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A Brief History of Crash Zoom

Hey you! Tom here. Following on from Ben’s new Crash Zoom character sheets I thought you might be interested to see the evolution of the Crash Zoom characters over the years!

The earliest designs date back to late 2010 when Edgar Nielsen was set to animate the show. Back then the cast was Ben, Elliott, and Kate.

After a few revisions we settled on the designs seen in the comic (below) and work began on the pilot… Which was eventually cancelled…

A year later in mid 2012 an attempt was made to reboot the show with Jamie Spicer-Lewis  (the voice of Elliott) as the animator but that too didn’t make it too far. However, it was at this point that the character’s outfits were mostly decided upon!

I made a “reference sheet” for the gangs clothes at this point:

Professional! In an effort to keep the show alive in my heart I commissioned/asked a couple illustrators to draw up the gang in their own styles. First we had Hayleigh:

Then Nandi, someone I knew from way back in the day:

In mid 2013 I started talking to Josh AKA Zeurel about coming on board as the show’s new animator. His first designs were very much in his own style:

But we soon toned things down and started experimenting with Kate’s whole look. My friend Kim helped come up with a new outfit and hairstyle for her.

Before long we had a final design for all three characters and the show was ready to go!

… Then I completely sabotaged my relationship with Josh and the project went dead again…

A year later in 2014, I realised that my dream man had been right under my nose all along. The one and only Ben (@wonchopanimation​) Smallman. Accidentally forgetting about Kate’s redesign we sketched out the characters largely based on my ridiculous reference from 2013. Also Elliott had a sex change. No biggie.

Before long, Ben made a few more tweaks of his own. Removing Ben’s goatee and giving him a tie, changing Lucy’s t-shirt colour, etc.

With that, we were actually… finally… ready to go!

Aaaand ACTION!

- Tom



dean should deffinitely play more horror games and put them on youtube oh my god :D

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really hope you get this soon. It's very urgent. Jamie Spicer Lewis, an animator and the voice of Tord in "The End" attempted suicide a few minutes ago. If you have a Twitter, could you please send him some words of encouragement? He really needs it. Thank you for your time. Sorry if this scared you...

Really sorry for only seeing this just now. I don’t have a twitter but if any of you guys do, could you send him some nice things? I hope he’s feeling better now