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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – Sunday May 21st

Note: This recap was written over several days, so please forgive the bizarre and inconsistent references to time.

What a bizarre, indescribable day. I think this is going to be more a recap of emotions (as I try to figure them out), but of course the cast gave us some beautiful and incredible moments too. I’ll do my best to talk about everything I can, but as I say, it was a little indescribable, and I’m still not sure how I feel.

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Actual Thoughts: Zombies, Run! Edition

S3M7 “Life’s a Happy Song”

MAJOR SPOILERS for both this episode and probably the rest of the season? I’m guessing. I haven’t done the rest of the season. Big stuff happened though, so don’t risk reading it if you aint’ reached this mission on your own.

I mean it!

Jamie: Bit of notice next time! I’ve got my boxers on back-to-front and 5′s shirt is on inside out!
Me: I have no qualms stripping off my shirt while running. Sports bras have plenty of coverage! Also, please remember my sports bra thing. Today’s is blue. Very pretty. Also matches my tank top, because I’m coordinated like that. But at least my problems I can fix while running, yours seems a little more… involved.

Sam: We were looking for the Phantom of Abel last night. Eugene swears he saw a masked figure on Friday night!
Jamie: Wait, the same Friday night that involved moonshine and strip poker? That Friday night? Was this sighting before or after Eugene told Janine she was his best mate, that he loved her, and if there was anybody he’d go straight for it’d be her?
Me: *chokes while drinking water* GOOD GOD WHY DIDN’T I GET TO WITNESS THIS
Sam: The point is we have a really good lead today
Jamie: Yeah, as good as that robot? Or are we hunting down Godzilla today?
Me: *chokes on water again* Feeling a bit saucy today, Mr. Skeet?

Sam: Oh, sand dunes! I used to love rolling down those when I was a kid!
Me: And getting sand everywhere? In every crack? No thank you.
Sam and Jamie: It’s just like that kid’s show from the 70s I used to watch! Jimmy’s Jaunts! *start reminiscing together*
Me: uh guys, what are you TALKING about? Somebody explain this to me. Also, a kid’s show from the 70s? How bad is your television in the UK if that’s what you lot are still watching? I’ve done the math, based on Sam not finishing his Uni degree he can’t be older than his late 20s. He wasn’t alive when this show was produced. Talk about reruns! I mean, I grew up on Dragon Tales so I can’t really complain. And “Between the Lions” too, but I never really cared about that one. Cyberchase! Cyberchase was my favorite.

Jamie: *falls and twists ankle* I’ll slow you down! Go on without me!
Me: You big baby, stop being over dramatic. Just suck it up and give me your arm.

Jamie: Everybody at Abel is avoiding me. Jack and Eugene leaped into the laundry room when they saw me coming!
Me: Sure they weren’t doing something else…?
Sam: You did beat Runner 3 to death with a baseball bat
Jamie: NEARLY to death. He was alive when I left him.
Me: I think I blocked out that memory.

Isabelle: So turns out you are the legal King of England, Jamie.
Me: I just heard that explanation of how he’s next in line and let me tell you that was some Downton Abbey level nonsense. But I approve. All hail King Jamie! Long live the king! Please note that I will not treat you any differently because, king or not, and even though I love you dearly and I feel we have bonded since Archie passed, you are still a giant pain in my ass. And somebody’s got to keep all that power from going to your head. Sounds like a job for everybody’s favorite ace runner!

Cursed Child 15/02/17

On Wednesday 15th February I went and saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for the first time! Here’s an overview of everything Scene by scene; this was my first time so I don’t have anything to compare it to but here goes:

Firstly, I had the majority of the original cast including Sam and Anthony which I’m very happy about! The covers for Ron and Ginny were on but here’s the cast list:

So going through the whole of Part 1:

Act 1, Scene 1
Jack North was James and he was entertaining.  

Spent most of Scene one in shock because I couldn’t believe I was watching cursed child and I was seeing Sam in person. When they went from muggle clothes to robes, Sam’s wasn’t as smooth as everyone else’s. Also the choreography with cases was so cool and I couldn’t help but notice that Esther was actually amongst the ensemble in this scene doing the choreography; she had a scarf draped over her head to hide her blue hair. This was the only time I saw her on as anyone other than Delphi but it makes me wonder if maybe she joined the ensemble at other points as well!

Act 1, Scene 2
Jack Bennett was on as Ron and he did slightly slip up in this scene. He started to say the wrong line at one point but very quickly corrected himself so it was hardly noticeable; I can’t even remember what line it was.

Act 1, Scene 3
Cherrelle was really good I just find Rose as a character annoying. But Cherrelle was super sweet at stage door, I think she tried to make conversation with me but my awkward, introverted self stopped that from happening (I was worried I came across as rude so I told her she was really good as she went over to the next person and she smiled and said thank you, she was so sweet)

The set for this scene was really clever! The second I saw Anthony on stage I started crying. I love how he was wheeled on already sat and reading; he was sat hunched over a book and it was adorable. While Albus and Rose were talking outside the carriages, someone walked into Scorpius’ carriage making Scorp look up from his book, smile and wave, but the person was quick to leave and scorpius’ smile instantly faded and he went back to reading. Scorpius was really awkward when Albus and Rose entered but you could tell he was trying really hard to befriend them by offering sweets. His enthusiasm instantly died down once he realised Rose was hitting Albus because of him. He then became very closed; he sat back down and wrapped his robe around himself. The smoke coming out of Scorpius’ ears was cool but it’s obvious how they did it as the thingy was on the back of Anthony’s neck for most of Scene 4.

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