jamie's work in progress

work in progress: Brienne & Jaime (while doing the hair I discovered a quartzous enclosure (the greyish streak ending on Brienne’s cheek), which means the stone there is way harder, and a corny part of my brain instantly thought something like: how cute that there should actually appear a rocksolid bond between them… well, as cute as stone can get)


I just wanna go on record and say that both my OCs [ Jamie / @steelsworn and Veronica / @atomscratch ] are works in progress! I always look for ways to make them grow and develop so if you ever have ideas, headcanons, suggestions, etc… I’m more than happy to hear them! I want both of them to be developed and interesting for the people I interact with so always feel free to come to me with your thoughts about them!! The best way for me to build them up is to talk about them so if you’re ever confused or interested about anything relating to them feel free to come to me!!


WIP of Jamie and Claire of Outlander from last week

I was starting to make a gif but idk if I will pursue it whenever I get around to working on this again. Also still need to finish the last half of season 1 because it wasn’t out yet when I finished the first half. ;3; But I’m so scared cause I kind of got slightly spoiled about something and I’m just like OH GOD WHUT PLZ NO

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