jamie's work in progress

work in progress: Brienne & Jaime (while doing the hair I discovered a quartzous enclosure (the greyish streak ending on Brienne’s cheek), which means the stone there is way harder, and a corny part of my brain instantly thought something like: how cute that there should actually appear a rocksolid bond between them… well, as cute as stone can get)

Putting this down for tonight, as it’s late and I’m hankering for some ADOWitches action!

I’m pretty pleased with it so far. I like using coloured paper as it allows the white/flesh tones of the pencils to really zing out.

( And I just thought you might like to see how random my actual method is on this new sketch, because I don’t have to worry about smudging!)


WIP of Jamie and Claire of Outlander from last week

I was starting to make a gif but idk if I will pursue it whenever I get around to working on this again. Also still need to finish the last half of season 1 because it wasn’t out yet when I finished the first half. ;3; But I’m so scared cause I kind of got slightly spoiled about something and I’m just like OH GOD WHUT PLZ NO

- Please don’t repost/use/post my art on other websites without my permission -

From Concept to Finished Artwork - the creation of ‘Claire with Ghost Jamie’

1) It started with this work in progress, and how I captioned it 

‘It looks like Claire is conversing with Ghost Jamie at the moment, but I promise he will materialise…’ 

2) Immediately @takemeawaytocamelot messaged me….

3) So I let the idea percolate in my head for a while and then I remembered this still :

Which I had always adored. The grief, desolation and utter loneliness Claire is feeling is all contained there within her face. It’s breathtaking in its sadness.

4) So I now had the image for Claire, but how to present Ghost Jamie? And then I thought about Jamie’s line in 2.09, Je Suis Prest, ‘I promise you will never be alone again’, and ‘eureka’ that was it. Claire, in that still above, is pregnant with Bree, Jamie has kept his promise: She is never alone again. And his face when he makes that promise, is full of infinite love, pride, and yes, sadness too. 

5) THAT was the face of my Ghost! And I thought about Jamie’s constant refrain in Voyager: ‘Lord, that she may be safe. She and the child’ .  And how that face fit that prayer. I now had all the elements I required, I just needed to bring it to life…

6) So beginning first with Ghost Jamie, I decided a very muted palette of grey and a little blue would conjure the ghost like quality I was after and by deliberating fading out at the edges, hopefully make it seem like he was appearing out of the ether…I also lightened his eyes, so that you could see their expression of both intense love focussed on Claire but heartache too.

7) Incredibly thrilled with how he turned out ( I actually believe he’s my best Jamie yet, and I’m incredibly proud of his hair ) I then worried that I would muck up the entire picture, when drawing Claire, and her hair!!!! Trying to capture the way light falls on gentle curls is extremely hard, but I persisted…

8) So close. Just Claire’s profile to do, and how to portray that intensity of grief… She is living within her head, where her memories cloak her from her new reality.  It’s that utter stillness, that I think conveys the disconnection from the world around her.

So I very carefully built up layers of colour on her skin, concentrating a burst of intense colour on her eye, in an effort to show a soul turned inward.

9) Finished at last… and I do think it is my most successful piece yet. I really couldn’t be any happier with it. 

So I want to say a huge thank you to @takemeawaytocamelot, who set me forth on this very emotive journey, and to all of you who have let me know what a powerful reaction you have had to this sketch.  THAT is my reward.  😘