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Jon!!  Arya, Daenerys… Season 7 pics by Helen Sloan

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Game Of Thrones Characters Season 7 My Edit


I love the Lannister’s they be are some of the most problematic siblings on GOT but they are incredibly engaging to watch and I love their storylines and can’t wait to see where it leads.


The Starks are a very easy family to root for and not many people don’t enjoy them as they are all so incredibly different, there is usually something for everyone. Like Sansa once a naive little girl now becoming a strong politician who knows she needs to protect herself and cherish the home she once wanted to leave, Arya a trained assassin with empathy for innocent people who seeks revenge for her family, Bran once a cripple and now full of magic and incredible feats but also a incredible burden.


The Targaryen’s are also a incredibly problematic family but it’s easy to see why these two are so vastly popular. Both incredibly different from the rest, big protagonist’s on a different yet greatly paralleled journey that’s going to converge with each other very soon. One thinks she’s the last of her family in the world who feels incredibly alone and fights to make the world a little brighter and for people to have their own free will, as she had to fight and struggle for her own independence her entire life, the other always been a outsider in his own family not knowing his actually a Targaryen and always trying to be just and honourable like the man who raised him and fit in somewhere even though people are constantly bringing him down. They need each other which is why I can’t wait for Jonerys to meet.


The triangle I never knew I wanted, Brienne and Jamie had a rough start but have become one of the most moving relationships on the show, their feelings for each other are pretty obvious but he needs to leave his toxic relationship with his twin sister if there is any hope for him not just for Brienne but to be a decent human being. Tormund respects strong independent women unlike the lords of Westeros who would laugh at Brienne, so his another good option for her as he wouldn’t try and make her something she isn’t but his flirting needs some work and a bit of toning down if he wants her not to be so freaked out by him lol.


All these women were abused by selfish men but now they are confident powerful women all in their own rights.

Like Missandei stolen as a child to be turned into a slave for years getting abused her entire life and having her free will and dreams stripped away, Dany having a abusive brother who only admitted he loved her once and thinking he owns her to sell her away to a man for his own agenda, then before adjusting to the Dothraki culture being raped every night before she had the courage and strength to get her husband to respect her by learning Dothraki and showing a more dominant side, Sansa having her hopes and dreams crushed when her Prince Charming turned into a monster who tormented her with her dead family and had his knights beat her, then marrying another monster who raped her every night and made her a prisoner in her own home.

From what all these women have been through, it truly is a inspiration to see how much they have risen up from the ashes of their despair. 

when you studied, and graduated, and learnt languages but can’t afford to live by yourself.

Preference 06: You Get Hurt

Bran Stark:

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  You were both riding around Winterfell when you had hit a branch and fallen from your horse.

  “She’s awake, my Lord.” The Maester said and Bran nodded to Hodor who picked him up, and carried him into the room.

“Set him on the bed, Hodor.” You spoke weakly, smiling at the two as the giant obeyed, “Thank you.”

  “Hodor.” The man said with a smile as he left and you turned to Bran and grabbed his hand. But before you got the chance to speak, Bran cut up off.

  He squeezed your hand and sighed, his lip trembling slightly as he said, “I’m sorry..”

“Bran you did nothing what are you sorry-”

“I couldn’t do anything but run.” He spoke sadly, “All I could do was run and help, leaving you to get kidnapped or killed or-” You hugged him tightly and shushed him.

“Bran… You couldn’t have done anything else. You saved me.” You kissed his forehead and he moved up so your lips were touching. He smiled against  your lips as you pulled apart.

“I will never let you get hurt again, my darling Y/N. Never.”

  Joffrey Baratheon:

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“Were in the seven hells is she?!” The King exclaimed as soon as The Maester told him. “How could her guards let this happen?”

“In her room, your grace.” The old man spoke with compassion, “She is recovering and is hardly harm-”

“And the men who tripped her? And broke her? Where are they?”

“In the dungeons.” His mother said, “Awaiting your word.”

“Take me to my lady.” He demanded the Kingsguard who served as his new favorite and the man nodded, leaving without being dismissed from anyone else. He bolted in unannounced and grabbed your hand, kissing it then kissing up your arm. “My lady.” He sighed brushing hair from your face. “Are you terribly hurt?”

“No, your grace.” You smiled gently, squeezing his hand, “Just a broken ankle. I should be up and walking again within a fortnight.”

Joffrey scowled, “How dare those bastards! I’ll have their heads!”

“Joff.” You sighed, taking his hand, “Please tell me you haven’t-”

The boy scoffed, “Not yet.”

  “Please don’t…” She spoke softly, “Let them go. Please.”

Joffrey sighed angrily, standing and giving an unheard order to the guards and then sat back besides his lover. “If it pleases my lady, it shall be done.”

Jamie Lannister:

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He ran to you as soon as you fell, pulling you to your feet, this caused you to giggle a bit.

“It is just a tiny cut on my leg Jamie.” You sighed, looking into his beautiful Lannister green eyes, “You do not need to panic.”

“A tiny cut on your leg that rendered you unconscious for two days.” He scoffed, “I still don’t understand why think you should go into battle.”

You sighed, not sure how to reply. Yes, your leg hurt bad but you knew you couldn’t stress him more than he already was. Not caring how Jamie would reply, you went with the truth.

“I couldn’t sit by and do nothing.” You sighed softly, “I couldn’t sit by and let you die. Even if that meant a sword slicing my leg. Even if that means death.”

Jamie smiled slightly and picked you up, causing you to laugh as he peppered your face in kisses.

“I don’t think I am going to let you down.” He sighed when he stopped, his forehead touching yours as he whispered on your lips, “Regardless of if you are going to battle or if you are going to braid your lady’s hair.”

Jorah Mormont:

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“By the seven-!” You whined as the skin blistered and fizzed.

Daenerys had left you in charged of her three baby dragons and naturally, while you were petting one, the big, black one spat fire at you in jealousy. Jorah, upon hearing your screams of pain ran into the room and demanded the dragons be put back in their cages and fed.

Jorah looked you up down, taking his hand bellow your chin to meet his eyes as he began to tend your burn.

He started by pouring alcohol on it, this burned and caused you to cry out and Jorah shhhed you, putting the ointment onto the burn which soothed your cries and wrapping it up an leaf bandage. Then he engulfed you in the tightest embrace you could imagine.

“I’m sorry to worry you.” You sighed, kissing his chest, “It didn’t hurt that bad.”

“That was the worse burn I have ever seen. I haven’t seen flame caused the skin to bubble and fizz like that before. You had a reason to cry out.”

You nodded and placed your arms on his shoulders, “I know. I just hate seeing you all worked up and panicked.”

He smiled and ran his hands through your hair and smiled, making vows to never leave you with the Queen’s dragons again.

Jojen Reed:

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  “Let her be.” You spat at the men. “She is nothing. A peasant compared to what I am.”

“Aye?” The man stroking Meera’s cheek asked, “And who are you girl, a highborn bastard?”

  “I am Y/N Bolten. The last true born daughter of Roose Bolten. I am unmarried and remain a virgin. Still I am more than you will ever be and see… At the moment.” You spoke numbly as the men stared at you in shock, “This is Meera and Jojen Reed. The cripple is Bran Stark. I am more than they will ever be. I’m the Princess of the North. Tell me, what would my father do should you return me, the Stark boy, and the Reed children to him?” He raised his eyebrows, “They would bind you to me.”

Slowly, they walked to you and undid your binds while another let Meera down and threw her to her brother. Then he struck you so hard you fell to the ground. You winced as you heard a cry of panic from all your friends (A “HODOR” from Hodor) even from Bran to your surprise.

  “Do you honestly think I care about who-”

You spat in his face, “We flay people. That’s what we are known for. Bring me home and my father will-” He struck you again, this time causing you to cough blood as he drew a dagger and pushed you to the ground dragging it against your skin. But you did not cry. “Is that supposed to hurt?” You laughed, blood spilling from your busted lip “I’ve done worse to men like you and they cried for their mothers.”

With an angered sigh, he tore your shoulder furs off and threw them to Bran. Then he dove the knife into the pads of your shoulders, slowly removing a chunk of your skin as you cried out in pain. He then continued with the other blade as silence fell. That was until Jojen laughed.

“Whatcha laughing at boy?” He said, moving his leg off you, “You want me to hurt her more?”

“You are going to die tonight.” Jojen laughed. “Your body will burn. And she will live. And remain an unmarried virgin until I ask her.”

  The man echoed his laughter, “And how do you know this?”

  You heard screaming outside but blacked out before you got sense of what’s going on.

“She’s waking up now.”

  “Damn. I was hoping that she would be out for this.”

A burning sensation spread through your body and you gasped in pain, sitting up. “No, my love.” Jojen came into view, pushing you back into the snow, “Squeeze my hand.” You obeyed as Meera closed the wounds on your shoulder with flame.

You didn’t cry or even tear up. You just smiled at Jojen and looked into his eyes.

“You are doing well.” He smiled at you, “One more…. One more and I promise that I will not let anyone tough you again

Jon Snow:

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"Okay I’m going to to pull it out are you ready?”

You hugged the tree and nodded as his hands met the arrow that had plunged through your stomach and nodded.

  “Alright.” He spoke calmly, “One. Two-”

“Damn just do it already!” You cursed and suddenly felt an ache being removed from your chest and a hole inside your body as Jon quickly began to wrap your center up while you cursed. Jon imeadiatly shhed you as your curses sailed loud. “Hurry I want milk of the poppy.”

Jon smiled lightly and picked you up in your arms, “You cursed like a Greyjoy, you do know that right?” Hiting him gently before leaning into the warmth of his furs, you allowed him to cradle you like a child as you muttered curses against his skin.

“It’s not funny.” You whimpered, “You take an arrow. See how it feels.”

“I did.” He smirked. “Three and I am still alive.”

“Oh shut up.” You glared and he laughed. “I love you Jon Snow.” You sighed in defeat.

“Aye. I do love you as well. And I promise not to let you get hurt on a hunt again… Or maybe your hunting days are at an end…”

“Jon Snow..” You glared, “If you dare threaten to take away my hunts you’ll be the next one taking an arrow through your gut.”

Tommen Baratheon:

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Tommen winced and cried as they plucked pieces of glass from your leg.

“Tommy.” You sighed gently, stroking his face and running his around, “I am alright. They are almost done.”

He nodded, thanking the Maesters for their help as he turned away, stiches being sewn up your leg and Tommen squeezed your hand fiercely as he whined again. He closed his eyes and brought your other hand to his palm as he attempted to breathe in attempts to calm your sobbing.

When the door closed you moved him to the bed, slowly and brought his ear to your lips. “They are gone my love. You may open your eyes.”

He did not hesitate to hug you tight. So much it made you wince. You chuckled.

“Careful now. We don’t want to tear the stiches.” Tommen sighed in agreement and let go and he looked at you, running his hands through your hair which learned had calmed him down. “Why are you angry my love?”

He bit his lip and shook his head, “I am pissed that the servant couldn’t even bother to look where they were-”

You kissed his lips softly and he responded with his anger, hands trailing down to your waist.

“That wasn’t you Tommy.” You sighed, hugging him as you stroked his back, “You aren’t him Joff.”

Nodding he kissed your neck, his face laying on his lower neck. Then a chuckled and smile spread across his lips.

“I guess it means that I can’t let you leave my side again.”

You smirked and laid on top of his head, “If it pleases his grace, it will be done.”

Theon Greyjoy:

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You gasped for air as you were yet again plunged down into the waves.

The people on the deck screamed and hollered in shock as you looked for the Greyjoy’s or the Queen.

Never thought this was how I would die. You sighed as you were forced gasp of air as the sweet sea began to fill your lungs. Caving into your inevitable death you closed your eyes and embraced the darkness. Let it be quick and merciful please.

But deep down you wouldn’t be as you could feel yourself choking on the water as it slowly itched the breath and life out of you, making you cold and going insane in the water.

I am sorry Theon. I hope you can forgive me.

Bright light shined into the pupils of your eyes causing you to begin to cough up water, fading in and out of consciousness as Theon pressed his lips to yours, breathing oxygen into your lungs as the darkness took over you.

“C'mon Y/N!” The weak and breathless voice of Theon spoke, “Please… Please..”

You gasped and coughed as Theon sighed happily and brought you into his arms as you began to sob.

“I won’t let you go. Not like that… Not on my watch..”

Tyrion Lannister:

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“Are you in a lot of pain my lady?”

You looked up at him, a small smile on your face and shook your head no. Sighing, you grabbed his hand and brought it to your lips.

“What even happened? The Maester would not tell me.” Tyrion asked, concern filling his eyes, “I am sorry for prying. I know I shouldn’t I just-”

Kissing his hand again you chuckled, “You have a right to know and pry my love. And you must promise should I tell you that you will not go and take rash actions.”

Chuckling at this, he grabbed your hand than already wasn’t holding yours and stroked your knuckled, “Rash, my love? I would never.” You echoed the laughter and squeezed his hand.

“It was Joffrey, my love.” You sighed, your face falling, “Bashed me against a wall. But I am going to be okay… I promise. I haven’t gotten a concussion or anything yet. I even slapped him.. I think…”

Tyrion scoffed but forced a smile, “So you wish me not to strike him to Esos, so I shalln’t. I am just happy that you are ok-Wait you hit him?!”


This love square is in parts toxic and cringeworthy (Jamie and Cersei) to hilariously funny (Brienne and Tormund) to sweetly reluctantly romantic (Jamie and Brienne)


Though Sandor aka The Hound was seen as one of the biggest beast in the beginning, it was the charming good looking ones who ended up being the true monsters underneath. I loved his relationships with both Stark Sisters, how he rescued them, was brutally honest with them, taught them life lessons they needed and though both girls at first saw him as a monster, after their experiences with him they both look back on him fondly so I look forward to their reunion.


I love the three of these characters deeply, I’ve loved to watch the three of them struggle and fight and rise above them all. They are all incredibly in depth characters and although I will never love Cersei the same way I love Jon and Dany, it will be a sad day indeed no matter how horrible she is the day she dies.


Exclusive season 7 pictures featuring Arya Stary (Maisie Williams), Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Cersei Lannister (Lena Heady), Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster Waldau), Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) and Gilly (Hannah Murray).

part 1/3

Preference 03: They Realize They Love You

Bran Stark

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You didn’t baby him you treated him like the same person after his fall. You took care of him. You were kind. Then you ran away with him, not caring about the punishment. If your looks weren’t enough to charm him, that did the job perfect and it was crystal clear to him: You were the only thing he would guard with his life. You were his home.

Jamie Lannister:

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                        It actually wasn’t until after you had confessed. He, at first, ran faster than a horse back to his hold and paced, thinking back on everything. Everything you had said to him that might have indicated your feelings. After failing to locate a memory, he went to what maybe he had done to make you feel the way you did (and being the slightly arrogant asshole he is….) found nothing. Perhaps was it his looks? Him being there as a friend? Perhaps males had not done that in your life… No…You had the Stark boys who treat you like a sister. Then how did you fall for him? He stayed up all night thinking and hoping that it wasn’t true, but the more he thought on what you had always done for him, always giving him a place to go to when he was upset and hurt. You never went to him, always let him talk. Gave him the best advice you could, your eyes twinkling beautifully in the light and shining with joy. Oh your eyes. How lovely they were… Wait.. WHAT! Well… No denying it now.

Joffrey Baratheon:

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Joffrey’s world had stopped from the moment he laid eyes on you. He could see your personality in your eyes and your face, which was the most beautiful he had seen. He wanted you, and he would do anything he could to have you.

Jojen Reed:

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                He had began seeing you in visions ever since he first saw you in the snow. At first it drove him mad, but then his visions took him to your past and he fell, especially with his visions of your sad past. Your drive, determination, and nature to attempt to stay positeve by any means possible on top of your face really drew him in. The moment you spoke to him for the first time, he knew complrtrly thst his visions lead him to her for a reason: For his happiness.

Jon Snow:

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Jon fell for you literally at the same time you did, though like you realized his feelings too late. He was agitated, cold. He wouldn’t do anything but eat a single meal, train, sleep. Ache… The more he thought about you the more he missed the North. His family.. You… It drove him to insanity.. He wanted to write so badly.. He wanted you to write so badly… He knew the risks and consequences but cared not. He wanted to see you, his family. No matter the price.

Robb Stark:

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The moment you had ran to greet him, he had felt something. Though hating it at first, the more you got to know each other her knew these feelings were those of the romantic source. With knowledge of love from novels and his families words, especially those of his mum and Sansa. He loved you. Your hair. Your kindness. Everything about you. Every little detail he adored to such that he could no longer stand it. He was going to write to you if he hadn’t first.

Tommen Baratheon:

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                                He had knocked on the door but got no answer. He walked in anyway and watched in horror as you sliced up your arm. But you would not look at him. Why wouldn’t you look at him? When you finally appeared to stop he entered the room all the way, calling out to you as tears flooded both your eyes. Then slowly you raised the eyes to your chest and placed the knife into your chest, but Tommen was faster. Before it could go too deep, he ripped the knife from your chest and looked into your eyes, throwing it to the ground as he caught you as you reached angrily at him and passed out. It was in those moments when he realized his love and desperation for you. He could not loose you, or else he would suffer

Preference: Game of Thrones - How They React When You Confess Your Love

Robb Stark: Robb would be taken back. He wouldn’t have expected it but nevertheless, he would grin take you in his arms. He would also confess to his love, and vow to make you his queen in the North.

Jon Snow: Jon would blush, stammer and stutter. He would tell you how he loves you too, even though he shouldn’t because of his vows. After a slight hesitation he would kiss you anyway.

Theon Greyjoy: Theon would be surprised at first but would then become instantly cocky, teasing you about it constantly, so much you almost regretted telling him. He wouldn’t tell you if he loves you back for a long time because he wouldn’t want to look foolish.

Jaime Lannister: Jaime would smirk and take you in a kiss. He would tell you that he already knew and was just waiting for you to admit it. Later though when you were laying together in bed he’d mumble how he loves you too.

Sandor Clegane: Sandor would be both shocked and terrified. He’d try to reject you at first, saying how you deserve better than him, someone who was whole. He would also try distancing himself from you to make it easier on the both of you. Eventually though he’d give in and would tell you he loves you back.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton: Ramsay would grin and say something arrogant, such as “Of course you do,” or “Is that supposed to mean something?” He might try to exploit your love for sexual favours or he might soften, becoming a changed man. Honestly, there’s no telling with Ramsay.

Cersei Lannister: Cersei would be nonchalant and pretend that she already knew, though really she was clueless to how you felt for her. Secretly she’d be full of joy that you return her feelings but she would hesitate to telling you that she loves you back straight away.

Margaery Tyrell: Margaery would be silent for a moment before grinning and kissing you deeply. At first she would have been shocked to your confession but at the same time completely filled with joy that you love her.

Sansa Stark: Sansa would be ecstatic. It would be just like one of her dreams, like her fairytale ending. She’d smile sweetly, blushing, and take your hands in hers. She would reply saying that she loves you too, and then the two of you would kiss.


I love the pictures, my three favourite of course are Dany/Drogon, Arya and Jon.

I love the Dany and Drogon picture, they look so awesome together in their own kind of field of fire though personally I don’t know why Drogon would be on the ground, dragons are much more effective in the air. we can’t see much of Dany though it looks like she’s wearing the same outfit from the Long Walk but not too sure if she’s wearing the cape and her hair kind looks like a low ponytail of some sort. I love my baby Targaryen embracing her dragon side and getting so involved in battles, Dany has always been much happier being a doer instead of  a sitter.

Jon Snow riding from Winterfell on his way to Dany to romance her with his talk of Ice Zombies, the perfect start of a love story. Can’t wait for Jonerys😍😍😍

I adore the parallel between Jon and Arya both riding their horses on the way to somewhere, they both look incredible. Jon leaving Winterfell and Arya on the road, she’s not at Winterfell though i’m guessing yet as I don’t see any snow and I imagine as Winter is here now it’s pretty much gonna be snowing constantly in the North but also her clothes while warmer than Essos aren’t quite warm enough for Northern weather.

Loved the set photo’s, in the Brienne one behind her is Sansa and Littlefinger so i’m guessing she is part of that scene perhaps just watching them closely. 

I still am not a fan of Sansa’s wig, I know it’s never gonna look good because all the other seasons she had natural hair and now it’s fake but it looks too straight and thin so I think they should of given her either a wavy wig like Dany had in S1 and S2 or braided it like it was in BOTB, still love Sansa though girl is just gonna have a few bad hair days.

In the Tormund picture I can see Brienne and a young girl with brunette hair on the side i’m guessing Lyanna or perhaps even fingers crossed Arya but then again it could be just a young background Northern girl.