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Matty’s rando post of the day reminded me of a pile of ash. The ashes of I like it when you sleep…I altered the orginal comic a bit to reflect the upcoming changes (see pink Matty is holding b&w Matty now, and others). I wanted to give the full version (left) but also the minimal version (right), because I really love both. Music for Cars will rise from the ashes.

I Love the Fact that dreams can come true...

“What do you think it is about their story that’s so compelling to people and that’s so gripping?” @Jamesandclairefraser.

As I was perusing Tumblr today, I came upon this question Jess posted on her blog and it led me to evaluate my own obsession with Sam and Cait.

They each have a Cinderella story. Virtually unknown actors find themselves portraying characters from a book written over 20 years ago. Not just any book, a series of books that have an immense following of passionate people gagging to have their precious Jamie and Claire come to life. Cait, an ex-model in her thirties who has always wanted to be an actor and Sam, an actor that has some credits but nothing to elevate him above “starving”. It’s really hard to imagine how THIS THING can happen to someone - unless you believe in Fairy Godmothers, Karma, and Fate. I am convinced that neither of them had a clue what the gods had in store for them. From obscurity to public in an afternoon.
They both land the job of a lifetime, and it doesn’t stop there. When they found work, they also found love. Let’s face it. That alone, today, is a sheer miracle or magic. Kismet. She walks in to an audition that had already looked at hundreds of potential Claires - and she finds her soul mate. I’m not sure anyone of us who are somewhat creative could come up with a storyline like this one.
That’s what compels me. Their true Cinderella story. One missed taxi cab ride and it wouldn’t have happened. She was late as it is and they had nearly given up trying to find their Claire. And poor Sam, might not have ever met the woman that he holds dearest above all else. If you are a believer like me, they would have found their way to each other somehow because it was meant to be. It’s fortunate for all of us that this is the way God planned it to happen. He took a bit of stardust and produced the sunshine that we call Sam and Cait when they are together. Doesn’t matter what you call it or who you give the credit to, it’s an amazing story, a true fairy tale.

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So I want to write a story about someone who becomes an alcoholic. Simple enough, except I've never tasted alcohol (I'm old enough, but due to medications, I will never be able to have it and it smells bad anyway) and I'm not familiar with it. I don't hang around people drinking and have never really been to a bar outside of restaurants. Do you know any good sources like movies or something and any advice for writing this? Something beyond the medical book stuff.

Thanks so much for your question, nonny!  Alcoholism – from its lightest to its heaviest points, with phases of recovery and relapse – is a pretty complex topic, so I’ll give you a few different kinds of articles to get you started…

Writing Alcoholism – Resources

That’s just what I could find in a pinch, but if you need anything else specifically, be sure to send another ask!  I didn’t know exactly what you wanted to know, so I tried to cover the general questions/information.  I hope this helps!

Thanks again for asking, and good luck :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Player: Jamie Benn – Dallas Stars


I started to write this prompt but it became too similar to the Baby Fever imagine. I got an idea and decided to change it up. Hope you enjoy! 

Mentions: None.

Warnings: Fighting, & Cuss Words.

Preview: You waited as he toddled down the hallway towards you. The sound of his hockey stick hitting the floor. He reached you and grabbed your pant leg pulling you towards the front of the house. He continued to whine and call for Jamie.

Characters:. 1166 words.

The Masterlist is here.

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You sighed watching your toddler walk from his playroom for the millionth time. This time he was dragging his hockey stick down the hall whining and calling for his father. It broke your heart.

Beau had been like this all day from the moment he woke up. He had been searching the house whining Papa and you were worn out. Nothing could soothe or distract your son from the absence of his father. You watched as Beau approached the door of Jamie’s office, banging the door with his stick and just repeating Papa over and over.

You waited as he toddled down the hallway towards you. The sound of his hockey stick hitting the floor. He reached you and grabbed your pant leg pulling you towards the front of the house. He continued to whine and call for Jamie.

He brought you to the door and pointed. You swear you could have cried right then and there, but you put on a brave face. You scooped up Beau as he tried to wriggle from your arms. 

“Beau, I know bud you miss Daddy. He will be here soon, I hope.” You pleaded with your cranky toddler.

You had thought that this mood surrounding the house would have ended this morning when Jamie was due home from his road trip. But according to Tyler’s Instagram story, the boys had gone to lunch and were now going out. You rubbed you hand down your face as your son continued crying.

You watched as Beau continued his crying rampage, you pulled out your phone and recorded Beau dragging his hockey stick around the house calling out for his Papa. You posted the video to Instagram, tagging Jamie. You had hoped it would convince him to come home sooner.

After a few more hours of whining and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you were sitting on the couch. Beau was sprawled across your lap, confining you to your place.  You ran your fingers through Beau’s hairs to keep him comforted. You weren’t risking anything to wake him up. You knew he would be instantly calling for Jamie again.

You desperately wanted a glass of wine but you couldn’t have one anyway. You were 2 weeks late. You had hoped it was just your cycle being off but the morning sickness told you otherwise. You weren’t sure what you were going to do. Beau was already a handful. You couldn’t imagine another little one. Jamie was a great father, but that was when he chose to be around.  

You heard the garage door opening and sighed. 

Jamie walked into the house, putting his bag down by the door. “How are my two favorite people?” he asked quietly.

“Doesn’t seem like it.” You mumbled under your breath or so you thought.

“What does that mean?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

“I’m not doing this in front of Beau, Jamie.” You quipped standing with a stirring Beau in your arms.

“Here let me take him…” Jamie offered. 

“If he even gets wind of you, he will be up for another three hours and I am exhausted.” You snapped softly, taking Beau upstairs leaving a hurt looking Jamie in the living room.

You put Beau to bed and headed back downstairs. You contemplated just going to bed yourself. Beau had drained all your energy and you weren’t prepared to battle with Jamie. But you knew you couldn’t avoid it.

You took a deep breath and found Jamie in the kitchen pulling out a bottle of wine. You watched as he poured two glasses.

“Is this about that video you posted?” he asked from his place at the counter. 

“The video of your son crying for you?”

“How long was he like that?” he asked obviously feeling guilty.

“All day today, and twice last week.” You answered honestly.

“He really misses you when you are gone. Me too.”

“I’m really sorry Y/N. I should have come home earlier.”

“Jamie, I want you to actually want to come home and see your family.” You snapped quickly.

“I just… the guys wanted to go out and I thought why not.”

“So your wife and child sitting at home didn’t even cross your mind?” you almost choked out. The day was finally taking its toll on you.

“I just needed a break Y/N…”

“A break? You got your break, Jamie, a full 10 days of it! What if I just decided I wanted a break huh? Just leave for a few days.” You were astounded.

“That’s not what I meant…”

“I don’t want to do this now. I’m tired.”

“Let’s just have a glass of wine together, please?”

“I don’t want a glass of wine.” You lied.

“Y/N, come on.” 

“I’m late Jamie.”

“You’re what?” he questioned

“Late, as in I’m about 80 percent sure I’m pregnant.”

“How does that happen Y/N?” he asked rubbing his hand down his face.

“Well we had Beau, I didn’t think I needed to explain it to you…”

“You know what I mean Y/N!”

“You’re saying that quite a lot Jamie, and I am not sure I know anymore.”

“Y/N, we already have Beau and with Hockey, everything is just so hectic.”

“You don’t think I know that? You aren’t the one who is at home every day. God Jamie, if you didn’t want this…”

“Of course I wanted it Y/N.”

“I just wish you would show it sometimes… I don’t care if you do it for me but Beau adores you and I don’t want him heartbroken”

You took his silence as your cue to leave. You headed upstairs to your bedroom and began to change. You stole a glance at the mirror at your non-existent baby bump. You heard Jamie’s heavy footsteps against the stairs.  You looked towards the door but it didn’t budge.

After a few moments, you walked into the hallway curious. You noticed Beau’s bedroom door open. You walked slowly and leaned against the doorway. You watched Jamie knelt against his son’s bed. You watched as he watched Beau sleep. You couldn’t help your heart swoon.

Jamie finally noticed you, and you noticed his red-rimmed eyes.

“Can he sleep with us tonight?” he asked in a whisper.

You just nodded in response as Jamie took Beau in his arms. Beau instantly cuddled into his father. Jamie followed you into the bedroom. He placed Beau softly in the middle of the bed. You both crawled in under the covers. 

You sat there in silence until Jamie spoke up.

“I know I don’t always show it, but there is nowhere I rather be. I’m going to step up Y/N. For the both… All three of you. I promise.”

You nodded praying he meant it.


Water Off A Ducks Back pt.2

Pt 1 link here: https://redstarfiction.tumblr.com/post/161727429695/water-off-a-ducks-back

Thank you all so much for the amazing reaction you gave pt.1. It is an older fic that I wrote and is was and is my pleasure to share it with you here. Thank you again, H xx



“Do you mind the cakes your Mam used to make?”

Jamie startled and looked up from the hairbrush back he was whittling, eyeing Mandy with no small degree of surprise.

“Aye a leannan, I do. Why do ye ask?”

“Duv wanted me to ask you.”
Jamie licked his lip and tried to smooth the frown that creased his brow before Mandy noticed it. 

“Ye’ve seen him again then?”

“Mmhmm. He’s over there.”
Mandy nodded towards Claire’s herb garden and Jamie felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He didn’t really know what to do with that information, a part of him still felt that Mandy must be making it up, not maliciously but with the over active imagination of an intelligent child. On the other hand she seemed aware of things that she would have no recourse to know.

“I’m sorry Grandda.”
Mandy was looking up at him, eyes large and full of guilty concern and Jamie forced himself to smile at her.

“Dinna be lassie, it’s just a bit odd to think that Dubh is here. I havena seen him for a verra long time.”

Mandy stood up from the grass and padded softly over to her grandfather, placing her small hands on either side of his face. Although she had the blue Fraser eyes, Brian’s eyes, Jamie thought with a jolt, there was much more gold within them than Jem or Bree had – more of Claire’s whiskey gaze. 

“It has been a long time, but you’re his son. It could be an eter-nitty and he would still love you.” 

Mandy said solemnly, only tripping slightly over the word ‘eternity’. 

“You did well laddie.”

Her face split into a huge grin and she looked up to her right at the same moment as Jamie felt a warm weight settle on his right shoulder. He didn’t dare look away from Mandy’s face as a shiver ran up his spine and his throat felt suddenly dry.
Unable to think of anything else to do Jamie cleared his throat and closed his eyes.

“Thank ye Da”


Jamie opened his eyes and Mandy gently wrapped her arms around his neck, tiptoeing to pull him close to her. Jamie returned her hug, breathing in the scent of fresh bread which she had helped Bree bake that morning.

“Duv is going to go now, but he says to tell you that great-grannie has faith.”

Jamie pulled back and studied his granddaughters face intently, his grip on her arms firmer than he intended.

“He said she has Faith?”

“Yes Grandda, Duv says great-grannie has faith.”

Jamie shook his head, his eyes bright with an intensity that Mandy had not seen before.
“Faith or faith, lass?”

“I don’t know.”
Mandy’s bottom lip quivered and Jamie realised he was frightening the little girl. 

“Och! I’m sorry lassie. Will ye forgive me mo maise? Are ye alright?”

Jamie lifted Mandy onto his lap and rested his chin lightly on her forehead, rocking her gently. 

“I didn’t mean to not know.”
Mandy mumbled and Jamie nodded

“Oh I ken that mo luaidh, it doesna matter at all.”

Jamie pulled back and smiled brightly down at Mandy, tweaking her chin lightly between his thumb and forefinger. 

“Why don’t we go and see Clementine?”

Mandy brightened instantly, Clementine was the little kid-goat Ian had brought up on his last visit and Mandy was utterly besotted with her.

“Can I give her a bottle?”

“Aye, we’ll fetch it from Grannie on the way.”

Excited, Mandy jumped off Jamie’s knee and ran towards the house, shouting for Claire. He smiled after her and stood up, stretching his aching back. 

How old would his father have been by now? Nearly ninety! Ah dhia! Had it been so verra long? Jamie’s heart tugged as he thought of Faith, his first wee lass, she would have been not many years shy of her fortieth birthday. 

Time seemed to stretch out before him; his father and his Mam, both of them far younger than he was now, laughing in the kitchen at Lallybroch. Fergus scampering ahead of him down the alleyways of Paris. Jenny and Ian, heads bowed over their latest new arrival, and the love that he felt radiating from them. Jem as a wee bairn; his tiny wee mop of red hair peeking out from his swaddling blanket and Brianna, so proud as she held him. 

Jamie shook his head. His father was right in a way, Jamie had done well, to have produced such a family was more than he ever dared to hope he would do and at the heart of it all was his Claire. His beautiful, wild and miraculous Sassenach; mother of his daughters and the guardian of his soul for the last forty years. 

He wondered whether or not to tell her of what Mandy had said, it maybe would please her to think that their wee lass was with her grandparents waiting for to meet them again. 

Jamie sighed, if it was true then when the time came Claire would see it for herself but even though time has dulled the pain of Faith’s loss, Jamie knew it still hurt Claire to dwell on their first child and would not wish to disappoint her if perhaps he had misinterpreted his father’s message. 

After all he hoped they still had many years yet but knowing that Faith may be waiting left a wee trace of guilt in the hoping…

“Bide by her a while longer please Mam.”

He whispered and then shook himself from the past and the future and grounded himself in the present, following in his granddaughter’s footsteps.

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I always thought the reason Laoghaire didn't like sleeping with Jamie was because one of her other husbands was abusive and she was damaged because of that.

I’m glad you mentioned that!  After I posted my last reblog on this topic, I realized I wanted to say something to this effect, but got sidetracked and didn’t get around to it. 

Diana alludes to this several times, so I think we can safely assume this was the case, which makes me feel very sad for Laoghaire. 

I think, though, that if she and Jamie had had some real warmth/tenderness between them, that could have gone a long way toward healing some of that damage (albeit slowly and perhaps not entirely). For whatever reason, though, L just did not seem to be open to this. 

My personal headcanon on reconciling all this: 

  • Laoghaire–to your point–is coming off of 20+ years of abusive relationships 
  • She’s alone and needs the support of a man for the sake of Joan and Marsali, so makes a pragmatic choice to seek a new husband, despite her dread, fear, and possibly PTSD from her past relationships 
  • Jamie Fraser comes back on the scene, and for the first time since she was a teenager, she thinks– “Wow…maybe I could have something like love.” 
  • But then (to my point from the last post), her own insecurities and trauma makes her afraid and prone to close herself off, even from Jamie, who she had such high hopes for. 
  • On top of this, all the small hurts (Jamie calling Claire’s name, etc) deepen the hardness of her heart against him, until ultimately things become so lifeless between them, Jamie can’t stand it anymore and leaves
  • Laoghaire hides behind a façade of anger and pragmatism (inclined to screech and shoot people in the arm), but she lives her life heartbroken, really: she knows in her heart she’s sabotaged her (apparently) last chance at something resembling love. 

Anyway, as much as Laoghaire is not a likeable character, she is one that I pity tremendously. She made bad choices, but she also had a hard lot. Glad she found happiness in the end with her gardener or whatever :) 


All The Small Things- Jonathan Toews

Originally posted by captain-furious

A/N: I’m sorry these are taking me so long! I’m going to post at least two tonight! Also sorry if you aren’t a Redwings fan, I did it for the sake of the story :)

Request: May I request one with Jonathan Toews? One where Jonathan likes a girl but she’s too insecure to believe it. Maybe she thinks his kisses don’t mean anything? Honestly I’m open to whatever ideas you have or Wherever you want to take the story ☺️

Up Next: Jamie Benn

You didn’t really know when your fears had started, maybe it was looking around at all of the other players girlfriends, or maybe it was all of the hate comments you received on a daily basis. Despite all of Jonathan’s reassurance you couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t really love you and maybe you were just a time consumer until something better came along.

You constantly were at a battle with yourself because deep down you knew that Jonathan really did love you and truly meant everything he said, but the rest of you was determined to convince you wrong, that you were just there so he had someone with him. You sighed as you set your phone down, Jonathan would be here in about an hour and you had intended to spend time with him to prove to yourself that he really did love you, but now all you wanted to do was curl up and cry. You had made the mistake of reading some of the comments a few “fans” had made on one of Jonathan’s posts for your anniversary, they’re cruel words had confirmed your own insecurities He doesn’t love you, He’s just with you for some fun.

The words echoed in your ears as you sat numbly on the couch, you had barely noticed Jonathan coming in until his lips touched yours gently to which you recoiled away from him, you couldn’t let him lead you on anymore.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asked concerned and you almost gave in but you knew you had to hold your ground if you wanted to get a real answer out of him.

“You don’t really love me, why are you with me?” You blurted and the way he looked at you instantly made your heart shatter and made you regret every doubt you had just thought.

Before you could take back the words you had said he had your hands firmly in your grasp, he knew exactly what this was about and even though it didn’t stop it from hurting, he knew that you didn’t really mean it all the time.

“Y/N. You need to stop reading those comments…” He started with a sigh, giving you a look to silence your objection that he knew was coming, he didn’t want to fight and neither did you.

“I have been in love with you since we first met at the rink, back when you were cheering for the Redwings and hated my guts. If I really didn’t love you, would I have taken the insults you hurled at me from the stands?”

You couldn’t help but smile at the memory, you had been a diehard Redwings fan when you had first met Jonathan and you may have called him a few choice names during a heated game back then. He had insisted on meeting you that night and despite the rivalry you two hit it off right away, you began talking, and three months later you began to date.

“Or would I have gone to your sister’s wedding with you despite the fact that we had to wear those awful clothes she picked out for us? Would I have remembered your favorite ice cream flavor, the way you like your coffee, the fact that you hate sleeping with socks on even if your feet freeze in the night? Would I have remembered that you like to sleep with the windows open and a fan on so you can bundle up under the blankets? Would I have remembered your favorite book and the chapter that usually makes you cry?”

You couldn’t help the tears that filled your eyes as he listed everything that he remembered about you, things that you found to be mundane but he found to be unique to you. Things that were so small, such as the fact that you always slept with two pillows so you had one to curl up with and one to roll on, things that you only remembered if you truly loved someone.

You cut off his rant as you threw your arms around him, hugging him tightly as you buried your face into his chest, you could feel the sweat seeping through it from practice but you really didn’t care, you felt his own arms wrap around you, locking you in a loving embrace.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for doubting you, the fans just kept talking and I-” You were cut off by another gentle kiss, this one different than before, you could practically feel the love radiating off of him at this point.

“I know, they can be pretty nasty sometimes and trust me, I know how the words get to you, they get to me too. But we’re stronger than that. We’re stronger than all of the hate. I love you Y/N.”

You laid in his arms for what felt like hours, and it might have been, you quickly fell asleep but when you woke up he was gone and you could hear the shower running down the hallway, but your phone dinged with a notification.

Opening it you found a picture of you sleeping on Jonathan’s chest posted on instagram with the caption.

I love you, for all the little things, all the mundane things, all the Y/N things.

You smiled softly at your screen, it would take some time, but you were sure that you and Jonathan would make it through everything, no matter what.

Favorite momentsss     -     Part 6

So it’s the time for my favorite moments from CTNSC. But most important, I want to thank you for filming and sharing your videos and photos. I really really appreciate it (and I think i’m not the only one :p ). Tessa and Scott have the best fans in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy this long post !

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Gif credit : @olyagasanova, @balletfever89, @cuteiceprincesslove,  @canadianplatonics, @icevirtuemoir, @luvtessascott, @saucylittlesmile, @tessavirtueandmoir

Source : Tessa, Jamie, Greg Kolz, @luvtessascott (x), x, x

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Can you do a post of a favorite passage from any of the books? Thanks!

Recovering, Jamie slapped my hip. “Get on your knees, Sassenach.”


“If you’ll not let me be spiritual about it, you’ll have to put up wi’ my baser nature. I’m going to be a beast.” He bit my neck. “Do ye want me to be a horse, a bear, or a dog?”

“A hedgehog.”

“A hedgehog? And just how does a hedgehog make love?” he demanded.

No, I thought. I won’t. I will not. But I did. “Very carefully,” I replied, giggling helplessly. So now we know just how old that one is, I thought.

Jamie collapsed in a ball, wheezing with laughter. At last he rolled over and got to his knees, groping for the flint box on the table. He glowed like red amber against the room’s darkness as the wick caught and the light swelled behind him.

He flopped back on the foot of the bed, grinning down at me, where I still shook on the pillow with spasms of giggles. He rubbed the back of his hand across his face and assumed a mock-stern expression.

“All right, woman. I see the time has come when I shall have to exert my authority as your husband.”

“Oh, you will?”

“Aye.” He dived forward, grabbing my thighs and spreading them. I squeaked and tried to wriggle upward.

“No, don’t do that!”

“Why not?” He lay full-length between my legs, squinting up at me. He kept a firm hold on my thighs, preventing my struggles to close them.

“Tell me, Sassenach. Why don’t ye want me to do that?” He rubbed his cheek against the inside of one thigh, ferocious young beard rasping the tender skin. “Be honest. Why not?” He rasped the other side, making me kick and squirm wildly to get away, to no avail.

I turned my face into the pillow, which felt cool against my flushed cheek. “Well, if you must know,” I muttered, “I don’t think—well, I’m afraid that it doesn’t—I mean, the smell…” My voice faded off into an embarrassed silence. There was a sudden movement between my legs, as Jamie heaved himself up. He put his arms around my hips, laid his cheek on my thigh, and laughed until the tears ran down his cheeks.

“Jesus God, Sassenach,” he said at last, snorting with mirth, “don’t ye know what’s the first thing you do when you’re getting acquainted with a new horse?”

“No,” I said, completely baffled.

He raised one arm, displaying a soft tuft of cinnamon-colored hair. “You rub your oxter over the beast’s nose a few times, to give him your scent and get him accustomed to you, so he won’t be nervous of ye.” He raised himself on his elbows, peering up over the slope of belly and breast.

“That’s what you should have done wi’ me, Sassenach. You should ha’ rubbed my face between your legs first thing. Then I wouldn’t have been skittish.”


He lowered his face and rubbed it deliberately back and forth, snorting and blowing in imitation of a nuzzling horse. I writhed and kicked him in the ribs, with exactly as much effect as kicking a brick wall. Finally he pressed my thighs flat again and looked up.

“Now,” he said, in a tone that brooked no opposition, “lie still.”

I felt exposed, invaded, helpless—and as though I were about to disintegrate. Jamie’s breath was alternately warm and cool on my skin.

“Please,” I said, not knowing whether I meant “please stop” or “please go on.” It didn’t matter; he didn’t mean to stop.

Consciousness fragmented into a number of small separate sensations: the roughness of the linen pillow, nubbled with embroidered flowers; the oily reek of the lamp, mingled with the fainter scent of roast beef and ale and the still fainter wisps of freshness from the wilting flowers in the glass; the cool timber of the wall against my left foot, the firm hands on my hips. The sensations swirled and coalesced behind my closed eyelids into a glowing sun that swelled and shrank and finally exploded with a soundless pop that left me in a warm and pulsing darkness.

Dimly, from a long way away, I heard Jamie sit up.

“Well, that’s a bit better,” said a voice, gasping between words. “Takes a bit of effort to make you properly submissive, doesn’t it?” The bed creaked with a shifting of weight and I felt my knees being nudged further apart.

“Not as dead as you look, I hope?” said the voice, coming nearer. I arched upward with an inarticulate sound as exquisitely sensitive tissues were firmly parted in a fresh assault.

“Jesus Christ,” I said. There was a faint chuckle near my ear.

“I only said I felt like God, Sassenach,” he murmured, “I never said I was.”

And later, as the rising sun began to dim the glow of the lamp, I roused from a drifting sleep to hear Jamie murmur once more, “Does it ever stop, Claire? The wanting?”

My head fell back onto his shoulder. “I don’t know, Jamie. I really don’t.”

– Outlander –

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What Believing Damie is Real Does and Doesn’t Mean (for me)            

I’ve seen various accounts on twitter posting this past week making assumptions about how people that think damie is real think.  To be clear, at least for me personally, my belief that damie is real does NOT mean:

1)      That I believe they are real because it’s want I want to believe.  We’ve seen a million puzzle pieces over the last couple of years and if you try to put the pieces together (ALL of the pieces, not just selective ones) then there are only so many ways they fit.  As just one tiny example, photo in Madrid where Jamie’s hand was clearly on Dakota’s ass.  I bring this up because of all the articles this week about the Taylor Swift lawsuit and the man who put his hand on her ass.  A man doesn’t do that to a woman unless he’s an a**hole or he has her permission.  OK, then one can claim it was PR.  But, if it was PR then why no sexy photo shoots, why no joint interviews in major markets, why so careful to not be photographed together outside of 50, etc.  Like I said, all the pieces have to fit.  If someone else can take ALL the pieces and make them fit to a different conclusion then I’m happy to listen, but I’ve yet to see that.  And like I said, there are a million pieces, these are just two tiny ones I give as an example.

2)     That I believe Dakota needs a man and that I don’t admire her for her own.  This is just nonsense.  One, since when is being strong and independent and being in love mutually exclusive.  And two, I can admire both Jamie and Dakota independently and admire and support their careers and still at the same time admire the connection I see between the two.  And admiring them independently does not stop me from recognizing a relationship between the two.

3)      That I claim to know every detail of Dakota’s personal life and inner thoughts.   Again, nonsense.  There is not a single person on this planet for whom I can make that claim, including probably myself.  So much of our own thoughts and feelings are in our subconscious.  But I can make rational assumptions and come to rational conclusions based on what I see.  Just because I don’t know for 100% certainty anyone’s thoughts doesn’t mean I should assume that their thoughts can be anything.  I should still make rational assumptions.  And honestly, genuine happiness is near impossible to fake.  And genuine happiness is plastered all over Jamie and Dakota when they are together.  Period.  End of Story.

Imagine a killer date night with Jamie

(A/N: To the Anon and everyone else who wanted the second part to the ‘Criminallly good date night with Jamie imagine’. Hope you enjoy and sorry it took so long for me to post. I’m a crappy a blog runner especially when I’m a combination of tried and busy. I’m sorry if this is terrible) 

Part One: HERE

Imagine a killer date night with Jamie

“This is it, isn’t it?” You questioned, getting out the car and surveying your surroundings.

“This is what?” Jamie countered, getting out himself and looking over at you from his side of the car.

“This is where you murder me,” You clarified, “I’ll admit it well thought out. It’s quiet, secluded dense. It’s the evening so there are fewer people that could be possible witnesses to your crime. Take me far enough no one will hear me. And I’m working on the assumption that even though you plan on ending my life that you still care for me a little and that is why you decided to do it here, out of all places. Because you know that I have a deep emotional connection to this park,”

“Are you done?” Jamie sighed, though still amused.

“Doing what?” You inquired.

“Your speech about how you think I’m going to murder you,” He informed.

“You act like I make it often,” You stated.

“You do,” He reaffirmed.

“Well, it is likely,” You commented.

“No, it’s not,” He argued, rather adamantly.

“If I had been dating me for officially thirteen years tomorrow, I would,” You chuckled.

“Well, I guess I like you too much,” He winked.

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You have really nice eyes.


I mean


at all



brown eyed


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"SH and MM are together." Here's my issue with this statement from your anon. Sam has never said this is my girlfriend. Posing in a pic does not a girlfriend make. He looks the same way in pics with her as he does with random fans on the street. It's hard to buy something that looks so fake and has been bungled so badly.

Yes anon, Sam has still not acknowledged her and there has to be a reason for it. The Samzies will argue, that he is “too private” to do so and that the fact, that he appears in her proximity so often is the ultimate proof.

I will argue, that it isn’t a proof, but that the relationship could also be faked. The Samzies will argue that he has no reason to fake a relationship. I will argue, that yes, maybe there could be a reason. 

Fact is, that he appears with her a lot and for me there is indeed proof that he WANTS us to believe he is in the relationship. But it is possible, that he doesn’t want to go as far and acknowledge her if she is just a fake relationship. A Taurus can be very stubborn. It would be very easy for him to post a selfie with her. Very easy. And yet he doesn’t. He rather lets Cait do it than do it himself.

A real Jamie Fraser our Sam in that regard and I don’t think he would be so stubborn if it was just because he’s “so private”. If he was so private he wouldn’t have been grateful when Cait posted the pic.

The only explanation I have is that he has a reason to be so stubborn. The reason is, selfies are not in the contract and he would rather die than post one. 

Calling Vine Fans

I have not been able to find any “new” Vine compilations for the past few weeks. Some of you may have noticed that this blog stopped posting at it’s usual set time over the past week. This is because the queue for this account has run out of posts and until I find more compilations that have not yet been posted on this blog that will remain the same. This is where I reach out to you, fans of vine and followers, to help me find more compilations. I would love to get this blog active again but I’m going to need your help to do so. Whatever way you wish to submit any compilations you think I may not have already is fine with me, and if wanted I can give shout-outs to those who help. 
Thanks in advance! 
         ~Mod Jamie


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Cheryl x reader

Request Summary: Could you do a Cheryl x female reader imagine to the song “unbreakable” by Jamie Scott

a/n: This request is from a while ago and I am so sorry it took me this long to post it. I kept meaning to look up the song and it completely slipped my mind. Italicized lines are line used from the song which you can listen to here.

Cheryl Blossom thought she was unbreakable.

That was, until her world started falling apart.

She was the girl nobody loved and all you wanted was to show her what her heart was for.

One day she arrived to school to find her locker vandalized with derogatory words written all upon it.

She ran to the empty Vixens locker room with tears in her eyes.

When you heard about what happened you knew exactly where to find her.

You walked into the locker room and found her sitting on one of the benches crying.

You took a seat next to her and put your arm around her shoulders, “It’s okay Cheryl, everything’s going to be alright,” you said kissing the top of her head as she turned into you with her head against your chest.

“What If they’re right, what if I really am all those things they say about me.”

“Cheryl listen to me, I can’t stop thinking about you everyday and you can’t listen to what people say. They don’t know you baby, they don’t know that you’re amazing.”

“You really mean that Y/N?” she asked looking up at you.

“Yes I do Cheryl, I will always be here for you. I won’t let you fall down, I’ll find your smile and make you unbreakable,” you told her confidently.

She pulled back into your embrace, “thank you Y/N.”

You sat there holding her knowing you were going to do everything to make sure Cheryl knew how special she really was.

Anon Ask:

from your earlier post- “No,” I said, and heard the note of desolation in my voice as clearly as he did. “I know I’m not.” I looked up at him; his face was blurred by a haze of unshed tears. “I’m sad that I’m not—that I never will be again.” Was Claire wanting to be pregnant? She did say during the gathering she wouldn’t be happy if Jamie got her pregnant. So this confused me.

(I edited your ask to remove the rather important spoiler it contained. I try not to spoil everything.😬)

“I had thought about it. And had come very close indeed to asking a surgeon friend to perform the sterilization for me. Cold blood and clear head had argued for it; no sense in taking chances. And yet … there was no guarantee that I would survive the journey, would reach the right time or place, would find him again. Still less, a chance that I might conceive again at my age.

And yet, gone from him for so long, not knowing if I might find him—I could not bring myself to destroy any possibility between us. I did not want another child. But if I found him, and he should want it … then I would risk it for him.

Our lovemaking was always risk and promise—for if he held my life in his hands when he lay with me, I held his soul, and knew it.

-The Fiery Cross

“I’m sad that I’m not—that I never will be again.” I blinked hard, and saw the same emotions on his face that I felt—relief and regret, mingled in such proportion that it was impossible to say which was foremost.” 

 -A Breath of Snow and Ashes 

Risk and Promise. Relief and Regret. 

Two issues are at play here for Claire. 

 1) She is sad about the lost sense of possibility that is present in the youth of one’s childbearing years. A stage of life has come to a close. It makes her feel old. She grieves for her youth. 

 2) She is once again reminded of all that was lost between her and Jamie. Right before she says she’s sad about not ever being pregnant again, she was recalling the day Brianna was born. It was a Frank moment (gag me). She had a bit of an emotional break down and Frank comforted her. I read this scene with Jamie in ABOSAA as her experiencing the deep regret of not being able to share the experience of pregnancy and childbirth with the person she loved and needed the most. Lamenting that it was Frank and not Jamie there to comfort her. It’s a memory of a major life changing event that Jamie isn’t a part of and never will be and THAT is what makes her sad, not necessarily that she will not have more children. Only that she won’t get to give the experience to Jamie and share in that memory with him.

It’s her relief that the risk of death by childbirth is removed. 

It’s her regret that the promise of life, love, joy, and, hope that goes along with experiencing childbirth is also removed for Jamie.

honestly u know what,, i am so In Love

like? IM so in love :/ i have a list of things that my partner likes and im highkey saving up money 2 go see them one day and somehow i still want 2 talk to them even if im in a Mood and they always make me feel better and they’re so nice and gentle and good and i ghkggkfkg i could go on for a long time abt how much i love them but then this post would be 2 long


As soon as I saw @carb-on ‘s GoT AU I just had to… also most of them are blatant screenshot redraws so excuse me. 

While Kaiba and Ramsey fit personality-wise, I wanted to draw him as Jamie as well bc they’re both cocky in the beginning and undergo some character development on the way. 
As for Jon/Yami…. uhhh they both get revived? 

TLDR; this was just rlly self indulgent and the characters are loosely tied together rip