jamie sterns

Because Trump and his family are now in power there isn’t a place to hide and divert what is really going on in everything. This is a time when facts, transparency, consistency, and truth are all at stake.
—  Jamie Sterns

name. Jamie Sterns

age. 30

occupation. Gallerist, Curator, Freelancer

1. what is your present state of mind? 


2. where were you born? 

Seoul Korea

3. where do you live now? 

Brooklyn, NY

4. where would you like to live? 

Manhattan (with a back yard/ garden) 

5. do you think you’re interesting? 


6. how is your love life? 


7. what were you like as a child? 

sad, bored, curious

8. what did you eat today? 

peas and pasta

9. have you ever created culture or art? 


10. do you like drinking alcohol or using drugs?

drinking yes, drugs no

11. what kind of people do you hate?

people who litter, people who hurt things that are smaller then them (physically and/or emotionally)

12. what are your goals, if you have any?

no goals

14. who are your favorite authors? 

don’t have favorite anything. would recommend Jean Rhys to everyone though

15.what will you be doing ten years from now? hopefully making Halloween costumes for my kid(s