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Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 17

Okay I feel bad that I keep telling y’all to brace yourselves but… Well you’ll find out soon enough. @diversemediums @outlandishchridhe and I all had a great time writing this chapter. I think I’m subconsciously putting off the madness that’s set to happen because I haven’t quite worked out all the strings yet. Hopefully that’ll happen soon! There IS smut in this chapter and DM is responsible for it. SHE’S FANTASTIC YOU SHOULD GO READ HER STUFF!!

Part 16

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Plz I need a bennguin fic rec

ok so i’m literally going to copy&paste this one doc i’ve been sharing with my friends + some fics i’ve found over the last few weeks!

  • All this learning here is by you // this is it. The ultimate fic. Tyler the trainwreck ft sharpy ft jamie benn ft lots of nerds being uni teachers. Its been weeks and i still think of this fic. it haunts me just like those drunk tyler seguin pictures
  • Colder weather // this broke my heart to tiny pieces then mended it back together THEN made me feel like all in the world was good ft retired jamie brooding in Canada
  • Your hand in my hand // regency au ft demisexual!jamie and slow burn of some sorts

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Request 30-Tattoo

I took the tea from my best friends hands and rested in the chair that sat opposite the window. As I took small sips I watched small groups of people walk past; some of them already clearly drunk, some just starting their night out. Cassie, Jaime and I still had another 3 hours before we could go out to town.

Tying the lace on my Doc Martins I adored the small tattoos that crawled up the outside of my leg. Each of them delicately hand drawn by Jamie and Cassie. I was mesmerized by the beautiful artwork when an unusual voice echoed through the room. “Hi, uh I booked an appointment for a tattoo. Obviously.” Who the fuck told winnie the pooh to get a tattoo.

I looked up to see a tall, 6"2 maybe 3, man stood at the counter. He was dressed in mostly all black and his hair swept to the side as if he never left his emo phase. A beautiful black leather jacket covered his broad shoulders and a black t-shirt hung off his body. Cassie was already talking him through the process before and after his tattoo. “You must be Dan” I interrupted, offering my hand.  He seemed polite and took hold of my hand shaking it a little. “I’m y/n. I think I’m doing your tattoo today.” I couldn’t be more pleased that this man would be my last tattoo of the day.

After a little small talk we walked over to the tattoo chair where all of my equipment was. “So this is the tattoo you want?” I asked pointing to a small crumpled piece of paper he handed me earlier. He nodded his head and removed the jacket. I couldn’t help but be hypnotized by the definition in his upper arms. He was surprising me with everything he did.

I rolled up the sleeve of my laced dress and pulled the metal trolley closer to me. As I lifted my head I saw how Dans eyes had widened at the sight of my arm. Before snapping him out of his trance I searched his eyes. They were like pools of chocolate, capable of trapping anyone. “Dan” I laughed bringing him from his fascination. He shook his head a little and pointed at my forearm.
“They’re amazing” he said in awe.
“Thanks” I laughed looking down at the words and pictures that coated my skin. A thick rose vine swirled around my arm making its way to my shoulder. Petals and thorns rained off the vine. Some replaced by lyrics that caught my heart, some replaced by skulls that caught my mind.

The small purple marker traced over the simple pattern that I previously coppied. Dan let out a small chuckle as the pen ran over his soft slightly tanned skin.

My hair swung behind my back as I wipped the cold blue cream off the inside of his arm. I couldn’t believe the softness of his skin. “This shouldn’t hurt too much by the way. Just thought I’d reassure you.” I laughed before taking the tattoo iron in my more dominant hand. “Okay?” I checked when his breath hitched. He nodded his head and I began guiding the needles.

Five minutes past and he seemed to adjust to the small pain. “So what’s the reason behind your tattoo?” I questioned as I continued tracing the pokeball. “There’s no deep reason for it” he laughed again, “I’m just a huge nerd basically. I’ve always played pokemon so why not be a huge nerd and go all the way.” He finished his sentence with a giggle realising how dorky he sounded.

“What about yours” he sounded curious about the ink that made a home on my body. I thought about what to explain first; the rose vine that he noticed earlier, the butterflies that flew up my neck, the pocket watch on my chest.

I decided to explain the meaning behind the pocket watch as it was the most absurd tattoo on me. “Well this is uh… basically I’m a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland and somethings that everyone recognises from it are the pocket watch, the hat which is further under my dress, and the eat me cake and drink me potion which you can see parts of out of my dress.” I finished explaining, managing to never take my eyes off Dans tattoo.

Leaning back in my chair I placed the iron back on the metal table. I wipped away the ink that surrounded his now permanent pokeball. I took the time to move the neck of my dress over and show him my collection of tattoos. His mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he saw they weren’t what someone would expect.

“So uh Dan, you sure you don’t want any colour in this?” He looked down at the outline and I watched as his brain ticked. “I could put some red in, like a pokeball.” I saw confusion form on his face “My best friend, Jamie, is a huge nerd.” I filled in the blanks for him. He nodded along and I began filling the space with a bright red ink.

Time past and I finally finished Dans tattoo. The red on his arm stood out from the black outline. From what he told me, it suited him. I cleared the ink away and applied a small amount of anti-bacterial cream before covering the tattoo with a non stick bandage. I explained the instructions he’d need to follow until the area fully healed.

“If anything happens that you don’t think is normal be right back here okay” I added before he left the parlour. I watched as he made is way down the street. “He’s just gonna come back so he can see you!” Jamie laughed. I rolled my eyes at his comment, secretly hoping he was right.

A/N: Just so people can get an idea of the tattoos I’m drawing them and they’ll be done later in the week so drop me a message if you want to see the ideas.


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Requested by: @weirdnewbie
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Sirius x Platonic!Reader
Prompt: Reader is James’ younger sister, by like a year, and she is like really nerdy and a great prankster, which only James know about and well basically she tutors Sirius and pulls a prank on him which ends with his hair dyed pink and when he finds out it was her he laughs about it and they plot pranks together. Thanks💜

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t baby potter.” You watched as an arm reached forward and a body lean against the bookshelves. You knew exactly who it was. You rolled your eyes and turned towards the fifth year Gryffindor.

“What do you want Sirius,” He smirked and winked towards you. You groaned and walked away, his flirting just disgusted you.

“Wait,” He yelled as he grabbed your arm. Every student in the library turned in glared at you. You quietly whispered a quick apology before glaring at Sirius and storming out of the library. “Potter, please.” You stopped roughly and spun around.

“What do you want Sirius?” He looked towards his feet, you remembered the look from the first day he showed up on your doorstep. He was putting up his defense system.

“Professor McGonagall sent me to you, I,” He paused to look up at you, he was red. Blushing and nervous. “I’m failing Transfiguration and seeing as Lily is tutoring a few other kids, I need to go to the smartest witch I know.” You blushed at the last part, even though you knew it was true you never wanted to be known as that. You were more than a witch.

“All you had to do was ask Sirius.” He smiled and jumped on you wrapping you in a hug. It was a nice moment but it didn’t last long.

Over the next few weeks, Sirius began to drive you insane. Playing pranks on you and even missing study sessions. You had enough so you went to your older brother with a plan. He helped you with the finishing touches and the plan was a go. You were going to turn Sirius’ hair pink. James put the potion you had learned to make in Sirius’ shampoo. Once that was complete you wrote a little note and left it on his bed with Remus’ help.


I hope you’re enjoying your new hairdo. That will teach you to pay attention.

Xoxo Baby Potter.

You left the common room for your afternoon classes. You returned right before dinner, only to see a smiling pink haired boy. When he noticed your body he jumped off the couch. “You,” he said wagging his finger causing you to smirk. “I knew I liked you. You are on my team for the next prank war-”

“Sirius,” your brother cried.

“Shush Jamie, Who knew the nerd would be a good prankster.” You walked towards your room and yelled,

“You should never judge a book by its cover.” You turned to face the boys once more, winking at Sirius, before shutting the door and going to change. Sirius fell back on the couch.

“I think I’m in love,” he whispered.

“Oi mate,” James yelled, “that’s my sister.”

“And your sisters hot,” Sirius replied. James scowled at the pink boy. He never wanted to hear that about his baby sister.

“Gross, mate.”

ok so beautiful cinnamon roll @crazyladykay asked for a sequel for the Jami/Little Brother AU so GUESS WHAT ITS HAPPENING

Part I | Part II

  • Jami made absolutely no friends in high school.
  • He had acquaintances, people who were in the same class that sometimes asked for a pen etc…, but almost everyone was terrified of him.
    • After the news of who his father was broke out in the media, even his teachers stayed away.
    • Plus he never talks? Even after he broke his no-talking streak with the Foxes, he just didn’t care enough to talk to his classmates or teachers.
    • And sometimes he would be picked up by a shiny black sports car in the middle of the day driven by none other than Andrew Minyard, the terrifying psychopathic goalkeeper for the Palmetto Foxes. 
    • Yeah, seriously, no one talked to Jami.
  • He practically lived in Fox Tower, and when it came time for parent/teacher conferences, Abby would go if Neil was busy.
  • So it was kind of a given that he would choose to go to Palmetto after his senior year.

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