the battle with Pitch. She believes him and becomes very interested in pitch. She has cupcake show her where pitchs lair was. After a while of stomping on the spot she falls in. She lands in the cave leading to the lair. Pitch sees her and wants her out yet she insists on staying. The guardians find out and conclude she was kidnapped because of Jamie telling them. The guardians then attempt to “rescue” her. After a swift fight scene the man in the moon speaks to the guardians and suggests it might be good for Pitch to have someone near him in a personal way. The guardians instruct pitch to keep the girl safe or else he will be punished by the full extent of Manny’s powers. Pitch begrudgingly accepts. The rest of the series is about different struggles between the guardians and pitch whilst having Creepella (aka Creepie) bugging him as much as possible. Ive planned good character growth already. And oh God the feels.


Good question. I am looking to be an animator. I need practice. Also this might show Dreamworks how devoted we are to rotg. Animation is hard. So it might prove something to them, and duhhhhh its fun to watch.


Well I need voice actors to voice the major and minor characters. If I don’t have a cast I cant accomplish anything.


You can like, reblog, or message me if you’re interested in a part. Its that easy.


I don’t even know why you think you couldn’t. If you are female and you want to play a male part I say shoot for it. If your voice is a little too feminine I can alter your voice with a program called Audacity. Vice versatile with dudes too.


I am in the United States. But I will record all lines using skype and Audacidy. You don’t even have to leave the house. All you have to do is skype me and read your lines (I will email them to you) and ill record them straight off my computer.


You MUST be able to upload yourself speaking lines. I will cast you according to your VOICE and your voice only. I don’t care if hour cis, lgtbq, or a martian. If you can speak your lines well were cool. You might wanna get a skype. You must be able to be contacted for emergency line fillings. That’s it.


These will happen. If you want to cameo in an episode you have to contact me and schedule a skype session. You will be getting a script that me and you will come up with together.





Yes. Audacity is excellent at making voices higher.


Some voices may not fit at first. Bit with a little digital editing I can make do. If you have your heart set on a role but you voice is to high/low contact me anyways. I can always help.

PLEASE! Help me with the name... I've been so busy with school and I've been reading 50 Shades of Grey, so, I haven't got time to think about the name... Help Me?

“That’s Harry Styles” Luke said looking at me.

My eyes moved from Luke to Harry. My body tensed. I held my breath without even thinking about it. I’m pretty sure I was blushing.

I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Harry Styles was looking straight at me.

His stare was burning through my body. He’s face was concentrating on mine, like if I was an art work in a gallery. He was analyzing me. Or maybe I just had something on my face and he was thinking “Why doesn’t she notices? Idiot.” 



“Why is he staring at me?’ I found enough self-control to look away. And now my stare was trying to focus on Luke.

“I don’t know, but you must be really something, for him to stare at you like that. It never happens, but be careful, he plays with girls, he’s the type of one-night-thing. So just be careful.” Luke said giving me a humble smile.

“I don’t think something is going to happen, but if it happens, I’ll be careful. Thanks” I said slightly nodding my head, making sure he’ll know that there’s nothing to worry about.

Luke and I kept walking until we arrived at the library. He turned around when his phone buzzed.

“Oh, Y/N, I’m sorry I have to go. I’m going to meet a friend. I’ll see ya at lunch, alright?”

“Yeah, sure. Bye Luke” I kissed his cheek to thank him for bringing me here.

“Bye Y/N!” Luke turned around and walked away.

I entered to the library and walked straight towards the librarian.  She was an old woman, kind of like Ruth. Grey hair, about 4’5, was wearing glasses and she had the face of a loving grandma.

“Excuse me, ma’am?” I asked, almost whispering.

She turned around and gave me a kind smile. I could see in her ID card her name was Lydia. 


“My name is Y/N, I’m new here.” I turned around to find Harry walking into the library. I froze. Why was he here? Was he following me? Or maybe is just me.

I turned my head back to the librarian, when her voice touched softly my ears.

“Oh Yes, Y/N! The head teacher told me about you. Wait here, I’ll go for your schedule.” She swiftly turned and left to a room, which only had access to teachers and school’s employees. 

After 5 minutes, I realized she might take a while. I spotted a black leather couch to my right. I walk towards it, let my bag drift off my shoulders and hit the floor, which was covered with a vintage red carpet.

I took out this book I was reading from my bag called Hush Hush by this amazing writer whose name is Becca Fitzpatrick. 

I wished my life was just as Nora’s and find a Patch to love me, even if it’s prohibited. I was just starting the book again, when Nora and Patch first met in Biology class.

While Patch was describing the characteristics his perfect partner (sex) would have; I felt the couch move. Someone had sat next to me. I turned to see who the person who decided to make me some company was. I frowned and felt my face burning.

“What’s your name, love?” Harry asked, looking at me with an expression I could not figure out.

“Y-Y/N” Why was I stuttering? I barely know him. Why does he have this effect on me? It didn’t happened with Luke, so why with Harry?

“Y/N what?” his arm rested on the back of the couch, making his wrist and hand almost rest on my shoulder.

“Y/F/N” I managed to say hiding my nervousness, but my voice was a little shaky.

“Y/F/N” he said slowly, fucking my name, every single letter of it. 


“Well Y/N, let me tell you, I haven’t got my mind off of you for some unknown reason”

I blushed. Harry just admitted he’s been thinking about me.

“And w-why is that?” Again with the stuttering.

“I don’t know. That’s why I’m here. To figure that out”

“Well I ju-“

“Y/N I’ve found your schedule” I was interrupted by Lydia. Who immediately got a confused look on her face.

“Did I interrupt something?”  

“No” I said at the same time Harry had said “Yes”.

I slightly kicked Harry; trying to let him know that he should not be rude or at least pretend to be nice.

Lydia still had a confused look which had been going back and forth between Harry and I.

“Don’t worry. Harry was just leaving. Weren’t you?” My gaze went back to Harry, making an expression to make him follow my lead and leave.

“Oh…Uh…Yeah. Well Y/N, I’ll see ya later” He stood up and left, giving a small “Goodbye” to Lydia. 

“Well, here’s your schedule.” Lydia came closer and handed me a piece of paper.

“Thank You, Lydia” I stood up and walked towards the door. “Bye, have a nice day”

But before I left the library her voice was heard all around the library, which was empty, except for Lydia and me.

“Be careful with that boy. He has a horrendous fame in this school. He might be charming and handsome and he may know what to say all the time, but he’s a professional heartbreaker and you seem like a nice girl, so just take my advice and stay away from him. Be smart enough and don’t fall in his trap.” She said wisely.

“Don’t worry, thank you.” I smiled and left the library.

I knew Harry was a player, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Maybe they’re just rumors. But I don’t want to get close enough find out. It would be like trying to get as close as possible to fire without getting burned. I could take the risk of getting closer to Harry and taking the chance of falling for him and win a heartbreak. But I’m not that risky.

I hated players, after what happened with Zach, I gave up on relationships and on men in general. I only trusted Ashton. No other man, not even my father. I can swear he doesn’t even know my favorite color. Which is green, but that’s not the point.

I left my thoughts aside and looked at my schedule.

English Literature. Mr. Sullivan

         Room 201C

I remembered my way back to the classroom I’ve seen before bumping into Luke, if I’m not wrong it was 201A.

My way back was a little difficult, but I managed. I knocked on the door twice, not to rough, gently. I was 2 minutes late.

The door swiftly opened and my eyes met a pair of blue ones. 

“Yes?” the man, who I guess is the teacher, asked.

“I’m Y/F/N. Is this English Literature?” 

“Y/N? The new student?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright come in and take a seat next to Ms.Delevigne.” he stepped aside, allowing me to come into the classroom.

The only seat left was next to a blonde girl. She was absolutely stunning. Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and had the body of a model. I’m guessing that’s the girl whose last name is Delevigne.

I left my stuff next to my seat, took out a notebook and sat down.

“You must be the new girl, Y/N was it?” she asked.

“Yes. What’s your name?

.“Cara. Cara Delevigne” she smiled and held her hand in front for me to shake.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.” She said as soon as I touched her hand.

“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled kindly.

“So, how’d you know my name?”

“Everyone knows. You’re the girl Harry Styles has been looking at, and everyone has noticed, of course, the football captain looking intensely at the new girl. You’re the thing everyone’s been talking about.” She explained.

Great. My first day and I’m already on the public eye. 

“Oh” I simply said, not knowing how to respond to the information she had just told me.

“Alright class. This year it’s going to be a little different. We’re trying to raise money and make things more dynamic. So what we’ve been thinking is a school play.” 

“And since we were supposed to be studying Shakespeare’s history and works, we’re going to do a play written by him.” He went to his desk and got two containers filled with tiny pieces of paper.

“I’m going to take out a piece of paper with the name of a play, then each one of you guys are going to take another paper with contains the name of the character you will be representing” he got his hand inside the container placed on the right and took out a paper.

“Romeo and Juliet” he read.

“Now, each one of you is going to come here in front, get a paper, show it to me and read it out loud”

“Liam, let’s start with you, come here.”

Liam stood up and walked in front. Got his hand inside of the container and took a piece of paper.

“Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin” he read.

The class went on and after 10 minutes only 4 roles we’re left. Romeo, Juliet, Juliet’s mother and Romeo’s cousin; whose name I don’t remember. 

“Y/N, come on up” Mr. Sullivan cheered.

I walked towards him. Honestly I was quite nervous. If I took out Juliet, I would have to kiss some guy I don’t know and I would be the lead, which I didn’t wanted to be. But if I was Juliet’s mother, everything would be easier. So you know which one I’m going for.

Once I got close enough my hand dipped inside the container and took out a paper. I was nervous wreck. I unfolded the paper and I almost fainted when I read:

“Juliet” I whispered, unable to make my voice go higher.

“Fantastic, now stay there. Now we’ll find out who’s going to be your Romeo”

“Harry would you like to be next?”


I didn’t notice Harry was in my same class. My gaze searched through the faces, until my eyes met a pair of green ones.

Harry stood up and walked towards me, and then he turned to Mr. Sullivan and took out a paper. I studied his face closely. A smirk grew out of his mouth, and I’m guessing it couldn’t be something good. Harry turned around, locked his eyes with mine and read:





>Hey guys, sorry about the shitty chapter :(


<> And tell me if you’d like this story to be long or short.. :)


>>And don’t be afraid to let your mind take you to who knows where, ask me anything or if you’d like..make a suggestion <<